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On Sexual Content and Appropriateness


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Like any relatively public-facing community, we have to ask you guys to keep things appropriate. Historically this has meant a focus on prohibiting overtly sexual content, but recently we have expanded the rule to cover other aspects as well. This includes over-sharing, being 'horny on main', bathroom humor, gore and other gross topics. This may be the internet, but let us at least try to pretend to be polite company, no?


What qualifies as "overtly" sexual content is something scientists have debated for centuries, but in general we ask people to use their best judgment as to when things are no longer appropriate. As people are compelled to be increasingly creative in their sexual metaphors, is infeasible to outline a specific list of where each innuendo falls in terms of overtness, and so as a staff team, we have to execute similar discretion. In general, a passing innuendo should be okay, but topics should not linger on inappropriate humor enduringly. Let it come and go. Such jokes should also never come at the expense of making someone else uncomfortable.


Clearly explicit sexual jokes and memes are prohibited. Clearly pornographic material is extremely prohibited. We typically determine if images qualify as that based on if they show The Bits ™️ but even other images may be inappropriate if they are clearly suggestive or fall into the 'horny on main' category. 


An exception to this rule is made if users are discussing these topics in mature depth. As a community, we believe it's important that people can talk about, share and learn from each other even when it comes to heavy topics, and we are welcome to be a place to do so. However, these conversations need to stay mature, and stay in the appropriate environments and contexts as dictated by the moderation team (such as the Atrium on Discord). Please respect the staff's decision if you're asked to move the discussion elsewhere or to a private setting. 


We will stress again that no comments should be made at the expense of others users. Any form of sexual harassments will be taken very seriously. If you're making others feel unsafe, you will be asked to stop or leave. There is no tolerance for this.


As always, if you have questions, please feel free to contact the staff team



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