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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. I am trying to talk to narcissa after i have turned the crystal cave into a dark cave, And when i go over the path that show up, i get softlocked standing behind narcissa Anyone have an idea on what i can do here?
  3. is there anyway for me to change pokemon to fight her with, the pokemon i have one me gets wrecked by her 2 first pokemon
  4. i know there is a woman on oceania pier who sells a link stone to for 10,000 bucks she shows up there after chapter 6
  5. you can get a toxel in west gearen sewers
  6. does anyone know where to get the amulet coin? we wont get it when we battle mercury on the 3rd floor anymore
  7. i'm trying to find a magnet so i can get the type: null (if it is still in the pokeball no matter where i look i cant get it!
  8. i'm trying to find the guy who can help me get past the rock that fell in the way, but i cant find the guy does anyone know the location of him
  9. how does galarian meowth evolve based on bulbapedia he evolves at lvl28, but i got him to 31 and he still hasn't evolved
  10. i'm looking at two sword inside the storage deposit in chrysalis manor and i am not sure what i can so for them is there something i can do for them or do i have to wait?
  11. hi i got question here if i restart the game for a new playtrough will the game crash or work normally?
  12. ok, i really feel like a moron now i have been sitting here for 5 hours trying to figure out the puzzle in the cave where i am supposed to find diggy i know the word i am supposed to type in, but none of the letter fits to where they are supposed to edit: forget i asked, i got the answer right afterward
  13. i am doing a mission called open up a bread route but i cant find the 'tavern' the mission is talking about
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