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  1. it is funny that when you realize tha puzzle itself is quite simple, it was very visible seeing this map where you have to go to find the heracross and pinsir.
  2. Now i understand, with this update in the mod, you can acess the sandbox area by the classic game, and not by the sandbox mod. But if load the save game by the mod inself, with poipole in the party ou in the box storage, it give you an error message in the front menu.
  3. I do not know if it will work, but try to use the sandbox save loaded in the normal game with the mod swm, and try talking to the woman who does relearn the pokemon attacks.
  4. if I'm not mistaken, in this quest, the original owners accept their Pokémon back even though they have evolved.
  5. You get the old rod in this house in Lower Peridot Ward.
  6. without problem, make good use of the item ^^.
  7. it's tangodown, and you just call me there that I'm waiting for you.
  8. I can give you one, just let me know when you're online, of course give me a random pokemon that you do not use.
  9. So that's it, but I tried it again with Lucario and this time it worked (lol), but thanks for taking that doubt.
  10. So I would like to thank Slith265 for the tip of using GraphicsGale, it's a good tool to recolor the most difficult parts. but now I have a little problem, after putting the custom images in the folder of the game, the back of the pokemon gets a white background or black at the time of the fights, being against wild pokemon or common trainers, already tried to copy the background of other images and the error still persists. so anyone here knows how to solve this?
  11. I have a question, did you use any specific tool to be able to recolor the sriptes ?, I already tried to use the paint but it is difficult to paint certain parts depending on the pokemon.
  12. My offensive moveset is currently: Adamant / Technician Evs: 6 hp / 252 Atk / 252 Speed Item: Steel Gem / Steel Plate / Scizorite Moves: Sword Dance Bullet Punch Bug Bite Pursuit / Knock Off / Roost I stay with Pursuit throughout the game until I get the opportunity to teach Knock Off to him. Roost is also a good option to keep him alive during some specific fight, or if you use him in mega form, because after all he'll be your only pokemon to use the Mega Evolution, so it's a good try to keep him alive as much as you can.
  13. I had the same problem, but it worked again when I removed the mouse mod, try removing this mod and see if it will return to normal for you.
  14. I think the scyther will be found in the forest where we find the heracross x pinsir fighting in front of the trees.
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