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  1. Man, I'd love to play the community release, but I also wanna play the game in its fully released glory, and I know I won't be replaying it yet again once I'm finally done. Guess I'll just wait until that somewhere in May date.
  2. Oh? This just got posted? I'm early for once? Well, thank you for reminding me that I am growing out of touch, cause I get like, a third of these memes.
  3. I'm just here cuz I wanna play a well made Pokemon game. I can't uderstand the new gen lingo, but hey, it's uhh, poggers? Looking forward to it, gonna replay the game from the start to see all of these changes you guys have made.
  4. Oh, I came too late to get Maude Flanders'd- I'd go on and make more of a joke along those lines, but I get the feeling a water type might get ideas and I don't wanna be called Lord Explosion Murder cause of it. Super nerdy references and my blatant lateness aside, Fern was the first protagonist of world 1, before it became reborn because Fern and Co sucked too much to save it, making a wish on the power to bring somebody who could in fact save the world. That somebody is the current player character, who was meant to die on the very start inside that train as he/she/they did back in THE WORLD R1 - ahem, back in the first timeline. It might also be that the world isn't being reset, but re-written, by some higher power that Lin is capable of interacting with, allowing her the ability to just place in objects that weren't there before. Oh, I'm writing all this based on my faulty memory from the last time I played, so I can't quite go into detail as I like. the other theory on Lin's power is meta, or as I like to call it, super corny af idea from Ame playing Undertale that is kinda cringe lmfao, and is it just me or is the title approaching japanese light novel in length - That is to say, Terra and Lin are aware they're inside of a game, and Lin can do a cool Monica impression.. There is no Champion any longer, you become champion by default by saving Reborn, because I get the feeling that you big brains realized that if your flavour text includes champion of Reborn land is protector of Reborn Land, then thwarting Lin or whatever Last Boss behind the scenes there is makes one the Champion.... after also beating the Elite 4 or whatevs. That was my Ted Talk. If you feel inclined to answer, confirm or deny any of these ideas, theories, I'd think that'd be neat, and my ego will make me think I'm special, yey. Seriously, though. This is a good game regardless of the story, I especially loved the lv 1 Aaron trainer. It shows how well you people developed the terrain effect, the core mechanics of the game, and while I do love games primarily for the story, I also love a well made one, so whatever the ending is, as we expect it or not, I'm stoked to play and view it.
  5. Oh yeah, late post since I just didn't use them to break the game until after I had the respective HM and badge for each, but out of all the abilities, I was capable of using rock smash and dive both right away without any golden items, or hms, or required badges, even. I played the game with the latest version, so I suppose this should be written down as a bug that while not game-breaking, does indeed enable you to do things ahead of current progress. Just a fyi.
  6. I've just started the game and have wandered over to the area of Junction bridge where I found a couple of smashable rocks. Pressing them just for the heck of it, I was surprised to find that I could instantly smash them. Is this a bug? Am I meant to be able to smash right off the bat? And also, I've gone down until I found boulders that can be pushed using strength. I checked them, and seems I can't use strength off the bat, just rock smash. Asking this just so I can know if I should abstain from smashing rocks until I find the appropriate HM/TM. Wouldn't wanna do game breaking on accident.
  7. Thank you two for replying, as for the question you made in regards to the same typing, I actually like to keep a roster of 14 pokemon to switch out based on needs, that and to make it more entertaining, Trufa. Starry Knight, since Trufa already has all of them, I'll simply go and trade all of the Pokemon with him, and thank you for your offer regardless! I didn't expect a reply so quick, let alone two, glad to see the community here is as nice as usual! I don't really mind what moves they have, that is something I also tend to switch about, so just having the Pokemon themselves is nice as is, thank you for the offer, and I'll wait to hear when to do the trade from you, Trufa!
  8. Hello, I'm looking to replay Reborn since Episode 18 came out (And I haven't actually played it in a year and a half now), and this would be the first time I'm replaying it. Problem is, I really don't want to wait for some late game catches like Riolu, because that was very late game. So, I'm here to ask if anyone has these Pokemon they'd like to ease my burden with (and cause I want to be Op for some of the battles that I really got my rear kicked by) A Riolu, Ralts, Torchic, Growlithe and Dratini If preferable, all starter level 5 or somewhere there (can always get sum common candy!), and thank you in advance.
  9. online greyman trainer name grey Looking to try out battle. I'm not really a breeder, I'll look into that maybe next year. If anyone has a torchic for me to adopt, I'll make sure to train it up real good. I'm up for a battle whenever I'm online.
  10. well... they aren't available. looks like I'll have to wait until -I hope- episode 17. Side note, any of you got a must have pokemon to reccomend? or should I go to another topic to ask this?
  11. hey send me a message if you find anything out. Thanks in advance. Got myself a shiny beldum just now. Awesome. where? if you mean the pokemon guide v3 that's still not updated.
  12. the escape rope doesn't work i used dig and tried fly. And I don't have a pokemon that knows teleport.
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