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  1. Hi. I blink and suddenly we're in April. Time is moving faster than my brain can process. A one minute to one month conversion, if you will. Oops. Well, I'll probably stick to doing big update posts once per month. It's what has been happening anyway so may as well keep something consistent. As usual, let's start with a collage of images I've shared on my discord/patreon recently: Oh, and I also post cool stuff on my twitter occasionally, if you're interested.... Reborn's final release: First thing's first. Reborn is going to be releasing very soon in the future and when it does, Rejuv will be hidden from the site. This is being done for obvious reasons (C&D reasons) and is hopefully only temporary. This is just a preliminary warning so that there are no surprises when Rejuv is suddenly poof. Our main site will still be functional though. Update on Frostbite, Legends: Arceus Content: So, after the most recent poll we've decided that it's best to just wait for Gen 9 before we decide on anything regarding status changes. It's possible Gen 9 will have updates to those statuses, and even if they don't we can probably include Frostbite along with Freeze. As for Legends Arceus mons, we've also decided that we should wait for Home before we decide to do anything with those. v13 was bogged down by Gen 8 implementation and I am just Not In The Mood to go through that again even at a smaller scale. Right now I'd like to focus on new Aevian Pokémon. Gen 8 Implementation: We did a lot of work on this recently and there actually wasn't that much to Gen 8 DLC. Except for moves. There are a lot of new moves-- But other than that the DLC was kinda wack? Just a ton of legendaries. Moves have not been implemented as of yet because our scripts are Under Construction and it's going to take some time before this is complete. That's the only reason why the percentages under Gen 8 DLC aren't all 100%.. v13.5 Content: Did you know that all the content in v13.5 is entirely new? Huh? What does that mean? I always mention it but Rejuv had an original private build that went all the way up to Saki's gym battle. But of course in v13 we're past that. This isn't that important I just feel happy that for once I'm actually working on fresh content. Mostly. Anyway, I began work on the update and things are going smoothly! I wanted to let everyone know that v13.5's story content has two routes! This depends whether or not you're on the good or bad ending routes. I'm interested in your reactions once the version finally drops this year. Still shooting for a Summer release but I'm not going to kill myself to get there. Progress so far is pretty good though! I'm getting a ton done every day even if it's not reflected in the status bar. I fixed the itemfinder lol: Long story short. I made the Itemfinder more visually helpful. No longer will it say "omg an item is nearby". If there's an item nearby, an animation will play over the spot where there's a hidden item like so: (Animation is a placeholder) If there's no item nearby it'll just say hey asshole there's no item nearby try looking elsewhere. So, same as normal. zzz. thats it. I feel like as I get older these posts become more unhinged and whatever it's fine. Aevian Pokemon: I come bearing news about a new Pokémon that has been discovered somewhere on Terajuma... Researchers Crim and Ceri have been hard at work gathering data on this recent new discovery! They managed to sketch an image of the new Pokémon. Here, take a look! Not much is known, but we'll bring more updates when more is discovered! Or maybe we won't. That's all folks. stay tuned for another trauma dump post May 12-15 idk.
  2. We're discussing whether or not we're going add Frostbite to Rejuv. This would replace freeze entirely. Currently we're not planning on adding Drowsy. This is a quick poll, but if you have opinions-- Feel free to put them in the comments below. https://strawpoll.com/polls/bVg86bRqByY Had to go to another site because strawpoll.me wasnt working of course :)
  3. They have official abilities in the code.
  4. An interesting idea. It'll take some more thought by my team. Also Typhlosion is part ghost, not psychic.
  5. oh i forgot to include this quote, sorry. But yes! the dlc will 100% be in 13.5 :)
  6. Stantler will keep its crest. Same with Samurott and any other Pokemon that gets a new form. It's a different way to play existing Pokemon so there's no need to remove any of them. So like, I spoke about this with a few of my dev members and we're actually considering it. No idea if we will though. I was really hoping they'd learn a new move or something to allow them to evolve, but they dont. The answer for right now is no clue I haven thought that far ahead yet. Hisuian Samurott is the worst regional form Sir that's a man in a suit. No, it takes place between v13 and v14's story. It takes place during the last month of december when they wait for the final battle to happen. You can only do these when you finish v13 story so yes. It is not a separate game. I just said it's like WLL in terms of narrative. Think of it as one big help quest. Oh, I didn't see it! I'll take a look soon!
  7. It's been a little while since I've made a general update. Things have been updating very slowly it seems. Why? Well... The real reason is that I'm just taking it slow! After the main release of v13, I decided for my sanity I needed to take an extended hiatus or take things one at a time. I don't like sitting around doing nothing so the latter option sounded like the best option for me. That being said, even though I'm taking things slow, I have made good amount of progress in terms of set up! I know not everyone follows me on Twitter, but I do post interesting things there occasionally! Here are a collection of things I've worked on in the past few months: Small Q/A as per usual: Q1. Will the Pokemon in Legends Arceus be included? Yes! Will they be included in v13.5? That is unknown at this time. We haven't made a solid decision for those just yet, but we'll have an answer on this soon! P.S. Overqwill is my son, please do not be mean to him. Sneasler does not exist. Q2. Is the "Main" content in 13.5 optional? So, a lot of the sidequests have to do with the main characters and progressing their stories and personalities in less world ending ways.... I've decided to group them all together and a linear progressing mini story. Think of it like Where Love Lies. (Definitely shorter than that though, lmao) So... 13.5 turned into its own version I guess??? However, even if it's grouped together as a mini series, it will never be required to do. In future versions, players will have the option to input a password and automatically complete and receive all the rewards. Q3: If 13.5 is its own version with its own content, does the content have a title? Yes. It's named .Karma Files (Dot Karma Files) Q4: Do you have anything to show from .Karma Files? Yes! An evening of friends hanging out at the new GDC Night Market! Q5: When Legends Pokemon are eventually added, how will you handle some of the evolution methods? So there isn't Strong and Agile style combat in Rejuv, obviously. Stantler's evolution condition is to use its signature move in a Strong style. Instead we'll probably turn them into "Level up + [Have this move learned]. And... That's all! I really want to start updating more often, but I'm still taking my time~. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them below!
  8. Recently I took some time off work with the dev team! We decided to take a nice and relaxing vacation in the depths of Darchlight Woods... However, something turned this relaxing vacation into an adventure made up of discoveries! And let me tell you! What we found... Will shock you! !!Aevian Form Discovered!! ... ... ... Merry Christmas!!!
  9. ok 1.) Why did you copy and paste this same comment in another thread and 2.) asking me to fix bugs in threads that aren't even relevant is considered bad forum etiquette. 3.) yes no I just took a break because I was tired.
  10. I announced in my prior post that Terajuma was getting some work done! In this process, a new area was added, with a new quest was added! In this quest you'll meet someone you've heard but have never seen! Oh, and those other two are here as well. Flora and Florin have time off and they're visiting Terajuma so that they can explore through a mysterious temple found deep within the dense jungle. For this journey, they brought friend with them! Introduce yourself, please! Full body art: Talon has appeared! Talon is a skilled adventurer, as well as a well-known cartographer. He travels through the region on his off time to draw maps of dangerous and unexplored areas. He is a good friend of Florin, but he and Flora don't seem to get along very well... Q/A no one asked for Q: Will I be able to do this quest on my completed v13 file? A: As per the twitter poll, all quests introduced in v13.5 will have a grace period. While it'll be a little weird for you to encounter these folks so late in the game, I feel like it's better to, you know... Not force people to replay the game to see a new and major sidequest. However, once v14 drops, they will expire at their appropriate times. So do them while you can. Q: Does Talon have an accent? A: Yes, he has an Australian accent. Q: What's Talon's favorite type of food? A: Savory Q: What is Talon's least favorite food? A: Not too keen on overly sweet and bitter foods. Q: Height? A: 5'11 Q: Why is Talon's hair and skin different in some patches? A: Talon has Vitiligo. Q: Where is Talon from? A: Australia. He is not from Aevium, but he currently resides in Grand Dream City. Q: Is Talon's ace Talonflame? A: No, and he doesn't like when people assume this! Q: Favorite Pokemon? A: Rufflet Q: Least favorite Pokemon A: Any Pokemon that are spiders or snakes.
  11. Yes you will visit this place in 13.5, and no, NeverWinter was not cut.
  12. We're working on something, but we don't have something to share right now. Uhhhh. It was kind of hard to understand what you're asking. Neverwinter will not be available in v13.5 or v14. Yes. Third Layer yes, Gate in Gearen perhaps, Dreamyard no.
  13. 13.5, while not a huge update in terms of main story, is a huge update that will focus on a lot of smaller things at once. Why am I taking the time to make a 13.5 update? Well... version 14 is going to be a huge undertaking and I want to be able to focus on it in its entirety. As a result of that, I want to make sure I tie up any loose ends and clean up everything I can. So what is being looked at in 13.5? Terajuma Grand Dream City A new questing system QOL updates (Quality of life) Gen 8 DLC* New Aevian forms *On the note of DLC... Obviously, I'm aware of the new forms being revealed in Legends: Arceus. We're going to have to wait for those games to come out before we even touch those. There's also the issue of stats not exactly being calculated the same in that game? So we'll have to do some tinkering with that. Terajuma and Grand Dream City There were changes to Terajuma this version, but they were very superficial. I actually wanted to do bigger changes there, but it was bloating the v13 cycle. Couple with burnout, a lot of stuff was shelved temporarily. Same with Grand Dream City. Both areas will be receiving some clean up and polish. Some small previews of Terajuma: New Questing System There's a new quest logging system! Whenever you accept a quest, it will be logged in a brand new menu. With this you can see which quests are currently active, ones that have been completed and ones that have expired. Additionally, you can check exactly what you need to do at any given time! So no more guessing! New Aevian Form(s)? Yes, there will be new Aevian forms, of course. In fact, on my Patreon, I already revealed a new one! There's not much to say about this one, so just take a look! >Meet >Best Friend Meet your new Best Friend! That's all I have to show for now! 13.5 progress has been going steadily. That being said, I don't expect 13.5 to drop this year, and that's probably for the best. A break is always nice. I'll try to be more frequent with updates. Perhaps every other week? We'll see.
  14. So, this post has been a long time coming. This is something that plainly just needs to be said. Intense mode has become a problem. Let's rewind a bit. Back around... I wanna say v4-5? Intense mode as added as an extra challenge for players. It started out fine, but as the game went further and further, things became quite out of control. Things that are our faults, and things that is just there because of Pokemon's inherent gameplay flaws. Everyone wants something different out of Pokemon, and fundamentally, the way Pokemon is structured, every experience is different depending on the selection of mons available, yes? While this is a good thing, it does come with its own drawbacks. Balancing nightmares, being up and front. I can say with confidence that it is literally impossible to create a difficulty mode that makes everyone happy. I see why Game Freak let go of the idea of challenge modes (For the time being.) So what does this mean? What am I getting at here? I'm just going to say it plainly. From 13.5 on, Intense mode will be removed from the game. Now, I can see a couple of you heading towards the door, but I ask that you stick around and read the entire post before doing so. I understand Intense mode is a feature that is beloved by many. However, the side effects of this mode existing have completely gotten out of control. The gatekeeping, the "get good" attitude, the back and forth on who is right and who isn't... This isn't what I wanted this to be. Rejuvenation was supposed to be a fun project with fun characters, worlds, and experiences. It was not about creating some ultimate challenge, even if it veered down that path anyway. In the end, this has no longer become fun for me, and that's when this becomes a serious problem. If Jan stops having fun, Jan stops making the game. Rejuvenation is an incomplete game. I think even adding a different difficulty mode so early on was a bit of a hasty and foolish decision on my part. I want to focus on perfecting the base game before even thinking about trying create something like intense mode ever again. I don't want this to be the ultimate end of the mode, though. Yeah, I know I said I'm removing it. We officially will not be working on it any further. But those who are interested in keeping it alive are allowed to do so. We're handing this over to the community. When the game is complete, I would like to consider restoring it. But for now, I believe this is what is best for the game's overall health. And quite honestly, keeping tabs of both normal, easy, and intense mode altogether was just... too much. (Easy mode shall remain for accessibility, however.) That's really everything I have to say on this. It's a decision that was not easily made, but I believe it to be necessary going forward. I understand that this will bring frustration, but it's how things are standing as of now. Please, if you have any further comments and or questions, post them below. We will be reading and responding when necessary. Thanks. -Jan tl:dr -Intense mode warped the game's vision into something it was never intended to be -As a result, it is no longer being officially worked on. -Intense mode will be handed over to the community to work on as a mod if they so wish. -When the game is complete, we will consider the possibility of restoring it officially. -Easy mode will remain.
  15. Cover art: By @Zumi Hey! It's been two years? How are you? How are the kids? No kids? Okay. Well.... Anyway. It's time. I'm not going to make a huge post about how much of a hell year 2020 was... like, in general, because I'm going to talk about that on stream at some point. So I'm just gonna hand over the game. Sound good? yes. Wait no, I lied. First, we have a brand new website! Check it out! There's a lot of cool things and we'll be actively updating things as time goes on. (No, we're not leaving Reborn. We just felt like it was necessary for us to have our own space too, finally :) ) Due to the extreme amount of changes and additions, old save files that have not completed v12 data will no longer work correctly. There are still some places you shouldn't save. LOOK AT THIS BEFORE LOADING UP. Official art press release kit: Mega 17.6mb PBS files Mega PATCH 13.0.5 CHANGELOG PLEASE REPORT BUGS YOU'VE FOUND HERE
  16. It's been a while since my last post, so I decided that I'd give a little update and talk about a few things! In the format of a Q/A! What's going on with Rejuvenation right now? It's been almost 2 years!! - We are currently doing internal testing as of right now! There's still one segment of the game that needs a bit of work from me, but after so long, v13's main story and early-mid game are being tested and things are going smoothly!! Lots of things to patch up, but smoothly nonetheless! We may... actually release something soon(tm)??? Soon. Will there be Game-z support? -Yes! Thanks to @andracass (Who is a new member on the team, btw!), Rejuvenation will have official MK support. Which means less lag and better performance! We will still be supporting the regular game.exe, though. Just in case your PC won't be able to handle the power that is MK. Unfortunate for you, though. Okay, well there's Game-z support. Cool. But what about my MAC? She's dying without content! - I am happy to say that there will be a MAC version on release. No more stupid Wine emulators . Also it'll run at incredible speeds! No lag! Zoom! Fast! Keep going! Oops we crashed. Except it shouldn't crash. Anyway. What Crests were chosen from the suggestion thread? My Giratina Crest that gave an omni boost was so good... -I've gotten this question quite a bit and that will remain Top Secret. However, like I said in the thread, if your crest suggestion wasn't implemented, that doesn't mean it wont be. Adding in hundreds of crests in one release is overwhelming for the devs and the player. We'll be trickling in new crests with each new version. So please be patient :). Will my old save files work with the new update? Pls help. -Yes, however there have been a substantial amount of changes/tweaks to the world itself. Some places will not be safe to load up in! I will make a list beforehand. A whole entire post dedicated to this. If I see "LOADED UP IN XXXXX AND GAME CRASH PLS HELP" I will come to your house and delete your save and quite possibly your entire life. Don't say I won't. Can I join the Beta Test? Please...? -Unfortunately, no. We no longer have public beta testing periods anymore. Due to problems with leaks and such in the past, all Betas from here on out will be entirely closed. Soon.
  17. Merry (Belated) Christmas! Today I wanted to talk to you all about the story structure of v13 and why it's been taking such a long time for it to release. v13 is a special version, that's for sure. It's one of the longer episodes the game has put out. Actually, i'd say it's the longest? Either way, the main story this time is taking a LOT more effort than usual and I wanna make sure everything is absolutely perfect. That being said, what -exactly- is causing v13 to be the behemoth it is? Well, let's dive into that! Some of you have already guessed, but the crew is splitting up for a Super Secret Mission(tm). What's the mission, you ask? I just said it was Super Secret, keep up. V13 is separated into 6 segments. Each being tackled by 3 different groups. So far the two groups we've seen are: [Melia, Ren, Venam] and [Erin, Kanon, Alexandra, and Damien] The third group is [Player, Aelita] Each group is on the hunt ̶f̸o̸r̵ ̵t̵h̶e̶ ▇▇▇▇▇▇ , as we know, but how are each of their parts composed? Well, each segment approximately the length of half a version. So by that scale, let's add them up! Main Story 1 and 2 = 1 version Erin + Melia's segment = 1 version Player + Aelita's segment = 1 version Epilogue = 1/2 version v13's main story is roughly a little more than 3 versions worth of content... So even though it feels like you're waiting one year for one version, you're actually waiting for about 3, lol. Not to mention the new additions/changes to the early game and gen 8. Let's make this about 5 versions packed into one big bundle with a Christmas miracle bow at the top~ --- If you're interested in the flow of the actual episode-- I have created this special little chart for your eyes to wander over. That being said, I'm SUPER SUPER SUPER excited for this version. My Dev team and I have worked hard and we're so excited to show you what we've got hidden. Cause after all... We've only shown the surface of the exciting things we've got in store for you all :). Hope you had a Merry Christmas, and I hope y'all have a wonderful New Year!
  18. I am considering going back to WLL in the future and update it to Gen 8 while also fixing map inconsistencies with the main game.
  19. Pt 1: It's Been Getting Colder Recently... (Spoilers) Pt 2: This World Is Yours Too. Pt 3: Music From The Depths of Hell There's still much to be done, but we're still way over half way. No 2020 release, but Soon(tm).
  20. :). It's been a while, let's talk. Unfortunately, I am indecisive on what to talk about. Please show me the right path. https://www.strawpoll.me/42266468 There is no wrong answer, except the wrong one. It's up to you ! Poll Ends Wednesday, December 16th. I love you yes im okay. yes i wont be taking any questions. See you Wednesday!
  21. Just updated the numbers!
  22. This post is a repost of my Patreon, but it's very important that I let everyone here know what's going on. Hope all is well! - Jan
  23. ...And closed! That's all I'm taking for now! This goes without saying, but there's no way we can implement every single crest idea-- Heck, I don't think we'd implement most. There were HUNDREDS. I wouldn't be surprised if there were thousands. Next time remind me to post a limit, haha. That being said, please also note that these suggestions, if picked, are not guaranteed to be in V13. As mentioned before, there are just... so many lol. It takes time to implement crests, so... Yeah. We'll keep these suggestions for future versions as well. If you missed your shot, I might accept suggestions at a later time as well. Thanks again, guys. :]
  24. Just a heads up! This thread will be closing this Sunday! November 1st! Get in your last submissions!
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