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  1. I sent already, maybe I should resend
  2. Nah I already has my Weavile. that is the event Sneasel I think
  3. @RodrigoMobyou still there? I still need the Litten, I'm not used to trading so I press quit accidentally
  4. Okay my trade name is Robin you need anything? I can't breed IV @RodrigoMob
  5. I need those two for the my save file is from way back so I got Charmander instead of Litten and I think I ko the Tepig longs ago
  6. RNG is a necessary aspect but some part of it need to be toned down. Rely on Serene Grace + Air Slash or using Hypnosis: fair game, you can disable many pokemons with it but one miss and you go down. Focus Blast has horrible accuracy: fair game, it provide every Psychic an out to Dark and insanely powerful so it should be inaccurate otherwise Psychic will be so OP. Draco Meteor or Leaf Storm has only 90% accuracy is not fair game, it doesn't provide more coverage, come with huge draw back is essentially a trump card to do a desperate move or catching opponent off guard so why should it miss during important time.
  7. What if the person who said it was Lin. A popular theory is that a younger version of Lin is/was in the orphanage and is the kid who was tormenting people. What if in the timeline where the player doesn't exist Lin wasn't in the orphanage but in the Onyx Academy and the event that made Flobot non emotional happen to Lin instead and Lin become a crazy lunatic.
  8. Don't know if it is only a coincidence or not but after I check the mirage and got a "whoos" sound the Mirage Tower appear
  9. If we do normal battle then just ram the strongest pokemon in smogon tier, but since we are dealing with field effect, I think utility is more important. Male Meowstic: change field effect, set up screen. Peliper: weather + tailwind + knock off. Hazard moves can be useful too.
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