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  1. peden

    WTC softlock

    I just got through it all walking through walls, debugging switches and warping to maps. Thank you for your help Starry, You're amazing
  2. peden

    WTC softlock

    Ummm, I don't know how to walk through walls, and I can't get the variables to work... If yours work, then could you send that savefile back? I would really appreciate it
  3. peden

    WTC softlock

    @Starry Knight This is a screen recording of what happens:
  4. peden

    WTC softlock

    Yeah, I use swm and amb, but I tried switching to a game without mods and it didn't work. I have never made it to the left however, since I can't follow Titania at the start, as the water level is wrong to the right room, which enables me to progress. If somebody knows how to change the water level through debug mode or something, I could do it manually. Then I won't have to start over.
  5. peden

    WTC softlock

    That seems really strange. Could you see if you can progress with this savefile, cause I am 100% sureI am softlocked when I progress to the room to the east? This savefile might illustrate it better if you turn the machine on and try to progress to the right with tania: WTC softlock.rxdata
  6. peden

    WTC softlock

    So I made it down the waterfall to the water treatment center with Titania, but the water levels seem to be the opposite of what they are supposed to be. This has resulted in a softlock. I have tried resetting and tried both game and game-z, but nothing seems to work. If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated Btw the scenes with Titania only happens, if I can change the water levels. I'm assuming they only trigger at the normal starting water levels, which for some reason is not what it starts at with in this savefile... Savefile:game.rxdata
  7. I have seen this one being used before, so i’m just gonna leave it here as an idea: xier/xies/xiesem
  8. Hey guys, I was thinking about giving the professor Oak challenge a go in pokemon reborn. The challenge basically means you have to make the pokedex as full as possible before each gym. The only rule I have tampered with is that I will not go beyond the level cap to evolve for the pokedex (since I am a human unable to grind for a decade or so). So the point of this post was to hear if anyone had done something similar and how to plan something like this? Especially how to handle the events with a chance of multiple different pokemon? Wish me luck guys, cause this run is gonna take time
  9. peden

    title required

    Perhaps our final trophy (badge), before we go ahead and kick team meteor's butt
  10. peden

    title required

    I am thinking of the 18th gym. Gold=Dragon Purple=Saphira
  11. I am having this problem as well... It's not missing where to go in the story, it is a bug. If anyone can find a way to trigger the story into working, please help. game.rxdata
  12. I nominate @Commander for Ember King
  13. Personally, I am going to start with my current save file, and explore the new part of the game, and afterwards experience the finished Pokemon Reborn on a new save file.... Even though, it will be a long time before release, I am looking forward to just seeing the post game scoreboard.
  14. Randomizer still doesn't work after talking to captain, after Julia
  15. I just started playing redux and chose the randomized version, although nothing seems to have been randomized? I encounter bidoof, pidgey and meowths in the grass around the grand hall, I tried making a new save file, but it happened again, am I doing something wrong, or should i just keep playing and will be randomized later in the game?
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