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  1. Look up how to get Torchic on YouTube. In the Calcenon gym you need to light up the tiles to form a certain pattern. The tiles that are not to be lit are the same one's as in the basement of a certain apartment in Agate city.
  2. Hydreigon needs it's ability as wonderguard.

    It has no means of setting up and has 5 pretty common weakness.

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    2. Wolfox


      I hate to sound like a broken record, but go into the UU room on showdown, ask around and fucking take off the Bias Goggles. wonder guard is the most broken ability in the game, no matter what you say, having that many IMMUNITIES (I put it in caps so you don't confuse them for resists) is about as broken as can get. And you don't seem to understand how exactly Powercreep works, so allow me to explain as simple as I can: Big Strong Thingy gets replaced by Bigger Stronger Thingy. And about that quick killing and stalling, THAT'S LITERALLY OU. If you don't like it, don't play it. Crazy right, not playing something you don't like

    3. Tacos


      Everyone else has pretty much covered it once again, but I’ll just make it clear that giving hydreigon, a pseudo-legendary with great offensive capability and an already good typing, 13 immunities from wonder guard is not OU potential; that is Uber potential.  And at that point you wouldn’t even be allowed to play it in OU.

    4. Gh0stStark


      Just to clarify, I wasn't referring to the lore regarding the lernean hydra itself, but to the ingame lore regarding Hydreigon (i.e Pokedéx entries), as a being whose purpose is to consume and destroy.

  3. Just love it when trading for starters becomes so easy because of helpful people. Now I have a Garchompite which I'll probably never use but it's cool nonetheless.

  4. Need Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Tododile, Turtwig and Rowlet for starters in Reborn. And they're pretty tough to get too. Great.

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    2. Zander


      Alright it's ready. I'll request a trade now.

    3. Aessence


      Thank you very much mate! Appreciate it a lot!

    4. Zander


      Alright enjoy! And thanks for eevee.

  5. Eyy status is working again! 

    Does there have to be a spoiler lock for episode 19? Wouldn't make much sense since the story ends. There wouldn't be much point in people discussing anything about the game(except side quests) without completing the story.

    Either way it should be an exciting ending. I'm expecting a Danganronpa 3 style ending so let's see how it goes.

    1. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      If there weren't a lock during the first few days, then people will inevitably spoil themselves off of someone else's mislabeled topic and throw a hissy fit- the locks exist to try and keep that on the down low as possible. After all, different people complete thises things at drastically different rates, and battles that may be easy for some will leave others stuck for a horridly long while.

    2. Dreamblitz


      I don't think it'd really be any different to the release of any other episode, so yes. after all, there will be people who want help with specific battles, people who complete the whole thing within a few days and want to discuss story/ending etc, while other people won't have even gotten around to downloading/playing it yet, or will be waiting for public release while community is out

    3. Tacos


      Considering people might want to actually try to use the forums or server even if they haven't played the episode yet, yes.  It's really not that hard to put spoiler tags and keep titles vague...

  6. Is Bulbasaur day time only or something? I tried searching again and nothing but I always do it at night.

    1. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      I don't think so? As far as I'm aware, bulbasaur is just stupendously rare- and a little under 20 levels weaker than the local wooper when you do finally find it. Oh, and it knows Take Down by then as well, so False Swipe is a bit too risky here. Add in that all starters have a rather low Catch Rate (45), and this particular one is immune to a solid number of Status moves, and... Well, may RNGesus bestow their blessings upon that encounter.

  7. Has Ame ever changed a puzzle of a previous episode in the past? Because I want the magic square puzzle to be changed so that the numbers can be freely inputted. Sure the rewards are great but half of us don't bother using a Gardevoir on our team and nor do we need a dark z crystal. Solving the puzzle on paper itself is pretty tough but it's fun. Inputting it is definitely not.

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    2. LilyX


      I don´t really think it´s too hard. At least this way you have to work for it a little and can´t just copy a magic square solution you found on the internet. And as far as I can tell, the numbers can be put in "freely" - meaning that every starting pattern can be changed into the correct pattern. Compared to some of the tile puzzles found in the circus that´s definitely progress.

    3. Zander



      Every department store sticker puzzle has been a puzzle for just that with no additional rewards. And as far as I can tell, every z crystal puzzle has also been it's own thing. With this many rewards in one puzzle it's clearly a case of cramming.



      Oh right I guess you could copy it from the internet. I hate the agate circus puzzles though and have actively avoided them for the whole game. Probably the best decision I made in the game.

    4. Swampellow


      Plenty of z crystals are rewards for other side quests that also reward you with something else.


      in regards to stickers, the most obvious other one with multiple rewards is the route 1 puzzle + sticker as you get a lot from it.

  8. Solved the magic square on paper and went to try it out in Reborn. Now I find out that the player doesn't even have the freedom to move the numbers where they want but has to follow a certain sequence. Welp, time for a YouTube video I guess. It's too tedious to sit and think of a correct pattern of arrangement too.

  9. Sinnoh remakes seem imminent. The introduction of ultra necrozma really dethroned arceus from the god pedestal. And necrozma is not even created by arceus but is basically an alien who is op. Arceus will have to really power up to keep it's status as a Pokémon God.

  10. Bulbasaur seems like is ultra rare in Azurine. Renovated it(not added any new species though) and have been running around for half an hour but no dice. I wonder if snivy in the snow is equally rare. And I have absolutely no clue what to do for litten because I went with the Aqua gang so no fire types for me.

    1. Q-Jei


      Litten is the final gift from the Aqua Gang. You have to take and give all the appropriate applications for each member. Then, Archer will give you Litten. However, it means you won't get the Oshawott who can be obtained from Maxwell when you side with the Magma Gang. To compensate, you can still get the little guy from a woman living in Agate City. She will give you a Litten in exchange of a Stantler, so it should work the same way as with Oshawott.


      And you're right, Bulbasaur can be found as a rare encounter in Azurine Island once you've paid for the renovation. Also, the appearence rate for Snivy is 5%. He can only be found in a very specific area from Route 4. You have to do the hiker quest from Agate City to unlock the path leading to it.

    2. Zander


      Ah okay. I accidentally did the hiker quest and got a fist plate but after that idk what to do.

      I'll go find the woman in Agate for Litten and I already have Oshowatt because I played the game before gen 7 and the poplio event was Oshowatt at that time lol. Thanks.

  11. Should I attempt the impossible puzzle on my own?

    I feel like it'll be fun writing the numbers on a paper and figuring out the magic box where everything adds to 15. There's only one solution so after paper it should be easy to replicate it right? Only have to make sure that the numbers in the center row are not repeated I think.

    1. IntSys


      There's actually more than just one solution, since you only need to get the lines that cross the center to add up to 15. (The instructions get wonky after you read it the second time)

    2. Zander


      Yeah it's pretty confusing to even understand what needs to be done. I think I have some idea though.

  12. I think you're supposed to go to the south. There's a very hidden door that cycles back to the start of the railnet.
  13. Question about Episode 18 gym leader


    How is Hardy's dusk lycanrock so fast? I have a jolly choice scarf garchomp with max speed plus perfect IVs and it got outsped by a rock slide? That can't be possible unless the lycanrock is scarfed as well with max speed AND positive nature. So is it?


    1. Swampellow


      It’s a lot higher leveled than the rest of his mons (and yours).

    2. Zander


      Mine was level 90. It's something like level 96 I think which doesn't warrant the speed difference.

  14. Episode 18 battle gauntlet is so easy with perfect IV and EV pokemon. Mine were level 88 too and I had battled before on another save. But still pretty easy to deal with. Looks like Garchomp and Magnezone complement each other decently.

    Hardy was pretty easy too. Started off with my Volcarona just get some giga drain damage and rock slide missed so a bit lucky. Then Garchomp, Magnezone, Metagross and Greninja take the rest. But what is his special orange dog even made off? It outsped my level 90 jolly Hawlucha with 172 speed EVs like it was nothing!


    The Solaris battle was cool but did not expect a Staraptor to survive an ice punch from an adamant metagross with full attack. Or his garchomp to survive an outrage from mine. Or his Gyarados to survive a discharge from modest Magnezone. His EVs are realy really buffed it looks like. Imagine how would his team be when used in field effects.

    1. Swampellow


      EVs and IVs make every battle ingame easy. Solaris’ Garchomp has 252 EVs in every stat, as do all of his other Pokemon. Hardy would of course be easy with 2 steels and then a water and ground type respectively that can easily shrug off attacks/outsped him.

    2. SnowGlaceon


      Every Stat...👀


      I want what he has

  15. An advice to all trainers. Don't teach your Groudon the move stomping tantrum. If it gets angry then it might just stomp the earth flat!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AzureNate


      Oh yikes, I almost made that mistake :0

    3. Q-Jei


      Galileo would have not approved this moveset.

    4. Elvenlore


      Y'know, it took me way too long to realise this was a flat earth joke. RIP me.

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