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  1. Is it this room? When I went in there was nothing in it so yea, maybe V12 -> V13 made it impossible to get Indeedee. Welp I guess I will wait for future update for Indeedee available in the wild or online trading feature. After breeding a box of shinies I don't think I will start a new playthrough...
  2. Where can I catch Indeedee? I heard that it was in Theolia Household but exactly where? I came back and there was only two Maid, one battled me (and somehow summon an invisible Venam who talked with her, maybe because the mansion was changed in V13?), and one told me about rotating the Meloetta statues. I searched all room and still no sign of it
  3. when I was farming essence in route 4 I came across this: I thought this was a new form so I caught one and purified it, but it seems like a normal (shiny) Jellicent to me: So was it a typo error or there is actually G-Jellicent but the den is bugged so it gave me OG-Jellicent instead? (I tried this again and caught another Jellicent, and it is still a normal (non shiny, different from previous Jellicent) Jellicent
  4. iirc, you need to show her A-Litwick, you can catch it in Saki's gym (Axis Factory), it is pretty common too.
  5. You can buy them in the casino, 10AP for each iirc.
  6. lv39, it can only be caught (correct me if im wrong) at Axis Factory so at that point you can just throw a bunch of exp candies at it. (Dont buy the RM, its sold in Kristilline Town for 50,000$, what in the world is that price?)
  7. Thanks you so much! I was so close to give up the Oval Charm (somehow I missed this Pokemon seller this long lol.)
  8. I saw Chansey in Safari zone but it is tedious to hit that 1% AND catch it without it fleeing, I would rather find one outside Safari zone and bonk it with an Ultra Ball (Especially 4 Chansey fled already...Gonna cry if the fifth one fled too)
  9. I know Chansey is in Kakori Safari Zone, but it is tedious to hit that 1% and catch it successfully without Chansey fleeing. I opened Pokedex to check and it showed there is Chansey in Route 2. Have anyone checked this yet? What is the appearance rate? I have been finding Chansey in route 2 for 2 hour and still no sight of it, really need one for the Ova Charm.
  10. Thanks! Man I was finding it in Terajuma for 2 hours then it was in the wreckage next to me the whole time lol.
  11. I'm finding Mareanie or Toxapex for Aquarium quest, anybody know where it is?
  12. When I check the dens in Route 4 it said "The den is emty and stagnant", can anyone tell me how to battle raid dens? I completed V13 story so I can go to any location if necessary.
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