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  1. dont remember tbh, heck its been a while i forgot that could even be a thing
  2. tfw i remember ur the creator of spork :3 loved the game and delicia was by far one of my favorite characters in it
  3. i believe ithis was talked about already and the answer iirc was no for various reasons
  4. gonna mark this as a spoiler just in case cuz i dont remember if this was in v12 or v11
  5. well as it turned out i just had to use a fresh unmodded install and it seemed to work fine iirc.............. tho fair warning these fights imo put even madame x with her yveltal in rejuv to shame with how tough they can be, here i am using a fully EV/IV trained team with competetively viable movesets and they are still kicking my tail 5 ways to sunday and back
  6. has anything else aside from the aforementioned bugs being fixed been added and/or changed or is that it for the update?
  7. thanks to the existence of debug mode for empyrean (really appreciate that btw) i was able to get me this monstrosity now if only the possibility to make a pokemon into a platinum shiny was doable
  8. is this for reborn or rejuvenation? if for reborn then simply use the debug mod and give yourself a bunch of rare candies.............. if for rejuvenation each town has an audino trainer you can use for exp farming and if you grab the exp all from the game corner merchant in the starting town it makes it all the easier
  9. quite easy: detect failure botches the plan royally, 1 failed detect when patrat is out kills u thus ruining the plan................ plus you also have to factor in that kadabra could easily read your swap and counter it as well........... trust me ive done numerous scenarios in a multitude of runs against her including one quite similar to yours so i know what flaws the plan has
  10. there's also the problem of u cant guarantee that u will live to even see the alakazam with this strat cuz with how your plan to stall works its purely based on luck and hoping they wont predict a swap as if the patrat falls the plan crumbles right then and there and both the kadabra and alakazam have more than enough means to take it out, plus amidst all that switching trick room will fade thus letting them easily outspeed anything u have
  11. personally longer demos i prefer over shorter ones
  12. u dont necessarily need detect for it as there's other methods that can be used as well such as a low-is level pokemon like alolan grimer which happens to be a shadow pokemon, purify it, teach it knock off and make sure its ability is poison touch that way you can take advantage of poisoning the abra lead and because of it starting with trick room you can easily outspeed everything after and spam knock off and the fight would be over roughly the turn trick room ends................. alternatively you can also use prankster sabeleye with taunt if you want a challenge
  13. that reminds me speaking of wildfire being nerfed or removed..................... why did fletchinder lose flame charge over cinder spray? i mean surenew moves are cool and all but i ws just curious about it missing from its toolkit
  14. im guessing when u say gym challenges u mean something more akin to sword and shield's thing or is it something different? also when it comes to the whle "doing gyms in any order" thing, how will that work exactly? will their be means of accessing these areas without the need for specific field moves or something? personally i always liked the old school method of gym battling in the sense of needing to battle one to battle the other or something to that effect although there is one fan game out there i like that does something similar to what you have planned but how they do it is all gyms in the game will be optional except for 1 specific gym all-in-all its something im personally indifferent on but would honestly prefer the game doesnt have that in it
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