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Found 5 results

  1. ********** --Okay now I KNOW what you're thinking. You're probably thinking "Derx, this isn't Faith & Prayer Version! What're you doing!". Well, i'm beyond burned out on Faith & Prayer Version - I've gotten done so little work on it in the past year, and my external biting the dust crippled my motivation and I still haven't fully recovered honestly. I've rebuilt all the old content I lost and added new content, but progress is extremely slow there. But this thread isn't to talk about Faith & Prayer! No, we're talking about a small project I made (and finished! Wowie!) back during October called Touhou Puppet Play ~ The Mansion of Mystery. The game was built for the Pokecommunity Game Jam, "Blinded By The Fight" back in October, where you had to follow a specific theme to enter - the theme being utilizing the Dewford Gym darkness circle mechanic. When I saw the theme, I knew instantly what I should make (Though I spent a few days during early development cementing ideas). As such, the game is extremely short - roughly 2 to 4 hours, maybe longer depending on factors. It revolves around a group of four from the human village and their expedition to uncover the truth behind “the mysterious mansion that has music coming from it”. The writing of the game is about as close to your average Touhou plot as I could get, and the way the game is handled is also similar: Six core stages, one Extra stage that gets accessible only if you can Perfect Run (1cc/no blacking out) the entire game. The difficulty is a bit rough, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the 1.8 Type Chart, but it is beatable without grinding, and in one shot. The game also has a slightly modified EXP system, where you get x1.25% exp (5/4ths) for beating a Puppet, just to make up for how short the game is, and how quickly the levels ramp up as a whole. It's balanced around battling every trainer, so take that into consideration! Honestly, making this game was extremely fun! The deadline let me keep myself in check, and I needed fresh blood to work on to try and get me back in the swing of development. I’m glad I made it and took part in the game jam! So far I’ve heard good feedback about it (even one of the judges said it was a close race for first between mine and first place!), and I know I put in a lot of effort to make the game as good as I possibly could! It is my hope that you all who download and play it can enjoy it just as much, if not more, as I enjoyed making it! Granted I took second out of three, but it was an extremely close second according to the judge. A link to the game can be found here: Touhou Puppet Play ~ The Mansion of Mystery (ver. 1.2) And in case those pictures didn't do anything to help, have a few videos as well:
  2. Since @Clownpiece-sempai decided to create a thread to post Touhou music remixes daily, I decided maybe creating a similar style thread for (mostly music) videos of Touhou would be a good idea ,which only goes to show my lack of creativity. I did want to create a list of some of my favorites at some point, but this format seems easier without the constant need to edit the first post with new stuff and I don't have to spend an hour or more finding and deciding which are my favorites. Of course, I won't mind if other people post their own picks. I know only one or two people will probably follow this thread however... Since I couldn't decide which one I wanted to give the first day's spot to, I'm compromising and posting both. And this has been another rendition of "Seki still can't create a thread that doesn't look like garbage" Probably my favorite by a small margin, if for nothing else the subject matter: Mecha or the closest thing Touhou has to mecha. I love everything about this animation. It has: my favorite vocal rendition of "Our HisouTensoku" (which sounds straight out of the opening of an 70's/80's mecha anime), quality animation for a fanwork (especially movement imo), a fight between Mazinger Z and Big Zam expies, and (probably) a funny look into Sanae's imagination. Plus Yukkuri=Reimu missiles Marisa as a reluctant sidekick and labcoat Okuu only seal the deal Second is this animation. I don't know the name of the song, but it always went well the animation (featuring the casts of Touhou 6-12). A lighthearted piece overall that is fairly nostalgic now, since I first saw this back when it was released in 2010. Edit: Found a subbed version of the second
  3. Well Touhou fans, l decided to create a thread about the Fantasy Maiden Wars fangame series that I've been going on about in status updates and PMs. Mostly I wanted to post a list of the music and animation playlists with the games, at least to show off the work the FMW team put in. Sorry if this shows up on the front page because we are an open group. As a lover of turn-based strategies, this series has really hooked me. Based on the Super Robot Wars crossover games, FMW takes many of its mechanics and adapts Touhou mechanics into the formula for a much different experience than what I was expecting. It definitely takes advantage of the crossover nature of the series to tell the stories of Touhou 6-12 in a far different order and with interactions with characters from beyond just those 7 games. To group members: Feel free to create a thread highlighting any Touhou fangame you wish, if you feel like it. I just wanted to post everything here if you saw/heard something you liked. Official Links Official Site Official Twitter DLsite link for purchase of games and soundtracks Gameplay Help/Reference Sites https://akurasu.net/wiki/Gensou_Shoujo_Wars (mostly complete lists/charts in efficient format and translation patches) https://akurasu.net/wiki/Gensou_Shoujo_Wars_Complete_Box (Mostly completed Complete Box details) -Complete differences list (completed for 1.04; slightly outdated) https://pastebin.com/k75zhZ6m https://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Gensou_Shoujo_Taisen/Characters_(Yume) (FMW Dream character database) https://www.shrinemaiden.org/forum/index.php/topic,16751.0.html (forum thread for direct questions) https://www.shrinemaiden.org/forum/index.php/topic,21389.0.html (alternate download for translation patches) Translations LP links are in the second post in this thread Youtube Links Music playlists (separated by game)---Includes ALL music, not just character themes: Complete Box music playlist "All Attacks" playlist---animation showcase
  4. I didn't really want to post this here until i got my external fixed, but y'know what, there's no real reason not to! So, I've mentioned before who I am - Derxwna Kapsyla, head of Chaotic Infinity Development, which has several projects under its wings. One such project is a Pokemon Essentials-made project, Touhoumon Faith & Prayer Version. For a very very long time now, since even my elementary school years, I've wanted to make games. I would envision them constantly, though it was mostly Pokemon-related. It wasn't until Middle School that I discovered Rom Hacks, and I tried my hand at that. It didn't work out so well! Early Hiigh School came and I discovered Pokemon Essentials. I fiddled areound with it, made two projects in it that really only served to further my skill in it. While I was doing this, I was getting into the Touhou Project series, and I had discovered (More like, I discovered Touhou through this) that a fangame that hybridized Pokemon and Touhou existed. I was enamored by it, and over time, an idea sprung in my head. "I should make a Touhoumon game in RPG Maker, using Pokemon Essentials." And so I set out to make it happen. But first I needed to lay the foundation for it - the Touhoumon Essentials Development Starter Kit was made first, which allowed me to have the foundation I needed to make my ideal Touhoumon game in Essentials. Initially, it was supposed to be a side project to my main project at the time, but the DevKit eventually took all my time and focus, and gave me determination in return. From the foundation of the DevKit came the birth of Faith & Prayer Version. To me, Faith & Prayer Version tells the story of Touhoumon that I feel it should have had. Until recent, all existing Touhoumon games were just "Replace Pokemon, enjoy your unaltered Pokemon experience" or "ONE TILE FLASH MAZES, LEVEL 40 PUPPETS AT GYM 1, TOUHOU IS HARD GUYS!". There was no real depth! I wanted to change that. I wanted to make my ideal game. But I needed a plot first, and it wasn't until I was browsing Touhou fanfics on fanfiction.net that I found the plot I needed. A one-shot called Touhou Puppet Play - A Viewpoint, written by Lone Wolf Neo, crossed my view, and I read it. It gave me the inspiration I needed to make the plot, and I asked the writer if I could adapt their one chapter fanfic into a game. With their permission, Act 0 of Faith & Prayer Version was drafted, and with it, the rest of the plot soon to follow. The Plot Terminology Main Protagonists: Notable Features: Ah, but what good is a fangame if it doesn't have its own features to talk about outside of its own plot! Faith & Prayer Version comes with several features, both unique and similar to Pokemon games as a whole. Screenshots and Videos Honestly I need to get better screenshots for the thread, but I promise you I will get them at some point! Until then, have several videos showcasing the game in action. Credits: ...This might have been a good time to wait for my data to be recovered, but I do have a preliminary set of credits here. For more information about the game, future news and updates, the following blogs are where I post more information about the game. You can usually hit me with a message there when it comes to bug reports or feedback. http://chaoticinfinitydev.tumblr.com/ - Specialized blog for ChaoticInfinity Development related projects, mostly used to post releases or important and critical information regarding future versions and releases. http://derxwnakapsyla.tumblr.com/ - My main blog, more generalized, but gets more information about smaller the game updates Those two blogs are where you can keep up-to-date on all the information regarding Faith & Prayer Version. Changes in the Current Build Something to address before the download link. This is relevant if you are updating from Demo 1 or 2. Demo 3 should be fine If you're updating from Demo 4 to Demo 5 or onward, please read this: Touhoumon Faith & Prayer Version Demo 6 - Mediafire Link Quick Patch Fixes: The following links apply ONLY to Demo 6. The rest are for legacy purposes, and will not work in later versions. The download links are set to private. This demo picks up where Demo 4 and 5 left off, at New Bark Town, and goes into Johto Proper, taking you all the way to Route 32's end. Ruins of Alph is explorable, the east half of Route 36 is explorable. Dark Cave is not explorable. I hope you all enjoy the game, just as much as I enjoy making it. I’ve hammered out a majority of the bugs that my testers have reported. If you find a bug or inconsistency, please contact me with where the bug is, so I can get on fixing it. The same goes for typos and grammatical errors. I've done my best to iron out as many kinks as I have for the public release. - DerxwnaKapsyla
  5. I am a huge fanboy of Touhou Project... so ... listen to the music and comment back with your favorite songs/artists ^^ http://gensokyoradio.net
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