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  1. I've forgotten about this. Does it work in Single battles as well like Teleport?
  2. Some of the good ones have already been mentioned. Others I can think of - Venusaur - Life Orb + Chlorophyll + Growth +Sun/Rainbow field Alolan Raichu - Electric terrain + Surge Surfer + Nasty Plot Alolan Persian - Fur Coat + Nasty Plot Kingdra - Sniper + Focus Energy + Scope Lens + Draco Meteor Vaporeon - Bulky and hits reasonably hard Omastar - Shell Smash + Weak Armor/Swift Swim Typhlosion - Eruption in the Sun Ampharos/Mega Ampharos - Bulky and hits hard Yanmega - Speed boost / Tinted Lens Espeon - Budget Alakazam with Magic Bounc
  3. Are you trying to go Agate from Calcenon city or Ametrine city? Either way, you can watch play-throughs on Youtube to see what you've missed.
  4. You're supposed to do the Majira questline in Cellia. Briefly - Reach the point in the story where you finish the main quest in Cellia North and are able to do the side quests [you should also have completed the Bronze island side quest]. Go to the Teal Panthers house in Cellia North and finish Clarke's side quest. Go to the Ranger guild house in Cellia North and activate the side quest for the new Ranger guild head in Cellia. Speak to Clarke and get her to become the Cellia branch Ranger guild head. Get access to the abandoned Ranger guild house in Cellia Central
  5. Ah okay. Did not know about Solaris's Garchomp being a Pulse2. That explains why it survived a Devastating Drake from my Noivern. Is there any visual indication for which mon is a Pulse2? But also just to clarify, the Pulse2 mons have 252 EVs and 31 IVs in all their stats, don't they? Are there any mons with illegal IVs?
  6. This is news to me. Can you please elaborate? Or can you point to a post on the forum that does?
  7. You can always use the speedbreeding mod. In my eyes, it's legit, and simply helps in cutting down time.
  8. @ Yumil, You make a lot of valid points, but I have to disagree on a few counts. Yes, time doesn't flow the same way in the Dreamscape like you mentioned. Tristan also explains this to the PC in the Dreamscape; even a few hours in the Dreamscape can be years or decades in Ayrith. But, if we're to trust Ava's words (and I see no reason not to), Addenfall has been around for ~ 50 years, and the diaries talk about the Tristan and his grandfather before the town was even formed. Furthermore, Ava clearly states that Tristan was the last Normal type gym leader until
  9. Good theory and analysis. Definitely possible. It would explain why Tristan seems young, even though the Tristan of Ayrith is supposed to be much older when he died/disappeared. It also explains why the PC is the only person in Ayrith who can see him. Another clue I can think of is that Tristan only appears in Ayrith when Nova takes the Onyx stone to the Dream world. He also disappears from Ayrith when Shiv takes back the stone from Nova and returns to Ayrith. This is somewhat answered in the story. Tristan does award the PC the Ordinary badge. But it is a gla
  10. This means that the breeding rate is low. This is because the 2 mons are of different species, the same egg group, and the same original trainer. From what you have written, it looks like you have done everything right, but you're not getting an egg. Am I understanding right? Or are you getting a Hippopotas egg, but it doesn't have Slack Off? If its the former, you just need to be patient. Put the mons in the day care, use the game speed-up button, and use a bicycle in front of the day care man. If the direction the day care man is facing has changed, it means that he h
  11. What are the inspirations for the main NPCs? For instance, I am quite sure Shiv is based on Izaya from Durarara and that Connor is based on Fern from Reborn.
  12. How did you come up with the names for the various places in Ayrith? Is there a theme like in the official games?
  13. Why call it the Dreamscape? The name's kind of a give-away.
  14. Sorry if this has already been asked before, but I have a few questions. To my knowledge, there are no Field notes or any place where we can read up on the field effects. What's the reason for this? Is there any plan to introduce such a feature in the future? Will the PC be able to achieve perfection form for one of their pokemon? Is there a page where I can read the stats and other details of customer megas and perfection forms? Apart from custom megas and perfection forms, is there any other battle mechanic that you're looking to implement in the future? (For instance
  15. Definitely possible. Healing the team between fights is sensible and I don't know why the main games don't have it. This was just an example off the top of my head. I didn't mean it would be exactly like that. Like you said, the four keys should play a role with each of the E4, I'm just not sure how that would work if the E4 changed. I am also thinking about all the fields where we didn't have to fight any of the main characters. To my knowledge, the following fields have never had any boss fights so far - Flower garden Starlight field Inverse
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