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  1. any word on pokemon story debug?
  2. fearow or dodrio could work wonders due to part flying, the latter moreso due to its speed, the snorlax would make for a phenominal tank or decent off dps if it has at least body slam/heavy slam
  3. i managed to work around the exp and move issue but encountered another rather problematic issue.......... basdically this issue effectively halts all progression as seeing that you need to beat all the trainers to leave veridian forest but this bug prevents that as whenever you defeat a trainer regardless of whom it may be the game will crash after they say their defeat dialogue
  4. i noticed the game said it has mons up to gen 6 with some gen 7 content.............. what does this mean for regional variants i.e alolan forms? yea i chose charmander and im still getting the no move issue as well as a near infinite exp loop when defeating most wild mons that only seems to end if i select the option to run after defeating the wild mon which shouldnt be an option to begin with
  5. any chance you could make a debug for pokemon story?
  6. this has been answered many times already, when it says that just press f12 to reset the game and it will work as intended
  7. i dont remember if you can purify shadow pokemon by that point or if it was after the ketta battle but if you can then i would strongly recommend purifying the shadow grimer you can snag, solid mon type-wise, respectable type coverage and is a mon i swear by in every run i do of this game
  8. you should be able to see that by default iirc
  9. idk if u can right now as its been a while but if u can go back to gearn and get the nidoran out by the docks it could help especially if it ends up getting poison point
  10. ah yes a fellow beliver in lord ARKOOS, HAIL YEAH indeed
  11. the shadow grimer u get early on is phenominal, being alolan its got more going for it and has put in the absolute finest of work for me no matter the run i do the setup i use for it by end of release content is knock off, poison jab, fire punch, powerup punch with black sludge having poison touch ability
  12. 9 times outta 10 in pokemon games i play as a female and this game will be no exception to that also i forget if it was asked or mentioned but are the main character gonna follow the iconic "silent protagonist" trope or will they actually speak?
  13. yea that issue has been ongoing for a while people keep asking it and while i may not be a dev of the game it does get annoying after a while seeing so many people between here and pokecommunity asking it
  14. any idea if the 0.9 debug for pokemon apex works with 0.9.3 or will it need an update
  15. i second what pizzagod says about roserade, if given the choice between giga drain and magical leaf, always go giga drain, the survivability is invaluable especially later on, as for the lucario i dont recall if earthquake is available yet or not but i would say if not grab thunder punch if possible
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