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  1. I was wondering, how is it possible that Bewear Facade is super effective against alolan Grimer? -Facade is normal type move -only one move types are super effective agains alolan grimer - ground types -blessed field does not have anything to do with Facade -bewear also does not have any ability to change Facade move type So what is wrong with it? It's completelly unreasonable effect.
  2. zaqrwe

    Route 4 megastone

    thanks I found it, but man, the building and the wall are so close to each other, I didn't even think going back there was a possibility
  3. In the beginning of route 4, righ after first rock climb there is this stone. I have no clue how to reach it. After reading item guide i think that would be Mimikyum-Z (because I don't have that one in my inventory yet), but still description doesn't help me get there. Can somebody describe me the road?
  4. If you never done it, you must open Pokegear, choose option "Online Play", then create account for the online trade. We can trade by searching by this online account name
  5. I'm very sorry for the delay, even tho I clicked to subscribe this thread, not a single notification went to me I don't need any Pokemon, I already completed the Pokedex so, let me know when you'll be able to trade and we can do this
  6. Uhm.. but the pattern in basement is literally the solution. It's really very easy to do, just take the screenshot in the basement
  7. Well, I don't have another candy, but I can trade piplup with you if you want.
  8. How many battles you fought with these Linoones, to be so sure it's not working?
  9. Yeah, you'll see exactly what happened siince that first double battle pretty soon
  10. isn't that Key Item, what means it also cannot be sold?
  11. zaqrwe

    Shiny Only Run

    But do you know Absol can also be breeded with any pokemon in the Field egg group? That means above 100 different Pokemons, so there is a big chance few of them already has some perfect IVs, and you can easily breed yourself perfect Absol using Power items.
  12. zaqrwe

    Shiny Only Run

    Sooo.. you breed it by two hours and still no perfect IVs? How's that possible?
  13. Also in Game Salon if yours pokemon number has 4 digit matched with lottery ticket, you'll get Exp Share as a reward.
  14. zaqrwe

    Shiny Only Run

    Well, it is breeded, but not traded I breeded my own shiny team when I got Shiny Charm sadly you only can get Deino after being able to use Rock Climb, so after 16 gym badge.
  15. zaqrwe

    Shiny Only Run

    Yes, shiny Spiritomb looks amazing.. But Hydreigon is even better, I love its look since I first saw it.. And yeah.. I'm not training EVs
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