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  1. I finished to try all the features (except the daycare) and i confirm that this mod is awesome, but i'm surprised of some things that slowed my building process: Infinite Money Generator: most of the things that i had to buy was the rare candies, so 3k money force you to spam the button for a some minute. Raising the gift to 10k/20k will speed up the process Pokemon Therapist: an option that will allow you to directly choose the nature would be awesome EV Trainers: awesome job but there's not a person that restore the PP used, so i had to come back to the hall or put in and out the pokemon from the box Move Tutors and Relearner: not sure about this, but maybe moving all the tutor NPCs into a single one could be useful for the people that don't remember the location of a single one Aside these little things the mod was super helpful. Good job!!!
  2. I just did a quick try and it seems all awesome. Just a little suggestion: can the therapyst let you choose the nature of the pokemon that I want to change?
  3. Ok you got me. Gardevoir and Medicham are more threatning than their mega evolutions. Boosters needs to be stopped quickly or it's ended. Alolan Muk seems to be a must in this field
  4. Toxicroak can be relevant even on special side, Whiscash and Wormadam can finally do something. How can be funny ferrothorn with energy ball and flash cannon? Eevium Z + hyper voice eevee is devastating axe it pls
  5. LITERALLY INSANE!!! All the good psychic types can only be checked with scarf earthquake, thunderbolt, ice beam, etc... I can't wait to going crazy deal with it.
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