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  1. Peek a boo Do I see anther fox loving enthusist at all?
  2. Should be fine for windows 8-11. My bf plays on windows 11 and I play on windows 10 no issues for either of us. Can you show an image of any partaining issue or copy the error message to here that seems to be causing the issue?
  3. Peek a boo

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    2. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      I'm looking forward to my made in abyss game is september have been super hyped for

    3. LykosHand


      Ohhh i see! I really hope it will be a very cool one 😄

    4. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      Hope yours live up to your expectations as well

  4. Blushes Thanks Everyone who has nominated me Here are my Nominations then if it's still going around Sunlight Soverein: @SilverAngelus Queen: Julia (Idk thier forum user), @Bearadactyl King: @Abyssreaper99 and Newt Phans bf and @Corso
  5. Thank you to all those who worked so hard and brought this work to realization and life. I haven't been around for a long time joining just around when community beta for episode 17 entered into play and fell in love with this game The community you guys have built is also super awesome both on forums and discord~ Thank you very much for so much fun
  6. Also there is a murkrow in lapis alleyway that can have perish song as an egg move, if u save before encountering it u can reset for perish song U need it to be night and NOT clear for it to show up
  7. I sometimes randomly send out trained up mons for people to receive, nice break from all the other stuff people normally send out, threw some nice 5iv fenniken and Chespin out the other day from when was breeding 5/6iv shiny for myself. Some people just do that to be nice
  8. Alright if that doesn't work send me original save if u still have it and I can see if it will work for me
  9. Nope but the last update is close There is a dev blog but right now they are on alpha testing I believe
  10. Try naming just 'game' the .rxdata should be the file extension that comes automatically
  11. Maybe re-upload it for them sometimes it just helps to run it on anther computer
  12. Rpg maker is sometimes known to randomly show it. It usually can be hidden again by exiting and re entering the game again in my experience
  13. I can do either. Since gible is preferred can do that. What is your availability I cannot trade between 1pm est and 10:30pm est this week as I work during those hours or am in transit to/from work Alternatively look into swm mod and it has a way to change your starter to same ivs and nature as what u naturally selected for them if we cannot reach a good time to trade Ps am on discord and my user is: Starry_Knight_Constellations#3200
  14. U still on? Name the dragon assuming it's not ledgendary and I can provide the base form
  15. Try extracting reborn again and using g new extraction
  16. Usually martial format errors are corrupt data so use a back up of that save
  17. Try swm mod it has unreal time and weather select mods which should fix both issues
  18. There should be numbered saves if u rename one to game u shouldn't have to start again
  19. I can help with ditto with all of them if u have discord it's easier for me to go through there if not hit up my dms it might take a bit before I see it tho
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