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  1. Okay then, here I am for the application. Although I haven't played EP19 (because of no laptop since months), but I know already about the altered beginnings (as I watch Ep19 content on YouTube to stay alert). Also sorry for the long text, but I hope you enjoy this regardless. Discord Name: Evi Crystal#8276 Character Name: Lucia Maria Anahera Gender: Female Portrayal: Lucia is a hard- working 21 year old girl hailing from the Unova region; born in Nuvema Town as the "middle child" of four children. She's a quiet, but kind- hearted and protective girl that often offers her support to others and used to volunteer in Pokemon Day Cares or shelters. Her parents still loved and supported their secondborn daughter regardless. Despite holding no harsh grudges towards her older sister, Hilda Anahera (who's Unova's successful Champion since years now) or doesn't blame her cheeky 8 year old twin brothers for being their parents favourite children and have most of their attention since their birth. Lucia still feels left out from her family or being overshadowed by Hilda's reputation at school or other places, but tries her best to remain positive and be a friendly and helpful individual to everyone. Except for people that wish to harm others or those trigger unwanted things, she despises during her past. Timezone And Active Time: +2 CEST Central European Summer Time (Berlin). You can ping me anytime you want, because I don't have a strict active time. Expect at nighttime of course, because I sleep mostly at that time. Why should we pick you?: I like doing roleplays and had done a few of them in Discord or small chat groups in other social media for a few years. I could also function as exploring Worldbuilding situations and heavily invest in "Character related plots" to flesh out interactions and character personalities. RP Sample: Her fingers tightly clasped around the shoulder straps of her purple bag, as Lucia continued her way through the crowded place towards the train station of Phetac City. A few days ago, she had left the Unova region and went to the Orre region (her family used to go there for some vacations, she remember) for a small stop to refill any nessesary supplies for her upcoming journey. Makin sure she was fully prepared, she enters her final destination: The mysterious yet unknown region called Reborn. She heard from fellow colleagues and friends, that this region is also hosting a Pokemon league like most of the average foreign regions do. However this one league- according to some of them- is quiet different than from the ones she used to watch on TV or the Champion battles Hilda participated. What was it? Oh yeah... She recalled when she wrote the important info down in her notebook, The 18 Gym Leader for each existing type they represent. Oh, and said Gym Leaders are on another level of league than even Unova's league, where only a handful of them were notorious for their battle skills, such as Clay, Elesa and Drayden. But maybe she could finally make a name herself after so many years, if she were to participate on such difficult league? She, who only had average skill experience of Pokemon Battles and used only her sister's strong Pokemon, only for doing volunteering work?! Maybe her knowledge about Pokemon's behavior and feelings could cover this up. But it was still embarrassing, because she never had a Pokemon team on her own in all those years? What if the people that would take on that "Reborn League" are veterans, like on Hilda's level? A small sign escaped from her lips, as she moved closer towards the station master. There's no point in turning back now, but to move forward. Maybe she was just thinking too much and needs to calm down better. Perhaps a rest, maybe? This causes her shoulders relaxed a little and muster up a small smile, as she stood infront of the stationmaster at the ticket booth with a huge green sign written "To Reborn" in big and bold black letters. Much to Lucia's suprise, most passengers have already boarded the train and were binding farewell to their love ones. "One ticket to Reborn, please." She said in a polite tone to the older man and pulled out an black envelope decorated red, blue, green and purple small dots and the word "Challenge Invitation" was written in bold white letters. She showed this to him Another one for Reborn City, huh? They sure have been pushing that new League." He quietly spoke, before tipping something on his computer, before finding one with Lucia's photo on it and gestured her to come closer. "This is you?" He asked before looking at the young Unova native, who gave him a "Yes" as an answer. "Certainly looks like it. Name?" He asked. "Lucia Maria Anahera. That's my name." Lucia responded in a clear voice, as the Station Master continued his tipping until he glared atbher again. "Just to be sure, for ‘Gender’ I should put…?" "Uhm, Female, sir..." She replied a little confused at his question. "Right.” He spoke. "Age?" "21 years old." She answered, while casting a quick glare at the train again. "Alright. One second. I’ll handle the rest of this." The young Unovian native heard his voice and the almost never-ending sound of typing for several seconds, before she heard a loud beep coming from the computer. This catches Lucia's attention and turned her gaze towards the Station Master again. "There all set, Young Miss." He said, as he handed her the ticket. "Thank you, sir. Have a-" As soon Lucia took the ticket from his hands, his brown eyes narrowed as he looked at her suddenly. This startled her a little. "Just between you, me, and the ol’ battered fence post, missy. I hear Reborn City’s kind of a dump. Why anyone would wanna go there is beyond me.” He rambled under his breath, as Lucia's eyes looked at him in suprise. What did he mean that it is a "dump"? But before the girl could question him, he added further "And yet, buncha you ambitious Trainer-type folk have been headin’ out in droves.” He finalized. But off you go now. Train’s leaving any minute." "Uhmm... Thanks again, sir. Have a nice day." Lucia binded him farewell, as she made her way to one of the train's doors. But not before she casted one last look at the Station Master and five seconds later, she entered inside the assigned cabin her seat was stored for her. Questions?: I have not really questions. I'll let myself be surprised. Maybe later perhaps? GM?: An active support in role-playing and suggestions for more creative ideas, if you have some difficulty.
  2. Happy Birthday, Dark Warrior. I hope you have a pleasant and great birthday with lots of presents🥳🎂

    1. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior


  3. I wish you happy birthday with lots of celebrations and cake🥳🎂


    Have a pleasant birthday^^

    1. Q-Jei


      Thank you Evi ☺️

      This is very heartwarming to realize that there are so many people on the forum that are thoughtful of me! May you all feel the same joy that I’m about to experience this weekend ❤️

  4. This was truly a wild ride in E19 and postgame: So many twists and reveals, some I was right with my predictions and many not so in. It was truly a rollercoaster and my kudos to the dev team. I'm just proud for you guys, dev team
  5. Happy birthday, Angelkitsune!🥳🎁


    Hope you have a pleasant birthday with lots of presents😊🎁

    1. Angelkitsune


      haha thank you Evi, hope u will have a pleasant day too!

    2. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      Thank you😊

  6. I'm the substitute for Dark Warrior and going to teach you all how to hock a Gyarados. Would SilverAngelus demonstrate us how?
  7. Nope, but it's me with Blue Moon Ice Cream. I beat Oscarus is also here as well.
  8. After watching a plethora of Ep19 content the last two days and now my brain has lots of ideas for my AU Rebornfic series😀💡


    Yet also with changes thanks to revamps in-game upon Ep19's release😑


    Noted: This changes a lot of Book 2 and Book 3 plot then. (Sign), time to rewrite them, I guess. Here we go🖊📝🗒🗒🗒

    1. Oscarus


      That plot overhaul has shown middle finger to us, right? 


      I mean... I could mix both old and new, with Oscar... being Oscar, to create something wholy unique. 


      It'll be hard - and VERY confusing - but I think it can pass the exams 

    2. Q-Jei


      I realized it too! By chance, it won't force me to change a lot of things to my initial plan as the last episode of my written run stopped right after the raid in Mosswater Factory! Freestyle will most likely remain the best way to keep this type of fictional work fresh. Concerning Flannery, I have no doubt she will have great times ahead. Plus, there is one thing that I've noticed when I went through the different folders of Pokemon Reborn and that motivates me even more for the next parts of my project!


      Do you want to know what I'm referring to?


      Charlotte's backsprite exists! 🔥


  9. So it begins, huh? Finally E19 is released after 4 years. I'm so happy, even if I'm unable to start the game though🙂


    Also Happy Easter Day and Holidays guys🐇🌺

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    2. Dark Warrior
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      Evi Crystal

      @SilverAngelus @Dark WarriorYes, that's the reason why I cannot play it. Sorry, I couldn't respond faster but that's true what he said. 

      I can watch the Ep19 content on YouTube, until I get a new laptop to continue from Post-Ep18🙂


      Blame also my full time schedule and other stuff for his maybe


    4. SilverAngelus


      No problem, and I hope you get that new laptop soon!

  10. Let the hype beginn!!! Thank you for all your hard work of 10 years, dear dev team! I'm proud of you all^^
  11. Giving the facts, it's a yes from me. Especially with the horde of Alolan Vulpixs and her love for Popplio/Sylveon. I headcanoned that Ame's family has a strong affinity for Fairy and Dark- Types, so that's not a surprise to me It was a confirmed somewhere- if I remember clearly- that Amethyst did once a Buneary/Lopunny run on a gamethrough. And you find a Loppunite in her office, I bet it's a nice reference. Consider that I made Ame the former Fairy Gym Leader in my version, before becoming Champion and had two teams of her position.
  12. *Pops from the PokeBall and makes Evi noises* (Is it a Double Battles? Oh yah! Will Angelkitsune be my partner for this match?)
  13. Goddammit, why do you have to hurt my heart like this. The art looks great, but also heartbreaking I swear that's how I imagined myself when playing the route first.
  14. I cannot wait to start ep19, because the hype is real now^^ I'll start a second file after I'm done with my first one But I still don't have a laptop yet goddammit
  15. When I first played Reborn, it was around 2018 with some unfinished playthroughs before completing one in 2021 later. Before it was watching some videos on YouTube like MakuBeX, Leo and Dai Laughing. And first I felt a bit hesitant or skeptical, since back then I didn't like the fangames at first (like I abandoned my old play run in Rejuvenation in 2017), but the more I spent time with the Reborn topic... I grew very foundly of the fandom and the characters, which later manifested into a passion project of a AU Rebornfic It also served as a way to relief myself from stress and sort of escapism. And because of Reborn, I could try and watch other Pokemon fangames like Desolation and Rejuvenation V13. It had ups and downs along the way with me, but I felt joy regardless.
  16. My beloved husbando Your art is impressive as always and love the Growlithe adoption scene.
  17. And here I am! *pops out from a random box* And now Candy shall appear leading a horde of Taurous
  18. Street Fighters Mugen, but it's Pokemon
  19. Okay, this was a tense yet amusing chapter for me to read. Radomus really captivated me with his performance (like we knew where it was going), like being the calculated Chessmaster he is. But the punch was kinda unexpected to me, wow.
  20. Changed both profile-and background pics for a nice change

    1. Oscarus


      They're better, imo. 

      Lookin' good

  21. Aya looks so cute as a child and Skelp as well owo Love the background interpretation about how the Wasteland looked like before the whole trash mess
  22. Yikes... Can someone just listen to this poor guy already. I feel bad for Gabriel *hugs him* It was a nice chapter overall, expect for the constant back and worth trust. How is he sane after this and the whole Pyros business? I can feel his sanity sinking with every chapter
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