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  1. It might be worth replacing Ingrain with Fake Out on Smeargle (to get an extra turn for Moody) and replacing Fire Punch with Drain Punch on Blaziken (to help cover Dark types and give HP regeneration). Haze would help for sure, but I think Psych Up and Punishment are even better moves against this team. Yeah, absolutely! It's the most expansive, intense, and imaginative Pokemon fangame I've ever played. Needless to say, I got wrecked so many times in my first playthrough on hard mode in spite of using the heaviest hitters I could find (by the end, my team was Armored Tyra
  2. I think Kayla's team from Pokemon Insurgence was the most rage-inducing for me to face. Smeargle (Moody w/ Focus Sash) Spore Ingrain Quiver Dance Baton Pass Blaziken (Speed Boost w/ Focus Sash) Bulk Up Fire Punch Substitute Baton Pass Scizor (Technician w/ Leftovers) Swords Dance Iron Defense Bullet Punch Baton Pass Espeon (Magic Bounce w/ Leftovers) Calm Mind Stored Power Substitute Baton Pass Sylveon (Pixilate w/ Leftovers)
  3. andracass, you made a post a little while ago with a file that allows us to play the game with 0 IVs for all of our Pokemon. That file will be compatible with Ep. 19, right?
  4. I love the idea of having to fight/solve a difficult battle/puzzle to catch a legendary. Would it be more believable perhaps to have rival trainers or Team Meteor admins looking to catch the legendaries instead of anomalies? Maybe El wants to catch Arceus, for example, and you have to take him on before battling it yourself. Anyway, I love pain, so bring it on! Thank you, Ame and andracass, for perfecting this masterpiece of a game.
  5. I would love to ride it with Charlotte.
  6. I remember using Linoone with Covet to try to get the Leftovers from Solaris's Pokemon. I had the item for the duration of the battle, but it was gone after the battle ended. I was so disappointed.
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