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    Hello! My name is Ame and I sometimes get ahead of myself. ^~^
    The others and I may occasionally post updates about how progress on the game is going here!

    Today, Ame made a puzzle. She wasn't sure if it was solvable.
    Being the maths nerd that I am, she asked if I would help figure out if and how it could be solved.
    I couldn't figure it out, so I wrote a program to do it instead.
    It took the program 3 minutes and 5 million 'moves' to solve the puzzle.
    We decided to put the puzzle in game.
    I hope you're all looking forward to E18.

    ok so over in the X% thread Burning Ocean commented on how development pace has picked up recently, and was asking why. 
    it's a good question, considering that we basically went from nothing for months/weeks and now we're back to a % every few days. there's basically two and a three half reasons:
    Walpurgis is a good person.
    those of you who know her from the bug/troubleshooting section probably already know that. what fewer people know is that we ended up taking her from bug reporting to bug fixing. instead of just fixing save files, she's not fixing the game. what an actual hero. we have her helping out with the scripts after Marcello and Kuro taught her how to mingle with 'em, which has freed Marcello up to focus solely on AI without having to worry about the pile of outstanding battle system errors. Also Marcello finished his school term. so that helps too. Kanaya is also a good person,
    but the difference is not as many people already knew that, and she'd probably gripe at me for saying that she is ;D. Previously just helping out with mapping, I've also been teaching kanaya to handle events and I've given her a solid handful of the sidequests to do for the episode. like walpurgis with marcello, that freed me up to focus solely on the story (and other bits) which meant i could cut through those pretty quickly. at this point sidequests are all that's left so i'm going back to them a bit, but it was super helpful to have other hands on it in the meantime regardless. this is the first time i've ever actually had other people working directly on adding the game's content so it's a pretty big step for me. and also promising for future endeavors. buh.
    the other three half reasons all have to do with me and my home life. more active users might know that dan moved in with me around february, and that was fine at first. however, as time went on there was some conflict around his schedule and financial stability. his schedule being janked meant he was here a lot of the time, and i quickly discovered it's near impossible for me to focus on writing with someone else around. story is usually the quickest part of development because i get super motivated for it and just hole myself up for a few days and slam it all out. but with everything going on and him always being around, i couldn't really do that. also, when one isn't sure what their living situation will be like in two weeks or two days, productive energy tends to take a hit. also also this episode had more than normal in the way of story stuff to do in the first place, so that was unlucky.
    so the three half reasons we suddenly sped up are because basically: conflict/financial/schedule stuff at home finally seems to have worked out, so no more issues swarming around i got over myself and learned to actually ask for time when i needed it even if he was around, something i didn't feel able to do in the past because i'm bad at people and very shortly after either of those things happened, i finished the story anyway making it all a non-issue  
    so, here's what's left to do for the episode:
    small AI piece concerning partners using moves on their allies (i.e instruct, pollen puff, etc) some other outstanding AI improvements/bugs based on E17 performance like 2 squests (the objectively better name for sidequests) some trainer battles bugfixing  
    remember, the misc updates progress bar is not real.
    we'll start supervised testing once probably like all but the first bullet point are hit, since that's pretty minor. my hope is that that will be within the next two weeks, but don't take that as an expectation.
    wish us smooth sailing and few buggos. 

    uggggggggggggggh hi
    so it's been too long and there's a million reasons why updates haven't been consistent lately, from me going out of the country to my laptop being balls to coming back into a stressathon and fgjhlklklk
    so not much has happened, and it's possible there won't be much new development to report for a while longer yet, 
    still working on story stuff,  and i actually don't want to update the scoreboard % for that until i finish because how to properly divide a scene, it's iffy. and also i had suddenly decided to add a handful of new maps and expand the episode's story a bit.
    anyway i can't really talk about storystuff cuz spoilers, but speaking of spoilers, i'll give you pinkest screenshot from the new content of 18:

    this is from the area i was eventing during march. that eventing is all done and it was a doozy, i ended up having to change the puzzle a handful of times and remove some elements from it because of the risk of lag and of  players getting stuck. so that feels bad. but we made it. that was the hardest thing in the episode so the rest is just a matter of finding the time and focus i've so desperately lacked lately to actually do it which is not a chance my home life has recently afforded me
    but we've got some other past stuff i can share. i've been updating a few past things recently, such as the railnet puzzle. i was reviewing it last week and talking about the original concept for it-- that you would just ride the train under there through a collapsed wall to break out after connecting the track, rather than all this hand-wave "digital signal" junk. the reason i hadn't done that in the first place was because of not having  a good way to animate the train moving around corners on the rails (you'll notice even in the scrapyard, trains never turn corners) so it didn't work with the puzzle concept. however, since E17 we now have plenty of train and train-interior accessories, so i realized that i could return to this original concept by having the player stay inside the train while it moves. 
    so the core railnet puzzle is the same but the context and outcome of it is now different-- much better, and as originally intended. i guess the player learns how to hijack trains from charlotte or something.
    i also went back and touched up some other things recently, such as all of serra's graphics, and especially the mug. i'll post that here on before/after:

    yikes, by the way. how did i ever allow that old one.
    one last thing to post today since doing sidequests previously. this one goes out to all the folk still around from showdown and PO:

    because showdown may be dead, but clarice never will be.
    that's all i've got for today. hang tight through my inconsistency, everyone~

    I categorically did NOT make this topic purely for the terrible pun in the title.
    So, I've been slowly but surely fighting the AI to make it work, but this isn't about that. AI, of course, is not the only responsibility I have on Reborn. Sometimes it's important to pay attention to quality of life features. And Gen VII added a few of these which we have yet to catch up to. Well, E18 will come with one of my favourites of those features included:

    (Get it? BOXING with my responsibilities? Because you can send your pokemon to the box upon getting a new one? :]]]])
    It should also be noted this doesn't just work with wild pokemon. You're given this same option with Event pokemon and, on top of that, even eggs! (And yes, that also means if you so wish, you can either add eggs straight to your party, or send them to the pc, no trips back to a pokemon centre necesarry anymore!)
    Well, that's been this small update, and so I have to go slink back into my AI hole, I hope you're all excited for E18.
    But seriously, I have no regrets about the pun.

    so i finally stopped dying and got around finishing the sprites.
    i mean, they weren't all that much work, i just spaced it out a bit and then got sick, like, right after my last post here, so oops
    (don't worry, i'm mostly better now!)
    anyway like with the original Gen 7 sprites, here's a downloadable pack for you to use in your own Essentials' projects... and a few of the new sprites to show you what they look like. 

    unlike the original pack, this one does not include shiny sprites, but like... that's the easy part, y'all can take it from there.
    buuuuuuut the shinies for reborn are done.
    here's some of the new ones.

    well, most of the new ones i guess, since there's only nine new forms and mons or whatever.
    but shhhh.
    there is no need for words now, only lightly sugared strawberries. give me all of those.

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