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    Hello! My name is Ame and I sometimes get ahead of myself. ^~^
    The others and I may occasionally post updates about how progress on the game is going here!

    you know for a while my todo list got up to like 5000 lines. but that's what i get, i suppose
    my side of the function code crawl is done, which is basically just writing out the logic for our 120 function codes that we've selected as this episode's lucky winners. for the most part these are common moves like status, set up, recover, etc... plus certain things i know gym leaders use. so i'm hoping for high mileage with these. they've all been written out and now marcello is just finishing up putting them into the script properly.
    meanwhile it's up to me to tie up loose ends in the misc update category, which is nearly entirely limited to bug fixing by now. historically that does not take very long, but i also have not gone through the forum for bugs basically all episode, so i will be doing that over the next week.
    we'll then start testing. we're doing it a bit different than we have in the past, so i'll go over how it's structured this time to inform newcomers and illustrate changes.
    in the past our test sequence has been
    ...where the supervised test is one where one person (hi ikaru) plays through the episode and all with me watching so i can closely see any problems with how it plays or things that need to be tweaked. this has just been called alpha in the past. the beta has been done by ace members, community is a release available to all forum members, and the public release is open to everyone finally.
    unfortunately many bugs have still passed to the community and public releases despite this. that's because we would find bugs in beta or community, and then take a pass at fixing them, but sometimes that fix fails or breaks something else, and we dont find out until the public release because all the testers had already played the originally broken version. for this reason starting this time, we'll have more waves than before:
    i just mentioned the supervised testing was considered alpha before, but we're now calling it that. instead the alpha testing will be done by the supporter group here on the forums privately. internal testing likewise will be done by the dev team as a whole amongst ourselves. we didnt do this before due to having a smaller, more inconsistent group, although it somewhat happened less formally anyway. my hope is that taking it through these different waves will give us plenty of time to fix as many bugs as possible. of course there are some things that just won't statistically present themselves until swarmed with a certain number of new players, so it's not as if we can promise a bug-free release. i ask for your understanding as always.
    in order to compensate for the increased number of waves, i'll be shortening the time of each one as well. in the past the beta and community tests have not had a fixed timeframe, but usually ended up being around two weeks each. with more waves now, i'll be limiting each one to a single week so that we can move through it in a similar amount of time. the supervised test should not require a week anyway... anyway, this all means that if there are no especially time-consuming problems, the episode will publicly release four weeks after the internal testing begins. 
    since we are reaching this stage, it also means this will be my final post here for this episode.  from here on out, i hope you can wait for it patiently. although the story content of the episode will be somewhat light, there is plenty to explore, and especially with 7th gen being added there are many new pokemon to catch too. in fact, as of the end of E17 only six non-legendary lines are still unavailable. and as for legendaries... maybe you'll even get some action with them too.
    until next time

    sad reacts only
    but not really, because this is one of those like, six lines i mentioned on the right. basically it's the AI section. cuttin' into it like a rotom-c.
    so a few things that have generally been done recently: tv dialogue for new epsiode is  , furfrou forms are  and the groomer is in glamazonia salon-- actually i guess i can post those here. and uh. weather is  ! we fixed the bugs with E16's systems. it turned out to be super simple. it'll rain less now. rain is fake news anyway. wait i'm--
    well ok. 
    have some frous.

    i refuse to accept that that 'frou' is pronounced like 'true' though. that's the real fake news. 
    okay so stepping forward i train my laser sights on AI specifically function codes because that stuff is incomplete and also largely never existed in the first place. its basically the thing that tells it when specific move effects are a good idea. it doesn't have no idea-- but it has bad ideas most of the time, and no idea the rest of the time. 
    there are ~350 function codes in the game, and for E17 we will be choosing to focus on 118 of them. the rest will be finished in E18. 
    so basically i have my work cut out for me if i want this to happen soon. 
    guess i had better get started ^^

    oKAy hi so what's up all my fresh fellas lovely ladies and enchanting enbies we're here with another episode of not Pokemon Reborn cuz that shit ain' ready to release yet BUT
    the story is pmuch done
    "but ame if story is so done why come it not full hunder persent  on right tab???"
    an excellent question, hypothetical asker who's typing style belies the validity of their question. that's because although i've gone through and done all the story parts that i can so far, there's still a few minor holes i need to go back and fill in. i couldn't do that before due to things like the maps not being completed, or some script issues we're just now getting sorted out. there's also a bit more eventing stuff that i'll need to do when all the maps are finished too. then there's sundry things like the tv dialogue, bug fixes... oh, also i'm making sprites for all of the furfrou forms after deciding to care noticing that we didn't have anything for that yet. plus AI...
    so- there's still a significant handful of things to do before release. however, once those few things are knocked out, we're going to have a grand old time. do not hype yourselves yet though; the time for that will come yet. 

    hi whats up it definitely has not been two weeks but most y'all who saw the previous update status know why and for the rest of you who dont know why i'll tell you why it's because my computer died so like shit boi
    uhhh basically my motherboard had to replaced and also i had a corrupt RAM stick so that sucked and i lost all my data in the interim of me floundering about trying to fix it as if it were a software problem
    so that super sucks. 
    but don't worry-- i didnt lose much as far as reborn is concerned: the project files for city music but i dont really need those anymore, and a few graphics for E17 which i'll have to redo...but i can do so. it could be much worse.
    so i had my laptop over the past two weeks but it's kinda dinky and without all the things i needed there was only so much i could do
    now i have my computer back and repaired and running back up close to full functionality! so we go back to development
    as following up from my last update, i have not gotten as much done as i would like to have for the obvious reason. but the intro was done (in just a few days, in fact), and the eventing for Fucktruck Desert is just about done. i will probably put up a video showing the redone intro soon. in the mean time i'll move onto the scrapyard, which has the only puzzle that i expect might actually give me trouble (and even then it's just the Very Tedious Inconvenience sort of trouble). after the scrapyard puzzle, the eventing is kind of a straight shot.
    you might also noticed i've dipped into the story a little bit. this isn't exactly a story-heavy episode, so that part might go quicker. however, split paths doubles work time. so oops. going to try a different way of handling that split this time though. we'll see if it's easier or not
    i must once more disappear into the void, but know that it will not disappear back. 

  • Dev_Blog.EXE rebooting...


    In an attempt to make testing times more transparent, we'll try something like this:

    • Release goes up
      • hypehyphypehy-- oh it crashed
    • Arbitrary wait time  
      • this is while i pretend problems dont exist so the weight of my collective failures doesn't come crashing down on me all at once, killing me instantly
    • Initial bug-collecting scan of reports
      • accept that existence is inevitable and face myself p4 style
    • Number of bugs left to fix countdown
      • subject to increase as more come in
      • it's just a rough line length of my bug list and not the actual number but that's fine for our purposes
      • maybe it doesn't have to reach 0 to finish-- known bugs left over
    • Test complete!
      • one hopes

    let's see how that goes.


    E17 Community Testing:

    • :check:  Release Date: 12/3 
    • :check:  Scan Date: 12/12  
    • Bugs remaining: 217


    time to tip the fails!


    (Update 12/17)

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