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  • [Art/Music Update] More art, more music, more spoilers! (Batch 2 of 2)




    WOOO I'm excited to finally be able to write this post!! Two weeks I have been awaiting to be able to post these as I wasn't able to include them in the first post due to them being SPOILERS—or in one particular case, a character that you can find relatively early on but is hidden in a place that sometimes people forget exists. But no more secrets, for we shall now reveal the five remaining new pieces of artwork (along with a set of CG's that wasn't included in the previous post)! I'll put some minor explanation for each character in separate spoiler tags since I don't want people to click on this post and then get blasted with massive spoilers just from a glance, so proceed with caution.


    Anything that isn't included in this batch but might still seem missing is something that can possibly still be included in a later batch or V14 instead. Who knows! Perhaps there's a reason some characters haven't been included.... or maybe i decided putting it off is for the best considering how much i've already done for .5 but i'll leave that up to your interpretation








    Located on Floria Island, Eizen is first introduced as the assistant of Matthew Vasile—Venam's estranged father—who has a small laboratory located at River's End, a secluded location overflowing with flowers between Route 2 and 3, only accessible by surfing. Eizen assists Matthew in studying worldly inconsistencies, the phenomenon of people remembering certain Pokémon, items or even entire locations existing in specific places yet it no longer being the case... or the other way around—things suddenly being in places that they weren't before. Thing is, he seems to know a lot more than Matthew does on the matter, so uh, who's really assisting who?


    He'll question the player if they know details about a particular location that used to exist on Route 11, and if you answer correctly...


    ...he'll happily let you know he's fully aware he didn't exist in previous versions of Rejuvenation, and is just as much of a worldly inconsistency as the ones he studies.






    hello eizen.


    (on a more personal note, the keen-eyed people may have noticed that my pfp is Eizen—I've had him as my pfp for months by now LOL, going as far back as January. i just never confirmed him to be a rejuv character, hehe)







    They're not your girl, and they're not your mans either! Previously having only a minor role and existing mostly in the background during the Ana sidequest, V now has a far more prominent role in the quest, being brought way more to the forefront with the rewrite that was included with V13.5. Having shown up at the Underground in GDC out of nowhere one day, they quickly became the biggest benefactor of the place and practically act as a ruler of the place now. They've got plans, and they're not above going to extremes to bring them to fruition... but why would they need Ana for them?








    If you've done a playthrough of the Renegade route, you should be more than familiar with her by now. After Adrest's awakening and subsequent erasure on this branch, Melia somehow switches places with M2—a version of Melia from an older version of Rejuvenation—after becoming stuck in a broken world with the Player's host character for years on end. Having gone off the deep end and knowing there's no salvaging this world, she decides having a little fun before going out with a bang is in order... a lot of abusing of the Archetype's powers, clones and a (s)hitlist included.










    After having been recaptured by V and taken to the Hidden Colosseum, V sics Ana on Dylan after having modified her to bring out her combat potential. Now mindlessly listening to any orders V gives her, the player has to stop Ana from hurting Dylan...





    Karma Beast Talon



    Poor, poor Talon...


    After having everything and everyone that he cares about taken away from him, there's nothing left in this world for him anymore. Driven to madness by a particular force telling him about the painful truth behind his entire existence and yelling at him to stop the player, he's transformed into a beast solely to try and halt the Player's plans of pushing this world towards oblivion. Perhaps defeating him is more merciful than cruel to him at this point.


    Also, 🪣.






    Again, at the time of posting not everything's been uploaded, but the three remaining tracks are going up today! They're uploading in 30 minute intervals instead of 15 like last week due to there being less uploads as a whole.


    On Glitch's end of things, Crescent's battle theme has been uploaded as well! Go check it out.



    On a final note, the INPRNT shop with a bunch of the official art now has two more prints available on the store; one of the characters included in this post, as well as a print of Erin's popularity poll artwork! Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Venam's artwork that she's also still supposed to receive in that regard—I just haven't had time to sit down and work on that one yet. My plan's to have it done before V14's release, and I will add it to the print shop when it's done right away.


    Anyways, that's all for the art & music uploads for this particular version! There's a couple of other characters that are already in the game that I've got slated to draw art for between now and V14's release, but I do want to mention that this dev cycle we're likely gonna keep the details and explanations about the completely new content more on the down low. We're working towards the climax of Act 2, and this is something we absolutely do not want people to be spoiled on, so what we'll be sharing will likely be pretty selective. Gotta keep things a surprise, no?


    As per usual, all the official art can be found back in the official art thread! Wallpapers and icons have been added as well :)


    Thank you again for supporting the game's development all these years and having been so patient for V13.5's release! We're excited to finally be moving into the territory of doing completely new work again rather than having to focus on reworking old content. We're finally at a stage where quality is overall very consistent across the board, so now we can pour all our energy into progressing with the brand new story parts and gameplay.


    Until next time!!


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    2 hours ago, Actinion said:

    Out of curiosity, is Chapter 15 no longer considered the end of Act 2?


    Ch15 isn't the end of Act 2, no! It would've been included on the title card of the chapter otherwise if it was.

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    Ohoh, Zumi, you centered the point with ANA and M2! How unfortunatelly the last is from a Renegade Route...I didn't notice she was from an older version.


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    ...Melia somehow switches places with M2—a version of Melia from an older version of Rejuvenation...


    I'm sorry, what? Do you want us to guess which version of Rejuv M2 came from? 🙃


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    2 hours ago, Zumi said:


    Ch15 isn't the end of Act 2, no! It would've been included on the title card of the chapter otherwise if it was.

    I see, thanks for clearing that up! I was thinking of the text from the end of V13's content that talked about V13.5 and V14 that mentioned Act 2 ending, but I just misread it haha

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  • V14 is still very much in active development! We just can't show anything that's not OOC nonsense from the devs because it's all spoilers. Sorry!


    On a more serious note, along with not having as many dev blog posts, the official website will stay down until V14 is released as to not jeopardize the game's development with having too much of an online presence after the turbulence surrounding fan projects lately. We hope you understand our decision for doing so!


    Now... Back to the nonsense!





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