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  1. That seems wrong - you get access to Flash out of battle before you get access to Strength out of battle, but you can't actually use Flash til you get Strength?
  2. Can you not get Flash HM before getting Strength? The east side of the Railnet is blocked by Strength boulders, and the west side has a giant crack in it, that also is blocked by Strength boulders. I don't understand how I'm supposed to proceed.
  3. DraculOkeanos

    Flash HM

    Hello, I'm doing a mono-Dark run, and I know Nuzleaf's event is through a Flash cave, but I can't figure out how to find the Flash TM - I have just beaten Shade and talked to Victoria to start the next part of the story, but there's so little of the Railnet that's available for me to actually go to, that I'm unsure if I've missed something. Is there another approach to the Railnet that isn't blocked by a giant crack now or something?
  4. It must be finishing the stairway, that'd explain it.
  5. I'm in both of these places. There's nothing.
  6. I did that - there were just a bunch of birds.
  7. I thought you can get Zorua before Shelly - where is it?
  8. Game_2.rxdata Here's the new file, to swap nature to Modest.
  9. That's alright, I'll just start over.
  10. That musta been what happened. That's frustrating - I'd finally rolled Modest Protean on my Froakie, and I hadn't saved since acquiring it but before doing that.
  11. Hi, I'm stuck on a table in the first pokemon center in the game, somehow. I can't move, for some reason. I do not know why. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ljTWFpPs73Xix-PhcRIla4o0CYKaEpTy/view?usp=sharing Here is my file, I wasn't sure how to share it on here without using the drive.
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