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  1. I'm already dead well, everyone can understand few mafia members. And one must be our revengeful jace
  2. It was a nice mafia game and I enjoyed it a lot. I Will be looking forward for another one from you. As it has ended, so I want to reveal my role. I was JULIA
  3. I don't think there is any need to take this game further. Coz 10vs1 means the sorority cant win. I think divergent will end the game.
  4. Till now I dont know whom to vote for. At first I was thinking about greninja but I dont want to vote against him now. By the way,today is my 1st day at work. So I will not be online for the next 10 hrs Till then I'm casting my vote but I may change it afterwards. Eliminate - Satoshi
  5. Respect bro!! It doesn't matter who between you and me get eliminate. But this reply of yours truely impressed me. Unlike others, you are not desperate to win.
  6. Neither me nor Anti_hero is julia. Don't know anything about the other two.
  7. You can try Alolan Muk and Alolan Raichu. They are my favourite alolan mons.
  8. You are such a "Revengeful Badass". I would be surprised if you dont vote against me. Its quiet understandable that you are taking revenge from those who voted against you on day 1. If the roles had not been revealed then you would have voted against Lykoshand and paul also.
  9. I wish my favourite character "Cain" would have been here in this party His naughty remarks would surely have made the party more fun. Love you Cain
  10. Justice. Your soul is filled with JUSTICE. Your ability to fight for what is right is what makes you unique. You never judge by whether someone is a monster or a human, but whether they have done good or bad. You are the true scale of justice, and this judgement is what fills others with a sense of security in you. This sometimes inspires them to fight back, and stand up for the good in the world, and leads them to believe there is still good in this world, no matter how dark. You are a true inspiration to others! Never stop being you.
  11. I dont find any reason to vote against fairfamily. Moreover if you see the voting against Candy, there you will see that damsel didnt vote against her at first. But when he saw Candy getting the majority votes, he voted against her just to be on the safe side. Consider this thing and think twice before voting against fairfamily. Its more logical to vote against damsel So I'll go with this... Eliminate - Damsel
  12. I think we should vote against damsel. I'm not sure though. I may change my mind
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