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  1. seeing caz return from parts unknown fills you with DETERMINATION
  2. if you mean you still have the hanging script error then ur not alone as i still have it too but you can still play the game by soft resetting (press F12 on the keyboard) when the hanging script dialogue pops up, doing so will cause the game to play as intended tho u will have to do that each time the game is booted up initially
  3. when does it keep pausing exactly? do you mean when you boot it up initially?
  4. no word on when the hyde loop is getting fixed im guessing >.>
  5. its actually possible without it as the inability to use items lies solely with their lead mon, take them out and u can revive/potion stall til u can get one healthy enough to possibly sweep tho from personal experience it doesnt seem worth it as the outcome plays out much akin to other battles we "arent supposed to win" like we see in other games meaning even if we do win nothing seems to change to reflect it
  6. how did u fare against venom in the forest? did u beat them or did u take the hard L like i imagine most would
  7. read my previous post, i felt like an idiot when i realized how simple it felt tho to some it may not seem all that simple but it actually is and remember what one of ur 2 allies said upon entering that first room in that 4way split: "check everything, including the sideways shelves
  8. it seems after a specific battle against hyde in one of the new content areas the game will loop the dialogue to before the battle with him and try to replay the scenario that happened in that same room leading up to that battle in question but in the game's attempt to loop said scenario it ends up softlocking
  9. same here im also still having the issue despite redownloading
  10. it baffles me tho how u guys are able to get beyond the hanging script errors and whatnot that others like me are having and ive tried everything possible to get around it and nothing worked
  11. how did you even get the update to work? the rest of us are sitting here dealing with crashes and errors and cant get in to it
  12. nor can i and whats weird is some people have been able to get into the update and play it which baffles me as to how if the majority of us get either a nomethod error or a hanging script error
  13. i booted up the new update and i noticed a couple issues, first and foremost the title screen music played but i got a black screen instead of the title screen itself and when it would normally load the "continue/new game/etc" it instead gave a no method error and then crashed essentially meaning its not letting me play the update edit: i tried again and i didnt get the nomethod error instead i got a hanging script error and as such still wasnt able to continue
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