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About Me

Amethyst here, or Ame for short. But that's pronounced Ah-may, because it's the Japanese word for rain. And rain is pretty. Just like you.

I'm the founder/owner of Reborn, and starting/primary developer of Pokemon Reborn. Feel free to ask me questions and such, although there are some questions I won't answer (such as where can I find ____ ).


Also, if you're having technical issues with the game, please check out the Bug Reporting and Troubleshooting forums instead.

I am an angel and a devil. I am a sadist and a pacifist. I am both perfect and worthless.


I have a Patreon now! It is right here and it would mean the world to me if you would consider supporting me and all of my game projects! 



Also if you want to hit me up on other social media, here are the Things:


Also check out Pokemon Reborn on
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