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    Hello! My name is Ame and I sometimes get ahead of myself. ^~^
    The others and I may occasionally post updates about how progress on the game is going here!

    hi whats up it definitely has not been two weeks but most y'all who saw the previous update status know why and for the rest of you who dont know why i'll tell you why it's because my computer died so like shit boi
    uhhh basically my motherboard had to replaced and also i had a corrupt RAM stick so that sucked and i lost all my data in the interim of me floundering about trying to fix it as if it were a software problem
    so that super sucks. 
    but don't worry-- i didnt lose much as far as reborn is concerned: the project files for city music but i dont really need those anymore, and a few graphics for E17 which i'll have to redo...but i can do so. it could be much worse.
    so i had my laptop over the past two weeks but it's kinda dinky and without all the things i needed there was only so much i could do
    now i have my computer back and repaired and running back up close to full functionality! so we go back to development
    as following up from my last update, i have not gotten as much done as i would like to have for the obvious reason. but the intro was done (in just a few days, in fact), and the eventing for Fucktruck Desert is just about done. i will probably put up a video showing the redone intro soon. in the mean time i'll move onto the scrapyard, which has the only puzzle that i expect might actually give me trouble (and even then it's just the Very Tedious Inconvenience sort of trouble). after the scrapyard puzzle, the eventing is kind of a straight shot.
    you might also noticed i've dipped into the story a little bit. this isn't exactly a story-heavy episode, so that part might go quicker. however, split paths doubles work time. so oops. going to try a different way of handling that split this time though. we'll see if it's easier or not
    i must once more disappear into the void, but know that it will not disappear back. 

    hello! check that out! bi-weekly! what a concept!
    so my mapping is done, y'all. a glance to the right will show you that mapping on the whole is only at 85% but that remaining 15% is being taken care of by the generous mappers i introduced last time. they're so sweet. in my last post i mentioned i still had one more area to do-- and it is done. it was done in a 24 hour frenzy of motivation while listening to Melodrama on loop probably about fifty gabillion times. and it is great.
    its also gonna have a few hundred passability errors
    on the whole i really like how the new areas in E17 have come out. i hope you will all have as much fun exploring them as i did making them!*
    *this does not include the desert. although it had its moments, it was often not very fun to make. please have more fun exploring it than i did making it. please.
    also i would like to never see a sand tile again, js.
    anyway! we move into eventing next, but first we're making a pit-stop in the past. now that the desert map is done, i'll be redoing the intro. from day 1, i had wanted to show the player riding in through the desert on the train to grandview station, but as it turns out it's a little bit difficult to do that when you don't have a desert map to ride in on. therefore i'd planned for a long time to add that in when i did finally get tourmaline mapped. while i'm at it, i'm actually changing the intro completely (up to the point of station explosion). since it's literally the first part of the game and wouldn't be a spoiler, i will probably make and post a video of it when it is finished. 
    the intro is not being accounted for in the eventing % though; it will be in the Misc Updates section, and is in fact the main item there.
    more soon. <3

    Let's bring this dev blog back to life. 
    Remember when I was doing daily updates in the clusterfuck threads? Well, I've got the those going on elsewhere still, but that doesn't mean I need to keep you guys in the dark too. From now on my plan will be to collect and summarize the updates from there in weekly or semi-weekly posts here. This is suppose to be a dev blog after all, not just an announcement zone, so no point in keeping it hush hush for weeks at a time.
    That said, I actually do have an announcement today. Some number of weeks ago back in the droll march through Tourmaline's development, I realized that the mapping side of things has been reliably taking approximately way too fucking long. So I decided to get some help on it. I asked a couple of friends to take up some loose ends on the desert map, allowing me to go work on other areas in the mean time. And after clearing their trial by fire in Cliff Hell (seriously. you don't even know) I'm officially announcing them as part of the team. 
    Please say hello to @JazzyFur and @Sazane! They'll be the project's new mappers and will allow me to move through making areas much quicker. With the desert finished per example already, they'll be starting on some of the other yet-unfinished-areas in E17 while I charge ahead to eventing and other horizons. They've already saved me a huge amount of time on Tourmaline, and I'm sure they'll continue to be invaluable. 
    As for other goings-on, the only area I have left to map is one that I've been looking forward to for a long time, but I'll keep the details of that to myself for now... Just know that we are ever-quickening and closing into progress here. ^^

    Hey there, it's been a while! I'd like to say that in my public absence I've been hard at work making Reborn great again but that, unsurprisingly, would be a lie.

    That said, despite being a useless shithead for the majority of my time here, I've taken it upon myself to make the animations for all of the Z-moves (whether I actually will get exclusivity over them is anyone's guess.)

    Good news, though! I'm actually 10% done if you count the common animation for z-moves actually starting!

    More good news! I have a video of 1 (one) of them, right here:

    I'm gonna be blunt with you guys. The techniques I used to animate this are some of the jankiest on record. Neither the animation editor, nor god himself, is happy with me right now. I'll put why in a spoiler in case anybody wants to read, but I do have a more pressing question.

    So, I don't really think streaming the creation of animations is a particularly good or entertaining idea cause frankly 95% of the time it's just me being frustrated with graphics gale or myself. It's a reasonably slow process with this one taking like... idk 10 hours to actually finish over 2 days? I might be exaggerating I dunno time isn't something I understand. But I was thinking half-way through about maybe doing a speed-paint style video for the next animation I decide to make (whatever or whenever that is, lol...)

    Would anybody be interested in seeing that? Lemme know, thanks!

  • E17 Progress:

    Gen VII Content (100%):

    • ########## | 100% - Sprites
    • ########## | 100% - Scripting
    • ########## | 100% - Data
    • ########## | 100% - Field Updates
    • ########## | 100% - Gameplay

    New Content (52%):

    • ########## | 30% - Misc. Updates
    • ########## | 35% - AI Updates
    • ########## | 92% - Graphics/Maps
    • ########## | 73% - Eventing
    • ########## | 28% - Story


    • #################### | 76%


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