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  1. I am not 100% sure but I think it means it is infected by pokerus but can't spread it to the rest of your team. Pokemon with pokerus gain x2 EV training.
  2. That's because of its nature. Bold nature gives it -10% Atk (see, the stat is hilighted in Blue, it means that's the decreased stat. In red the increased one). That's probably one of the worst you can have with Blaziken. You want to get Adamant instead and train him 6/252/252 in HP/Attack/Speed EV. There is a guy in 7th street that can randomly change the nature of your pokemon in exchange of a heart scale IIRC.
  3. Overall my favorite combation would be Dragon/Steel, it resists nearly everything and can hit back hard
  4. Lucarioite is not in game yet. The link below gives you the position of every item available in Ep.18 if you need.
  5. You can get a Ditto before Kiki's gym, in the factory where you go with Amaria Lapras. So not far from where you are. Or if you missed the puzzle there, you can buy it first time you go 7th street. Again long before the end game That will allow you to breed your males pokemon. And Male Meowstic with Prankster is the best you can have, give it reflect, light screen, psychic and mist (to change annoying fields effects, later I prefer Thunder Wave) and it can support your team. quite well
  6. Silkerin

    Ice stone

    Also you can randomly get one by mining if I am not mistaken. Maybe abuse quick save and F12 next time you get a mining stone if you really need one.
  7. Having a balanced team of 6 pokemon to cover the whole game is doable, even if training specific pokemon for specific fights might be more efficient. You could always bench the least useful for a specific gym and replace it with a more adapted one. Also I would suggest you to have a "backup" plan for some extremly difficult fight incoming (like the PULSE fights). Having a Murkrow with Perish song + Prankster for example will allow you to cheese those parts of the game (I hope the one you got had perish song as egg move...). Sharpedo with Focus Sash + Destrinity Bond is another possibility.
  8. Galvantula could be a nice option as well. It is not really bulky but if you are lucky you can set up sticky web, which helps a lot to compensate the awful terrain effects. And with compound eyes, nearly 100% accuracy Thunder is no joke. Ampharos is bulky enough to be useful for this fight as well and hit decently hard. And my favorite Electric pokemon, Eelektross, has no weakness and can really be good with Acid Spray / Thunderbolt / Thunder Wave (last slot I run Flamethrower, but you can guess it won't be that useful here^^).
  9. That was a long time ago then. You get it before Corey's fight, after you rescue 5 policemen on your way to Beryl. But that's not a guaranteed Togepi, only 1/18 chances. Other possibilities are listed in this article https://pokemon-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Jasper_Ward
  10. I agree with Moonblast in the last slot, but I think Blizzard should stay there if water is covered by other members of your team. With snow warning, you trigger hail and Blizzard has 100% accuracy in hail. Maybe swap for Amaria fight though. And yeah, the icy fox is a nice team member through the whole game. I usually end up using Meowstic Male first and then A-Ninetales. I love having Scrafty with dragon dance and Volcarona with Quiver dance and Aurora Veil / Reflect / Light Screen for 8 turns help to set up and won me many fights.
  11. Perfect ! Good luck ! By the way, maybe I shouldn't say that but you can use a mod to use all TMX with any pokemon without learning the move (still need the TM and the badge). That's a nice QoL and I don't thnk it is really considered cheating in the community. Helps to get rid of HM slaves.
  12. Ok connect to trade and wait for request
  13. Thanks, do you want your Noivern back? For a lvl 3 Rattata for all I care^^
  14. "The user Hogge does not exist". Is that the name you used to connect online in game? Try Silkerin on your side. Also I have a nice trained Trapinch, but without a full moveset is that ok?
  15. Are you online now? What's your ingame name?
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