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  1. Stop abusing Zira and feed her already. You say your heart is now a blackened ruin: Did this happen after your unfortunate dip in lava? Daydream's amazing. I'd die for her. I almost thought that Zolt would die there.
  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  3. I was wondering if you could do something about Empoleon? They, unfortunately in my experience, aren't durable enough to stand up to most boss enemies long enough for them to get one of their solid hits in. Contrasting to other Starter pokemon, it does put them in an odd position of being rarely chosen. However, as one of my favorite starters, I'd like to use them in my playthrough without having to swap my starter out in any big battles. Perhaps a Crest that would cut damage down from Super-effective hits, or one that raises speed if they are in the first pokemon of a battle would be a good a
  4. I think that we all understand that due to the amount that needed to be put in (gen 8) and the fact that the plague has kicked the entire world in the sensitive bits, you have less motivation to work. Don't let yourself feel bad that you aren't putting out something right this moment, because something delayed can be good eventually, while something rushed is bad forever.
  5. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you're having a great day 🙂🍰

  6. Replies thing is neat. Not life-changing, but neat. Bah. We know how good the police are in this region. "Infinite Nuggets!" Remember how a fire supposedly burnt down West Gaeren, and Veronica supposedly started it? How about we do it, except finish the job? The Rangers provide a very valuable service! They make the police look better! If they didn't take credit for your work, then they wouldn't be here. It's the curse of Jan upon us. Cowbell won't work. They have trackers on you, so when you try to be sneaky they'll just ruin things
  7. Oh, a change. Neat. Why does Kanon survive? Like, honestly. Jeez Veronica. Have some heart. Remember, Kanon! The Dark Side offers unlimited power! And cookies! Hey, did your smoke detection powers go off? Yeah, it's increeeedibly bull. Just give us some wins, okay? Good! Finally! Some comeuppance! Xen is everywhere, and everywhen because of COURSE, they are. Ah, Chiller. Never change. Sean is a Dimensional Rift Human confirmed. Whelp. All I can really say is that it's good to
  8. This has been out and I was not notified by email WHY DID IT FORSAKE ME
  9. We don't always have a lot of stuff to say about the game other than give you an echo-chamber. If there are funny anecdotes (To my mind, at least) or I have strong opinions of what's going on (I will later) then I shall comment. Always good to see Chiller again.
  10. Just went through the Angie battle in V11, and went back to the villa. Not sure where to go next.
  11. This is also the Pokemon Rejuvenation 'Where do I go next' thread, and not the Reborn one.
  12. If you can get to Grand Dream, you should be able to figure out where that is (I think it's the route at the upper side of the city?)
  13. IIRC the Shared Box was causing too many problems and had to be removed due to no fixes being available.
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