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On Moderation and Mini-modding


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One newer addition to the community's rulebook is this-- Moderation is left to be at the discretion of the moderating team.


While we would love to be able to list and objectively outline every potential infraction and misstep one could make for the clarity and comfort of the community, this is obviously impossible. Even major world governments haven't figured out how to do that in a meaningful way yet, and we are but a humble gaming website. As such, we reserve the right to moderate the community and handle issues case by case with the understanding and faith that we as a team continue to do so in as fair of a manner to all parties as is possible. 


Consequences and warnings are typically agreed upon by the team at large before enacted, particularly if there is any ambiguity involved. Therefore, consequences and such should not be considered as coming from one singular person, but from the team itself, and personal biases need not apply. 


If you feel like you have been wronged by a mod, you are welcome to submit feedback to myself as an admin directly. Private messages are an option, as is the contact form. The contact form can be used anonymously by logging out or using an incognito window, and entering a fake email. It is not appropriate to raise a public issue over it; please discuss it with us directly and maturely and accept the consequences.


We recognize that as a small team of people in a large community we cannot catch every issue, and so we always appreciate getting reports from users who see something that might be wrong or that has caused them or others personal discomfort. You can use the Report button for this on the forum, or if it's on Discord, message us with screenshots of the incident.


We ask that you do this instead of "mini-modding", i.e contributing to an in progress disturbance by calling it out. Rather than telling problematic users not to do certain things directly, or suggesting what the consequences of it will be, please just bring the attention to a moderator so that we can resolve it quietly and efficiently. Suggesting courtesy or a better channel for a discussion is okay, but when it comes to trying to enforce the rules, please leave that to the team.


If you have any questions, you are always free to contact us on the staff team.  

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