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  1. Really awesome guide! Just wanted to let you know i really enjoy both this one and the rejuv guide. Keep up the good work :)
  2. I have seen this one being used before, so i’m just gonna leave it here as an idea: xier/xies/xiesem
  3. Hey guys, I was thinking about giving the professor Oak challenge a go in pokemon reborn. The challenge basically means you have to make the pokedex as full as possible before each gym. The only rule I have tampered with is that I will not go beyond the level cap to evolve for the pokedex (since I am a human unable to grind for a decade or so). So the point of this post was to hear if anyone had done something similar and how to plan something like this? Especially how to handle the events with a chance of multiple different pokemon? Wish me luck guys, cause this run is gonna take time
  4. peden

    title required

    Perhaps our final trophy (badge), before we go ahead and kick team meteor's butt
  5. peden

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    I am thinking of the 18th gym. Gold=Dragon Purple=Saphira
  6. I am having this problem as well... It's not missing where to go in the story, it is a bug. If anyone can find a way to trigger the story into working, please help. game.rxdata
  7. So when i beat the rift Aelita and went through the scenes after that, I went through route 9 and down to the scholar district. I went into the Blakeory anatheum and there were still no scenes. I could even go to the desert with the claydol even though i haven't been there before. I have already tried going back in my savefiles and done it again but still no story. I am sorry if this is a known bug. Any help is appreciated. Here is my savefile, if you need to look at it: game.rxdata
  8. I encountered it as well a long time ago. You need to progress in the story, and at some point Ana will be there. I think after you beat Souta or some other gym leader.
  9. I would recommend using this to plan a team. It lists it by gym badges so you know when you can get it. There is a chance to get spheal early (Egg in Onyx ward) however it is not certain. Magicarp, litwick and ralts are lategame material. You can get Magnemite pretty early on(Inside abandoned powerplant), however you can only evolve it to Magnezone in the lategame. It might be hard to get a team of really strong mons early on (ame saved those for the lategame), but every non legendary mon is available in the game so far. If you really want that team through the whole game, you can make a trade request in the online section and get them throug trade. I hope you will enjoy reborn and good luck
  10. I am pretty sure, you also need Anju's pendant (The one you get from Indriad's mansion) In order to find the Empoleon.
  11. Personally, I am going to start with my current save file, and explore the new part of the game, and afterwards experience the finished Pokemon Reborn on a new save file.... Even though, it will be a long time before release, I am looking forward to just seeing the post game scoreboard.
  12. Randomizer still doesn't work after talking to captain, after Julia
  13. I just started playing redux and chose the randomized version, although nothing seems to have been randomized? I encounter bidoof, pidgey and meowths in the grass around the grand hall, I tried making a new save file, but it happened again, am I doing something wrong, or should i just keep playing and will be randomized later in the game?
  14. You can always train at the grand hall.
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