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  1. Could I have a Larvitar? IVs don't matter. Would be cool if it were female. I have 4 iv Chimchar ready, if you want. @Animefan666
  2. It's fine. I managed to get it from another user. Thanks again @lifesapity
  3. Ok I'm ready. Check your inbox. @seki108
  4. Oh I am still new to breeding and such. I don't have what you are looking for. Oh well. Worth a shot. Thanks anyways @lifesapity
  5. Ok gimme some time. Shall I PM you when I am ready? @seki108
  6. I am looking for a Bagon to bolster my team. No requirement of IVs and such. Would prefer doing that myself. I'll do my best to give you a Pokemon of your choice in return. We can negotiate.
  7. Always wanted to go for a Infernape-Greninja combo. Can anyone offer a Froakie? I'll try to see if there is anything I can offer in return. We can negotiate.
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