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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  3. Oh, so I didn't notice, but It's apparently 5 years I'm part of this community! Woo! 

    Well, what to say, It's been a long ride and I'm pretty happy to have had the opportunity to share some time in here. Kind of a rollercoaster in terms of activity, but I guess it's normal in a way.


    Well then, looking forward to another plentyful of years as a member of the Reborn Community ^-^

  4. Have a good and merry Christmas, everyone! 

    As for me, I'll enjoy the last hours of this day with Rejuv ep.11, also trying to remember who were most of the characters as I haven't been playing since I think September lol But it feels so good to be able to play again :3

  5. hey there, welcome to Reborn! And I must agree with you, M-Beedrill IS one of the coolest megas. I actually enjoy other bug pokémons such as Vivillon (compound eyes ftw), but I like the category in general. Since when I was little, with my first GameBoy in hand, I like Caterpie. Dunno why, maybe just because he was so frail and I had the urge to protect him and make him evolve so that he could be stronger. Well then, welcome again onboard, enjoy your stay here!
  6. yey, so now I'm up to date with both Reborn and Rejuv! Can't wait for the next episodes. Oh- and Postscriptum too!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Aessence


      nope, that's what I'm going to do next in fact! Thank for reminding me :3

    3. Dreamy


      I found it really enjoyable so hopefully you do to 😃 


      Hope we get more in future

    4. Aessence


      I'm looking forward to it 😉

  7. So, I recently found out I was playing on an older version (lol, didn't notice the reddit dl section wasn't up to date), 8.1 to be exact, and I managed to update to version 10. Still, the issue remained. Basically, I went back from the secret Sheridan shore (what a tongue-twister, lmao) talking to Augustus, and off to Gearen once again. Now I just can't find Augustus anymore to go back to the shore, aaaand I'm basically trapped. Thank you in advance for the help! EDIT: solved it, apparently I just had to replace a map file with the fixed version which I found in another post aaand...it worked! Wonderful. Sorry for the inconvenience, my bad ^^
  8. So, looking at his general parameters, we see that he brings a good Special Attack value (100) So I'd say you could go for a special set. Another good point in his favour is the Intimidate ability, which always comes in handy. I would say a Choice Specs can be good on him, if you want to use him as a sweeper, but he does not really learn any powerful moves, soo maybe Specs is not really suitable for the lil' guy. Maybe go for elemental plates or similar items, they are also easier to ifnd in the game too (I think.) You could run Quiver Dance, trying to set up and boost, along with Scald (burn always good, plus STAB move), Bug Buzz and Air Slash. Only problem is he is not bulky enough, so if you have the opportunity, pair him with someone that can protect him (if double battle). So, I hope this helped! I didn't go as far as to mention EVs and such, since I do not know if you wanna invest too much time in such things
  9. Welcome to this barren land of death and cute kitties Reborn! Enjoy your stay
  10. It doesn't have bad IVs for a starter. I mean, that juicy 31 would have been better on Atk, but I find this cutiepie to be nevertheless good, and it has HA, so. If you really want to change its nature, just do it later in the game, imho ^^
  11. Well this is an interesting topic, let me see... I'd probably be a Pokéfanatic or a Nerd, I'd say. As for the team I would bring with me, first choice would be... #1)Noctowl! He looks like a wise, calm and quiet person. I'm often referred to as an introvert, overly quiet, so that would be a suitable choice. #2)Tyrogue-->Hitmonchan: Tyrogue is new to the world of martial arts, right? I've always wanted to practice one, never had the occasion. As for the evolution, Hitmonchan is the one I like best, so he would evolve into that. Also, I tend to choose a more defensive asset, both in games and in life (well, often but no always lol), so since Hitmonchan evolves by having more defence than attack at level 20, so that could explain the "evolution path". #3)Flareon: if the first two account for my thoughtful, cautious nature, Flareon on the other hand represents my istincts. Nevertheless, he keeps his innate elegance, making him a strong ally to have on my side. #4)Shiftry: I've always liked his general appearance, as well as the folklore that inspired Game Freak for his creation, nothing more. Just an aesthetic choice XD #5)Excadrill: a heckin' mole, 'nuff said. #6)Empoleon: last but not least, the Emperor. Last trait, immense pride. Sometimes I've been described as stubborn and full of pride...and honestly I like it, I should let out this side of me more often, as in life I find of utmost importance to be more firm, more resolute -- whereas this isn't detrimental to others -- and cling to our ideas. So yeah, I think that does it. Also, it's cool af, not to mention powerful. And a penguin. P E N G U I N. So, I think I'm done with my IRL team, If I had the chance to be a real trainer. I tried to merge the idea of a Pokémon team with my very own personality traits, where possible, along with personal preferences. I used mostly pokémon I don't get to use (e.g. Noctowl) in-game, but found appropriate for the context. Being in a real life situation, I wouldn't probably get to train the OP ones, the all-time-best, as it wouldn't be as easy as in the games, so I took that into account, too. Well then, hope you'll enjoy as much as I did while posting this! :3 your lovely roaming Haunter
  12. Welcome welcome :3 Enjoy your stay, although I'm pretty sure you're already doing it fully As for the Pseudo-legends I'd say amulet coin and battle the Trainers in the Grand Hall, this way you'll get at least 10k (if not more), plus you'll train Deino against them - and that's already some levels down - plus, you can afford some rare candies from time to time to speed up your way to get a mighty Hydreigon
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