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An open club for you, sharp and curious minds to debate theories and Easter Eggs in games and movies. Always remember it is our job to Reborn Theory

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  2. I don't think that's the case. The whole story is centered around Arceus and the meteor. There are hundreds of pieces of dialogue that contradict this, like the ones In the library, the texts in the sanctum and the conversation in the void. Narratively, it would not make sense, and would be kind of a letdown. It would not be a plot-twist, just a big shame if they drove the storyline like that
  3. Sorry but I disagree I even have a whole theory that although doesn't straight up disprove your theory proves why it might not be true but hey I guess we'll have to wait and see when Episode 19 finally gets released.
  4. Hey Everyone, now I dont think this at all to be the case but thought it would be a neat twist. What if the Meteor, the one they say brought Arceus and that Reborn is built above, was not actually a meteor bringing Arceus, but instead it was Deoxys. Perhaps Arceus sealed the Deoxys away to prevent it from destroying the world it had created and thats why people thought Arceus had a tie there. Lin is actually a puppet animated by Deoxys psychic power which explains her unnatural abilities.
  5. To make sure everyone succeeds to create a theory of their own, we gathered these simple and easy guidelines to help you: 1. Set your goal Write down the goals of your theory paper clearly and succinctly. Start with a topic sentence, making sure that your argument engages or sparks interest for both you and your audience. You can't hope to interest your reading audience unless you're passionate about the subject, too. Do keep your goal in mind during the process of coming up with a written theory. 2. Wonder "Why?" Look for patterns between seemingly unrelated things. Explore the root causes behind events, and try to predict what will happen next. If you already have the seed of a theory in your head, observe the subjects of that idea and try to gather as much information as possible. Write down the "hows," the "whys," and the links between things as you piece them together. If you don't have a theory or a hypothesis in mind, you can begin by making connections. If you walk through the world with a curious eye, you may be suddenly struck by an idea. 3. Think outside the box. Yes. I know. Everyone says that. And it's true. Most of the theories I came up with are because I began thinking outside the box, taking pieces of information and putting them left and right, to see where they could fit. Some failed to produce anything, while others took form and evolved while being supported by the information from the games/movies. 4. If you think you're wrong, dig deeper. I cannot tell you the amount of times where I gave up as I reached a point where I began thinking "Nah, that's impossible.", only for me to return and realize it was possible. If you think your theory is wrong, think again, search for more information. 5. Take one good look Compile and organize the findings. Does the hypothesis still hold true? If not, rework it according to the results. Try and figure out how X fits into Y, and why it doesn't fit into Z.
  6. These are few rules I've thought up but will most likely add to these if need be these are fairly standard 1. Don't be inappropriate ex. if your theory deals with with uneasy subject matter try to be tactful about it 2. Try to see if your theory hasn't already been posted on here somewhere if so please try to add on to that theory if you wish that way people can be more involved. 3. Don't try to disprove other peoples theories these are theories and we are meant to have fun with them pokemon game specific rule 1. Just as in the normal forums when a new episode comes up try to put a spoiler warning in the beginning up until its made available for public release if your theory does cover something spoilery from E18, E19 ( anything outside of those 2 are fine in the description of the forum I mentioned that spoilers would be likely) other pokemon fangames and mainline games maybe also use a spoiler warning up until 2 weeks after they get released beyond that its okay That should be it for now have fun and theorize to your hearts content

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