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  1. Hi, according to the guide, there's supposed to be a rare candy here: But for some reason, I could not find one there. Was this one removed?
  2. Is Drilbur actually aquirable before Adrienn? All the information I'm looking at seems to contradict that...
  3. Hello! I'm doing a mono-steel run, and the main guide seems to think that Drilbur is acquirable between Ciel and Adrienn. Is this not true? I cannot seem to find information on where it is that doesn't take me to locations I cannot access til after I beat them. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. I did not know that pokesnax increase happiness! Thank you!
  5. I just got Riolu, and I want to grind its happiness up to make it a Lucario. Without access to the salons, how the heck do you do this?? The mons outside are too strong and Riolu is extremely weak, so it's not getting any KOs...
  6. Does Sirius not have his own theme, or is the idea that he keeps the 'old' Meteor Admin theme as his own because ZEL and Taka got their own themes?
  7. I'd prefer not to, I would rather 'play it like it lands'.
  8. I _can_ do that - Todegemaru has Discharge for that - but the trouble is that Rotom is still boosted on that field. One thing I'm thinking is Sheer Force Mawile should put in some work, hopefully though it won't get 1shot tho...
  9. I'm having a lot of trouble with Shade - specifically, his Rotom I just have nothing for. My current team is Forretress, Empoleon, Onix, Todegemaru, Wormadam-T, and Klang. I did not roll any usable Pokemon from the Mystery Egg, nor did I get Bronzong. Is there any strategy that could work for him (it?)
  10. Yeah, I'm on. What's the name to request trade? I've added you on Discord.
  11. Hello, I did a very foolish thing and lost my EXP share due to not paying attention that held items disappear with traded pokemon. If someone could trade me a pokemon (any pokemon at all) holding an EXP Share, I would be extremely grateful.
  12. Shit. Could someone trade me one, also how does trading work in this game?
  13. So, I was doing the grassium-Z sidequest, and forgot to take the EXP share off the Lurantis before giving it to the person there. Is it gone forever?
  14. Dear lord, that's so late!
  15. Hi, I'm trying to do the Route 4 event absol, have the Ill-Fated Doll, completed the Devon Corp quest, but for some reason it's not appearing! Is there something else I have to do?
  16. What it says on there. Is there a good place to train up SpDef and Attack without getting diluted by Speed or HP, before going back to Reborn City?
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