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  1. Managed to get Mimikyu with Eelektrik and Roselia. Charge Beam took out its disguise, Gear Grind took it out after it knocked out Eelektrik. Thanks, guys.
  2. Ok, I wasn't sure if Gear Grind was always a two hit move.
  3. Oh, I forgot to list Vanillish: Mist, Avalanche, Ice Beam, Mirror Shot I've been trying to use Mirror Shot against Mimikyu, but the Disguise keeps getting me.
  4. Can't seem to get past shade's Mimikyu. I have a counter for everything but it and its disguise. My team and their movesets, all level 39 to avoid over leveling: Eelektrik: Crunch, Thunder Wave, Spark, Charge Beam Frillish: Water Pulse, Ominous Wind, Brine, Confuse Ray Roselia: Mega Drain, Nature Power, Petal Blizzard, Stun Spore Delphox: Flame Charge, Mystical Fire, Psybeam, Psyshock Hariyama: Knock Off, Wake-Up Slap, Vital Throw, Force Palm So far, Hariyama and Knock Off have actually been the most useful, but what keeps frustrating me is that regardless of the terrain, Ghost type attacks are hitting Hariyama. I don't understand what's going on there, is it a glitch or something? Ghost has never been able to hurt Fighting.
  5. Alright, I'll get the Budew when I can. Thank you. Tynamo has actually been very useful so far, mainly cause it's immune to Ground. It's why I picked it over the other electric types.
  6. It appears I accidentally misled when I listed my team. I just got the second badge. My team as they're currently evolved: Braixen Tynamo Hariyama Vanillite Frillish Onix I mainly want to know because the wiki I found hasn't been updated in a while, and is not only missing a lot of pages, but doesn't have any kind of guide as to what areas the player goes to when. I'm also curious as to whether I have to give Onix a Metal Coat, then use a Link Stone to evolve it? Would it be easier evolving Roselia or Onix?
  7. So I'm trying to figure out if I need to re-structure my team. As it stands, my team is this: Delphox Eelektross Hariyama Vanilluxe Jellicent Onix/Steelix I'm trying to decide if I should replace Steelix. I mainly need to know when I can access a Metal Coat to evolve it. The Wiki says there's one on Route 3, but I can't figure out how far into the game that is. If it's further than I'd like, I'm thinking since a lot of my team are able to learn good Ground type moves, I'd like to switch out for a Poison type to help cover Fairy types. The only dual-typed Poison type that doesn't overlap with others on my team (and that I actually like) I can find that I might be able to get in the Wards is the special encounter Budew. Problem there is, I was a dumbass and sold the Rose Incense I got for free when I was strapped for cash. I've found that the flower shop in Lapis Ward sells rose incense, but again I'm not sure how far in the game I'll be able to access it. So should I stick with Steelix, or switch to Budew when I get to Lapis Ward?
  8. So if I'm reading the Wiki right, traveling between wards, specifically back to Lower Peridot, should change the weather. But it hasn't been changing anything. Am I misreading it? https://pokemon-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Weather Edit: Never mind, I found a video that talked about how to change the weather and got me my Tynamo.
  9. Ok the team I've figured out from just the various wards: Delphox: Grass, ice, bug, steel, fighting, poison Hariyama: Normal, Ice, Dark, Steel Banette: Psychic, Ghost Vanilluxe: Grass, Ground, Flying, Dragon. It also learns Steel moves, so that covers Fairy Eelektross: Water, Flying. It also learns Poison moves, so also covers Fairy Water type egg: Fire, Ground, Rock, plus whatever secondary type might be covered.
  10. I've never done any EV or IV training, it's way over my head. I'll take a look around to see what there is. I'm hoping to get Tynamo since that line has immunity to ground type with Levitate.
  11. I'm looking at the first few areas, the "wards", and there really doesn't seem to be much that's any good. Any good ones I'm seeing on the Wiki seem to be special encounters or something. The rest are normal types and bugs with the occasional dark and poison type sprinkled in.
  12. That's the walkthrough I was talking about, it wasn't as helpful as I was hoping. Generally I like to complete my team as soon as possible. In regular-length games around the 4th gym is the latest I'll go for a well-balanced team, but since this one is so long I'm not sure how that calculates. Normally I also tend to stick to version exclusives, but that's not really a factor here, so there's a lot to pick from. I should mention I generally tend to stay away from bug type, just don't like it. I also tend to avoid the early "rodent" Pokemon like Ratatta, and early Flying types like Pidgey. They tend to not really be all that good in the long run IMO. I chose Fennekin for my starter since it's my overall favorite. The way I build my team is by ticking off what kind of coverage I have. I use a paint program and a chart of type effectiveness and physically tick them off. So with Fennekin, my ticks would be Grass, Ice, Fighting, Poison, Bug, and Steel covered.
  13. So I've been looking around to try and find some wiki or guide I can use to plan my team ahead of time. I like to choose the right team of Pokemon to cover as many bases as I can. I found a spreadsheet someone made, but it was way too big and complicated for me personally. If I could get some help figuring out what parts of the game are accessible at what times, that would help the most, as the one walkthrough I've found only mentions the areas with gyms and badges. For example, are there certain areas that aren't accessible until a specific event has to be completed?
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