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  1. also i noticed a rather peculiar bug tho im not sure what caused it but i can surmise it started at the orphanage soon after i got the alcremie and left............... basically after getting it (i went for the fairy/dark one for now) it caused a walk through walls effect to trigger for reasons unknown to even me i wish i could help further there but i only know the location it started and not the cause itself EDIT: its worth noting it seems to persist if you save and reload the game as well but if you travel between towns (i went from ilyria to polaris and back, not sure if it wor
  2. where do i go about obtaining a tasty torch? needed one for the whole cake thing in illyria
  3. if possible could you update debug for pokemon empire since v3 is public now?
  4. normally im not overly keen on fan games that have a lot of fakemon in them but there are times where i make exceptions and this is looking like it will be one of those exceptions
  5. minor dialogue changes and i "think" some affection which wont come into play til the final version but overall the change is currently negligible so its really up to you if u wanna stall for a w with her or not
  6. both actually as from what ive seen the first gym leader not only has a gen 8 mon but an alternate form of it that was created in this mod at that, there are a few others as well but i cant recall them all off the top of my head only that one i know for sure
  7. would also be helpful to know what team u are running so we can see if there's any possible issues there
  8. im thinking something related to the puppet master or angie personally
  9. so something i was curious about is in the move/ability documentation it mentions electrode gets a new ability combustion which causes it to auto-use explosion upon taking a fatal hit................. but what has me curious is how that will work if you have electrode use explosion naturally, would that trigger combustion as explosion is effectively speaking a self induced fatal hit or are there plans to prevent something like that
  10. just played thru the demo with scorbunny as my starter due to him being my favorite of the 3 from sword/shield (if the gen 8 starters werent a thing i likely woulda went torchic or chimchar) and aside from the first rival battle being rather 1-sided (not much a scorbunny with just tackle can do against a popplio that has water gun -_-) i had a bit of fun with it as for the table that has all the new abilities and such for mons do you think you could also provide documentation as to what these abilities do as many of them seem to be custom
  11. well the thing with madame x is ur actually SUPPOSED to lose the fight and very little atm changes aside from snippits of dialogue but yea to win it there only "easy" way is to cheese it be it by PP stalling and running intimidate mons to weaken struggle down as well as A LOT of revives as for valarie u can screw over her team with something that has access to water absorb/storm drain tho i dont recall if u can get shellos by then but if u have a vaporeon with aqua ring and water absorb for its ability u have a good start there and much like madame x's yveltal the fight against mad
  12. the closest example i can think of is a rom hack for pokemon ruby known as snakewood thematically speaking its based on the zombie apocalypse that was supposed to happen back in 2012
  13. i think there's a typo in the edited initial post, it says "mew mega evolutions" instead of new..................... little nitpick sure but my OCD kinda compelled me to mention it despite it giving me a chuckle
  14. i forget if u can teach it by the time u make it to crawli but if u can get the alolan muk knock off and poison jab it will prove invaluable.................. i would know first hand aswhile this didnt happen with crawli there was a fight later in the game against the psychic gym leader where its basically a 12v12 on intense and my alolan muk soloed the fight while paralyzed and in the red living purely off black sludge sure its not a good comparison but i felt like giving an example of its usefulness in the long term.......... plus with poison touch it makes it all the worse
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