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  1. Just rose from the dead and found out that Rejuv has it's own dev blog now and Desolation is coming back.. some tears were shed while typing this.


    Time to catch up on everything 👽

    1. SilverAngelus
    2. Maqqy




      A lot has happened apparently I need ya'll to calm down first.

    3. SilverAngelus



      Giyuu Tomioka GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

      calmed down

      All calmed now


      Also Idk if I'm actually calm since Mimikyu can't know Calm Mind

      I said calm too many times. Now it's weird to say it. Calm.

  2. Hello. Do you perhaps not have your pc plugged in while you play? Such is the case of gaming laptops or any laptops in general, it won’t be able to run at full performance if it’s only running on battery. Try playing while charging.
  3. I'm about to play Half Life: Alyx. I'm shaking.

    1. SilverAngelus


      uses Psychic on you to stop your shaking

    2. Maqqy


      It’s ineffective, turns out I’m a dark type 😞

    3. SilverAngelus


      uses Miracle Eye and then Psychic on you to stop your shaking

  4. Steven Universe ended way too early. So many unanswered questions. I never even got to see Peridot and Lapis fuse 😞


    Altogether, it was a nice ending partnered with the best ending credits song. After almost 3 years of watching it, I'll surely miss it.


    Being Human song of the year. We need a full version please.



    1. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      Well, the Crewniverse have mentioned that Peri's the ace and aro rep a while back, and is kinda against the idea of fusing still. Like, she's fine if others do it around her, but don't try to drag her into it. And considering what happened the last time Lapis fused with someone, I'm doubt that she'd be too keen on the idea either. R.I.P.



      The fact that White had to explain to Spinel that she was indirectly the cause of Ms. Stretchy's problems was kinda funny, at least. Guess that someone definitely learned from the main series!


  5. This.. doesn't really mean anything. The game is not yet complete, of course the numbers are going to go down. An average of 2k players a day is still a lot especially for an early access game. There are SO many ongoing hate towards this game and most of them are from people who didn't even play it. It's unavoidable since they branded themselves as a "Pokemon-like MMO", but people judge the game too soon. If you could set aside any doubt or prejudice you have on this title, you'll absolutely enjoy it. The game is spectacular on its own. The fact that it's still not finished and has the potential to grow even more? A wild concept.
  6. I had never shiny hunt on a Pokemon game ever, but now I’m doing so on Temtem. I am here for these lumas my guy.

  7. None of those lol I just saw it on my regular wallpaper site Also spicy wallpaper you got a bad bish on there
  8. Yoooo I was really hoping on this one I'm so happy!! I'm now excited to see on how stat distribution (if only hp will be boosted or all other stats) and gmax moves will be implemented. From the sounds of it, I initially thought it would be quite tricky to code but I guess Rejuv find will always find a way
  9. Can confirm that Temtem is in fact, a very fun game 😁

  10. 👀



    1. Maqqy


      I'm really going to spend a whole hour just by doing character customization lol

    2. SilverAngelus


      Oh my. I've been wanting to play this game for a while! Looks really good 😮

      Have fun Maqqy~

    3. Maqqy


      @SilverAngelus It looks REAL good! It looks so stunning when you actually play it. Rip bodyclock I'm about to pull an all nighter lol


      Update! Here's what I eventually ended up. Only took like... a day omg. Proud of this one I must say 😁



  11. It has been 23 years people. Only ONE month stands between me and FFVII remake. Now that I'm done with the demo, the wait just became more oh so joyous than before 😀

  12. MAD Excited for this one. I really really hope it would be a continuous adaptation like what they did with BNHA.
  13. Who knew Minecraft could be fun lol. I was today years old when I finally played it. Took me long enough.

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    2. doombotmecha


      Oh lovely! Minecraft is such a fun game for me as well, despite not having as much to do as the average AAA game, the very process of digging around and exploring overland is really fun, even before you get into the real "meat" of mining, fighting, and crafting.

    3. Wolfox


      Just dumb fun is what you'll probably get from it, but that's quite worth 

    4. Maqqy


      Update: Getting the hang of it now. I'm starting to see the real appeal of this game now 😄 

  14. Watched The Owl House and strongly recommend it. Not your typical Star vs The Forces of Evil show.

  15. Finished Spiderman and all DLCs! Story was okay but gameplay was a BLAST. I’ll really miss this game.

    Took a selfie as a remembrance. Guess I’ll see you soon Pete 😁




    1. Chrixai


      Which outfit is that??

    2. Maqqy


      The Last Stand! Best one out of all them imo.

  16. How to unsee things..


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    2. SilverAngelus


      You still haven't deleted that photo...

    3. Maqqy


      Doesn’t matter if I delete it, it’s embedded on our minds forever

    4. Johnny_Nevori


      They say if you stare into it's eye for more than a minute that you turn to ashes and it sucks up your soul. When it enters battle, it is said to use the screams of it's victim's soul.



  17. Spiderman is so much fun. There are so many things to do besides the main story and side quests doesn’t feel like a chore. They’ve done a good job with this one, almost on par with the Arkham series.

  18. I don’t get why people call Demon Slayer overrated just because it became too popular? It’s an amazing show period. It deserves Anime of the Year.


    And Vinland Saga ain’t even that good. Mob Psycho still outsold tho.

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    2. Maqqy


      @Candy Sis... if you get motivated enough to watch till you get to that ep, be ready to order 9999x tissues from amazon I kid u not.


      @SilverAngelus I see that lol Ame’s nemesis is out to get ME. Budew chan, let’s be friends.

    3. Wolfox


      @SilverAngelus wouldn't that also work with getting on one's lazy toosh? 

    4. SilverAngelus
  19. Update: Got my gaming laptop 😁 Steam better be ready for me cause I am coming. Although, I might be playing Spiderman (PS4) firstly among all else. We will see!

  20. I finally finished NieR: Automata with all ABCDE endings. Also got ending G unknowingly...... yes.


    Incoming thread ahead.



    This may seem overreacting, but this game is one of the most saddening, most heartbreaking and most gut wrenching game I've ever played. I had leisurely played games that toyed with my emotions but absolutely nothing comes close to this one. This one is different.


    This game is utterly amazing. I don't think I have enough words to truly define the associated word "amazing" is. Gameplay was enjoyable, mechanics are well-thought out, art is beautiful and the main plot is just... incredible. Don't even get me started on the music.


    I have never been so engrossed on finding out every theory, every lore, almost reading the entirety of a fan wiki page and viewed every possible reddit thread about the game.


    I loved how the storytelling is structured into perspectives and even though that it's been done before, it was executed perfectly. The game doesn't tell  you everything outright, but leaves you to find out for yourself through immersion of the game. The side quests are also not just there to be an aspect of fun, every quests had significance. Shoutout to Amnesia and Wandering couple, these two left me scarred.


    But the thing that I wanted to talk most about... is Pascal. I have NEVER made this hard of a decision before with a game. This act got me questioning my morality ya'll I'm not playing. I had spent a long, 1 hour just thinking what to do. In the end, I ultimately decided to end his life. I can just walk away, but I wanted to take responsibility since at this point A2 considers him as a friend now. I believed machines were doomed to repeat their mistakes, so I did the unthinkable. I didn't see it as inhumane but more like a resurrection. You see.. I don't even know if I sounded sane at that sentence. This game is just so crazy.


    Also just... TYL for Ending E. Now this ending just hit right in the feels. This game got me riding a literal train wreck then suddenly ending it with a fleeting, high-spirited mini game of 9s’ hacking segment. Partnered with that beautiful, beautiful music, I just stood up and yelled YES. No lie, tears were almost shed. 


    I truly loved this game, right down to it's narrative.  The way the story correlates to life and death in the real world, me talking about it will be a whole essay so we will stop at that. All in all, Yoko Taro is a well-crafted genius and creator and I decided to stan. 


    A bittersweet feeling cause I don't want to say goodbye to it just yet. The game really left an impact on me. 


    Anyway that's it for my ted talk lol. I just really wanted to let these thoughts out since this game came out three years ago... why did it took me so long? Cause I'm a useless piece of copper ore.


  21. Well, I need more Death Note content now. 

  22. NieR: Automata: Route B ✔️

    This game is amazing I am speechless.

    1. ramnarayans


      i was in tournament and after explosion event i forgot to get in the caravan and went to route nine when took the train it only allowed me to come to route 9 only  how can i get back to the stadium guards are blocking way to GRAND DREAM CITY


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