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  1. Are you online now? I have a Ludicolo with Rain Dance / Icy Wind / Giga Drain / Scald if you want. It might get 1 shot before setting up though, so you could consider levelling a Pelipper with Drizzle. Oh and also not sure water is the best answer for her field, something with Earthquake is probably a better answer (like Flyggon). Otherwise try to change the terrain as well to put water at advantage
  2. Thanks for the feedback, that's time for Excadrill to shine then! And thanks for respecting the way I play, even if it means "cheating" in the eyes of many. Yep, Gourgeist beat Garchomp with WoW, but I could have cheesed the fight with Murkrow or Carvanha anyway, so at least I had fun there! I don't think we will ever agree on the TM availability, but in my opinion we should get them all at the circus. By then most of your mons are in the 60s which is were they get their full "natural" moveset (bar some of course). At this point you can have Excadrill, Diggersby or Swampert with EQ who are S tier in my eyes, so giving it to Nidoking for example would not break the game. But then it means you could also give it to Lucario or others to create OP monsters, so I get your point. Anyway it is just an example, does not make the game less enjoyable and I understand you can have a different opinion.
  3. Hey, Your team is full of (super) hard physical hitters, but you have no special attackers at all. That makes you very vulnerable to pokemon carrying Will-o-whisp or physical walls in general. So I would advise to use 1 slot for a strong special sweeper. My personal favorite is Porygon-Z with Nasty Plot/Recover/Tri Attack/Shadow Ball. Not the best per se, but almost no weakness, decent bulk and enough coverage to hit everything for at least neutral. I would also drop Tyrantrum for a pokemon having a more "support" role, but that's just because I like that in my teams, personnal preference (Vaporeon with wish+heal bell+scald could compliment very well your team IMO as it could tank on its on as well as helping your team with healing + remove status. Sylveon could have a similar role if you don't want to have 2 water types). Have fun.
  4. If we are talking ingame only, then there is no real need to use rapid spin on Excadrill. I don't remember a single fight where stealth rock has been an issue, so you can use a better move instead. I would go with EQ, Iron Head, Rock Slide and for the last slot either SD/Hone Claws for set up (but Exca is actually not that great at setting up with mediocre bulk and no recovery) or X-Scissor/Poison Jab/Brick Break for coverage. Of course you can keep Rapid Spin there but again, I don't think it is that useful in game.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I like your idea of Hawlucha and Swampert. At the moment I am using set up mons because that's what Meowstic allows me to do, but I could also free that spot if I go with your recommendations. And maybe use Metagross or Alakazam instead. Regarding Excadrill, I honestly find it a bit underwhelming in Reborn. Without a sand team, its speed is not that impressive and Diggersby actually hits harder thanks to huge power while being a bit bulkier and has access to a priority move. It is still a great pokemon don't get me wrong, but I'll wait for Swampert as you advise.
  6. If the team displayed is for the fight against Adrienn, then yes I would 100% advise to bench your Helmar, I really don´t see what it could do for you in the future. Remember, you can change Adrienn terrain to the fairy tale field that increases the power of steel moves. And steel wreaks fairies, so yep, go for that Metagross ASAP. It is overall strong anyway, so if you need physical damge use it, otherwise Gardevoir/Alakazam. And I think an Excadrill would be great for you there (don't remember if you can get one already). Otherwise, Magnezone is widely considered as one of the top pokemon in Reborn and would be great for your team and against Adrienn. Alternatively, Crobat can be fun, you can blow away the mist and fully exploit the poison.
  7. Hi All, First of all, I wish you all season's greetings. In hope to get the release of Ep.19 in the new year, I started a new run to put together a well rounded team that could go through the whole game. I have restarted 100 of playthroughs but now is time to reach the end game and stick there. I just beat Noël and would like some advices on my current team and how to improve in the next few badges. FYI, I use some QoL mods and don´t mind using the debug to skip the annoying (IMO) breedings and EV training. I also used it to have access to some moves a bit earlier than expected (like I gave Hyper Voice to Sylveon when it learnt Moonblast, or Thunder Wave to Meowstic when it learnt Misty Terrain). And I changed starter and picked Porygon-z because why not? But don't recommend me a Moxie, EQ, Adamant Gyarados for the next fight against Radomus, that's not going to happen. Thanks a lot. Meowstic-M Prankster - Bold - 252 HP /126 Def / 126 SpeD - Light Clay - Reflect - Light Screen - Psychic - Thunder Wave / Misty Terrain My main support. Honestly, before every fight I am like "I need to replace him", but he always proves me wrong. I used debug to give it TW earlier, but I alternate with Misty Terrain when needed. Gourgeist Insomnia - Impish - 252 HP /126 Def / 126 SpeD - Big Root - Will o Whisp - Leech Seed - Phantom Force - Seed Bomb / (Protect) Physicall Wall of the team. This weird vegetable soloed Solaris Garchomp (under rain too and reflect but still not bad right?). Protect would give it its best competitive moveset, but in the meantime Seed Bomb stays useful and still hits decently hard Sylveon Pixelate - Bold - 252 HP /126 Def / 126 SpeD - Pixie Plate - Hyper Voice - Calm Mind - Wish - Heal Bell Special Sponge that can also help as a Cleric or hit like a truck after few CM. I think eventually Clefable would fill the role better, but it is doing great so far. I run Heal Bell because I am playing with item off, so it saved my ass few times to be honest. Diggersby Huge Power - Adamant - 252 Att /252 Spe - Protective Pads - Swords Dance - Quick Attack - Eartquake - Iron Head No more defensive pokemon, let´s talk about the heavy hitters now. Reflect/LS helps him to set up with SD and then it hits like a truck; EQ as main STAB, Quick Attack because I needed a priority move in the team and Iron Head because that's my only answer to fairies and has decent coverage Scrafty Moxie - Adamant - 252 Att / 252 Spe - Black Belt - Dragon Dance - Drain Punch - Ice Punch / Thunder Punch / Fire Punch - Crunch Yes, Blaziken is not the only powerful chicken in this game. DD+Moxie makes it a really strong sweeper. Drain Punch might not be the most powerful but it helps setting up and goes well with Scrafty decent bulk. Crunch for STAB, elemental Punch depending on the coverage needed (I usually stick with Ice) Porygon-Z Adaptability - Modest - 252 SpA / 252 Spe - Silk Scraf - Nasty Plot - Recover - Tri Attack - Shadow Ball After 2 physical sweepers, here is my special one. Very classic moveset that allows him to setup and sweep with full coverage. As you probably noticed, I used debug to give it Shadow Ball when it learnt Tri Attack. BTW I just don't like the fact some TM are so late in the game, though I understand the devs point on that. But why no EQ TM when you have access to Flygon, Mamoswine or Excadrill (sometimes) so early? All it does is force you to play those mons instead of a physical Nido for example. But that's just my opinion. That´s my main lineup. I have also fully trained Ludicolo, Excadrill, Stoutland, Spearow, Camerupt and Persian that I use form time to times depending on the needs. If someone is willing to give me feedback on my team and how it would stand in the end game, that's much appreciated.
  8. I am not 100% sure but I think it means it is infected by pokerus but can't spread it to the rest of your team. Pokemon with pokerus gain x2 EV training.
  9. That's because of its nature. Bold nature gives it -10% Atk (see, the stat is hilighted in Blue, it means that's the decreased stat. In red the increased one). That's probably one of the worst you can have with Blaziken. You want to get Adamant instead and train him 6/252/252 in HP/Attack/Speed EV. There is a guy in 7th street that can randomly change the nature of your pokemon in exchange of a heart scale IIRC.
  10. Overall my favorite combation would be Dragon/Steel, it resists nearly everything and can hit back hard
  11. Lucarioite is not in game yet. The link below gives you the position of every item available in Ep.18 if you need.
  12. You can get a Ditto before Kiki's gym, in the factory where you go with Amaria Lapras. So not far from where you are. Or if you missed the puzzle there, you can buy it first time you go 7th street. Again long before the end game That will allow you to breed your males pokemon. And Male Meowstic with Prankster is the best you can have, give it reflect, light screen, psychic and mist (to change annoying fields effects, later I prefer Thunder Wave) and it can support your team. quite well
  13. Silkerin

    Ice stone

    Also you can randomly get one by mining if I am not mistaken. Maybe abuse quick save and F12 next time you get a mining stone if you really need one.
  14. Having a balanced team of 6 pokemon to cover the whole game is doable, even if training specific pokemon for specific fights might be more efficient. You could always bench the least useful for a specific gym and replace it with a more adapted one. Also I would suggest you to have a "backup" plan for some extremly difficult fight incoming (like the PULSE fights). Having a Murkrow with Perish song + Prankster for example will allow you to cheese those parts of the game (I hope the one you got had perish song as egg move...). Sharpedo with Focus Sash + Destrinity Bond is another possibility. On your current team members, the 3 of them are weak to ground. Consider adding a flying pokemon. Like Noivern, but hard to train Noibat to level 48 or Crobat (can replace Drapion) when you can get one. I would also suggest to use a Male Meowstic with Prankster. To be able to use light screen and/or reflect would be super useful for Blaziken who is a fantistic sweeper, but has difficulty to set up without protect. Mamoswine is a really good physical attacker, learning Earthquake naturally and you can also give it Ice Shard for a priority move (always useful to have at least one in your team) and has types who complement your team. You can aslo consider Ludicolo. Under rain, it is a very powerful special sweeper with again typing that complement your team. Also it resist ground and murders it with water and grass STAB. Just make sure you don't evolve Lotad before level 30 (or 36), for Giga Drain (or Energy Ball). And then Lombre until you get Hydro Pump lelel 44 (replace by Surf/Scald late game). And finally, I would consider training a more defensive pokemon. Someone like Toxapex can really help your team on some fights with Toxic / Recover / Haze / Scald by stalling forever the opponent, creepling physical attackers and haze is super useful to prevent opponent setting up. That's a mystery egg pokemon though so check how to get it and hope you'll get lucky (Mandibuzz can fill the same role, another mystery egg reward possible). Later in the game, Clefable wuld be a good wall/staller option as well. With a roster of 9-10 fully trained pokemon you will be able to have an answer to everything the game throws at you. Hope it will help, good luck.
  15. Galvantula could be a nice option as well. It is not really bulky but if you are lucky you can set up sticky web, which helps a lot to compensate the awful terrain effects. And with compound eyes, nearly 100% accuracy Thunder is no joke. Ampharos is bulky enough to be useful for this fight as well and hit decently hard. And my favorite Electric pokemon, Eelektross, has no weakness and can really be good with Acid Spray / Thunderbolt / Thunder Wave (last slot I run Flamethrower, but you can guess it won't be that useful here^^).
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