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  1. I've just started the game and have wandered over to the area of Junction bridge where I found a couple of smashable rocks. Pressing them just for the heck of it, I was surprised to find that I could instantly smash them. Is this a bug? Am I meant to be able to smash right off the bat? And also, I've gone down until I found boulders that can be pushed using strength. I checked them, and seems I can't use strength off the bat, just rock smash. Asking this just so I can know if I should abstain from smashing rocks until I find the appropriate HM/TM. Wouldn't wanna do game breaking on accident
  2. online greyman trainer name grey Looking to try out battle. I'm not really a breeder, I'll look into that maybe next year. If anyone has a torchic for me to adopt, I'll make sure to train it up real good. I'm up for a battle whenever I'm online.
  3. well. I got myself stuck in the GUM room. Help really appreciated. Game.rxdata
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