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    "These are the last field effects," a starry-eyed and bushy-tailed young ame once gleefully announced amidst the drag of E16 development, "I get to be done with them after this!"
    ha ha ha ha ha
    Nevertheless, with 7th generation has come Psychic Terrain, and so! with E17 shall it come too. Check below to see just how weird this field can get!


    By Amethyst, in Records,

    With Pokemon Sun and Moon, Gamefreak introduced an innocuous one-time-use hold item set called Seeds which would slightly boost the stats of the user when held in a certain terrain. The collective response surmounted to something along the lines of "oh, neat" and they were never regarded again. 
    And yet, hold items that activate on terrain have some pretty big implications for a game like Reborn, in which you'll fight on field effects more often than not. As such, the new seed items have gotten a bit of a facelift.

    Like in Sun and Moon there are still only four seed items, but instead of being one for each field, all 37 of our field effects have been categorized into one of four types:
    Elemental Magical Telluric Synthetic And the seeds have followed suit! Rather than seed items just working on one specific type of field, they'll activate on any field of their type. More than that, every seed+field combination produces, not only a stat boost, but a unique effect. Not all seeds are created equal! Some are fairly tame, but others heal you, or boost lots of stats in return for damaging you, or can change your type completely! Which Seed does what on which field is covered in your Field Notes app, so make sure to collect and check those to know what you're packin'. They say knowledge is power, but so is opportunism!
    I invite you to play around and use them to the best of your abilities. Your opponents certainly will be too, after all.
    Just like Exeggutor's neck.
    I made the entire post just for that line, it's all gonna be downhill from here
    Anyway, now that I'm just slogging through Field Updates there's not been much oppurtunity to make memes post quality devblog teasers and content. Luckily, I got to a certain field that is ripe for such opportunities, so I won't miss the chance to show off some of the new toys said field has to play with.

    The mountain field, you ask? Why am I showing off the Mountain field?

    Because I just turned the mountian field into bestfield I hope you people who like to play by creating your own fields to cause shenanigans are prepared because you just got the best possible thing added to your roster
    Now, if I wanted, I could end this post here. You would have had your fill of memes, I would have procrastinated sufficiently long making these memes, everyone would be happy.
    But why make a teaser post without any teasing?

    I wonder what caused that...?
    Disclaimer: Creating the Glitch Field and using it's various effects will not rotate your exeggutors I just have way too much time on my hands and am very easily amused.
    Have you ever wondered WHY my devblog posts are predominantly memes? The answer is simple: It's not as easy to show off scripting compared to spriting or animations. Indeed, if I implement a move, or an ability, or even a whole pokemon, all I can really show for that is lines of text, which would honestly be pretty boring for everyone involved and I don't want to waste all of your time with that. So I spice it up with an exeggutor here, a Hiker David there. You get the idea.
    Of course, sometimes, there is a big system, or something that can be shown off well enough, that it can stand up all on its own, without me throwing memes at you. Something I can reveal which won't make you go zzzzzz Yes I know I am trying too hard with this pun it is the only one I have
    Like say this:

    (Item icons + Icon for the Crystals tab in the bag coming soon)
    Or this:

    Maybe this?

    This one shows me giving Techie Johnathan what he deserves tbh:

    Just in case those of you that aren't familiar with Gen VII haven't realised what's going on yet, this is the announcement that after a bit of work, Z-Moves are now fully functional in Reborn and this functionality will be shipping in E17! Just be careful though, because it's functional for both player and AI.
    However, that isn't the only thing I'm announcing/showing off here. While I've not made an effort to keep it a secret, I've only really mentioned this to a few people so I have no idea quite how well known it is. Regardless, I am happy to announce that:
    In addition to full Z-Move functionality being included with E17, I shall be preparing a standalone release of the system based on the latest version of Essentials. I will make this release available publically , so anyone developing their own pokemon fangame can feel free to include the Z-Move system I've developed in it! I've also done all I can to ensure the system is as customisable as possible for anyone that would like to tweak Z-Move Functionality, add their own Z-Moves, and whatever else you can think of!
    Details on when I will release the Z-Move system will be revealed at a later date, so for now, I hope you've enjoyed this look into what I've been doing, I've tried to imitate the system in the official games as closely as possible, as you saw in the screenshots even down to the details of how the Crystals function from your inventory.
    So, with that, I shall leave you all because it's about time I got some zz myself.
    But what is this I hear? You say you want a full demonstration of the system? You say you feel cheated because my post had no memes?
    Well, perhaps we can just get two birds with one stone...

    (Currently using the Shiny animation as a placeholder for a Z-Power animation, and the Mega Button as a placeholder for the Z-Move Button, they will have their own things for the release!)
    For the record that Savage Spinout is not the animation we will be using, nor is it even a preliminary version of said animation. It is a meme animation I made myself with a little guidance from Inuki.
    Anyway, there you go! You've seen Z-Moves in action, you got a meme, and the fangame developers among you have a Z-Move system you can use to look forward to, if you would like to use it! I hope I've whet your appetite for things to come!

    By Amethyst, in Records,

    many things have occurred
    and since, finished occurring.
    have a few. 

    huge thanks to jan, bazaro and zumi for helping out with the custom Silvallies! 
    as for other things that have since finished occuring, i'll leave that one to marcello up next.
    ...and i promise it's not more exeggutor memes.
    although i can't promise it won't involve them. 
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