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  1. I have seen this one being used before, so i’m just gonna leave it here as an idea: xier/xies/xiesem
  2. peden

    title required

    Perhaps our final trophy (badge), before we go ahead and kick team meteor's butt
  3. peden

    title required

    I am thinking of the 18th gym. Gold=Dragon Purple=Saphira
  4. I am having this problem as well... It's not missing where to go in the story, it is a bug. If anyone can find a way to trigger the story into working, please help. game.rxdata
  5. Personally, I am going to start with my current save file, and explore the new part of the game, and afterwards experience the finished Pokemon Reborn on a new save file.... Even though, it will be a long time before release, I am looking forward to just seeing the post game scoreboard.
  6. Randomizer still doesn't work after talking to captain, after Julia
  7. I just started playing redux and chose the randomized version, although nothing seems to have been randomized? I encounter bidoof, pidgey and meowths in the grass around the grand hall, I tried making a new save file, but it happened again, am I doing something wrong, or should i just keep playing and will be randomized later in the game?
  8. I will go with: Gardevoir (Mega) Lucario Gengar Volcarona Tyrantrum Aurorus How does the tournament work?
  9. when e19 is done will it be released or will it be released with the postgame?
  10. I am having trouble with shelly. Especially her illumise setting rain dance off with damp rock and prankster to male it attack first. My team: Vibrava earthquake rock slide crunch sand tomb Galvantula Electro ball signal beam thunder wave electroweb delphox psychock flame charge fire pledge light screen Bewear payback baby-doll eyes brutal swing take down misdreavus confuse ray psybeam spite hex Milotic Haze
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