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help with abnormal phenomenom sidequest


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Copied this from the guide, hope it helps;


41. Abnormal Phenomenon
Location: Kakori Help Plaza
- Enter the Kakori Help Plaza, and accept the "Abnormal Phenomenon" quest. Then head to the Weather Institute on Mt. Terajuma. The Rangers will explain that something in the jungle is interfering with the institute's frequency, and request that we investigate the cause of it, located
at Great Terajuma Falls.
- From the Institute, head down the south stairs, and go right to the entry way in the side of the mountain, then take the right elevator to reach the Great Falls. Once you've arrived, head forward with Alex and Sam. Ahead will be the source of the issues, being a Tornadus and Thundurs used to
cause irregular weather, as well as the person responsible. Defeat Mr. Hynde to continue.
- Once you've defeated Hynde in battle, and the cutscene is finished, return to the Weather Institute and report your findings to complete the quest.

Rewards: $5,000, x1 Rare Candy, Bulbasaur, +1 Karma



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