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  1. Ooooo, interesting. I didn't think there would be any main story additions, but I'm not complaining!
  2. Having recently played through a run of v13 using the 100% walkthrough, I believe it's something in a future version. Maybe the .5 update with all the sidequests?
  3. The bridge between East and West Gearen. You need a Gourmet Treat.
  4. Replies So, Goldenwood. I.....overlevelled. I took advantage of the Audino Trainer on the top of the hotel, and spent time getting everyone up to 25. Thus, the start of this gauntlet starts with 9 lost HP and an asleep Brionne. Next thing: Fighting against the first of the Culvier clan, Mars. I didn't have the opportunity to change my team, so it's the same 'mons. Torracat put the work in, as Fire Fang proved its worth. So, Team Xen shows up! I'll be KOing their Shadow Mons, because I can't catch things. They fall to the superior cat, because about 10 levels make a lot of difference. And hey! A PC star! Time to swap stuff up. Current team: Quilava, Quilladin, Frogadier, Combusken, Thwacky, Dartrix. Xen grunts aren't that difficult to deal with, but Eli and Sharon are my next trial, except they focus on Melia, which lets me wipe their team. Zetta, though, did some damage. After the big succ by the Rift, it's time to battle the first Rift! I really should grind out to level cap after Venam more often. Rift Gyarados didn't KO a single mon due to a lucky miss. I'm sure it'll get more difficult as we go on, though! For now, time to switch! Grovile, Drizzile, Bayleef, Monferno, Wartortle, and Pignite will start us off next!
  5. First fight, against the Garbodor. Didn't have any big advantage, but due to the AI focusing on Ren, I was able to sweep with Tepig. However, time to change up my team! From Tepig, Turtwig, Cyndaquil, Bulbasaur, Popplio, Froakie to Scorbunny, Snivy, Chimchar, Chespin, Sobble, Totodile. Now to see about fighting Ren. It was an ordeal, but I got through it with only one faint. Now to revise teams again for sidequests! Scorbunny, Snivy, Chimchar, Chespin, Sobble, Totodile -> Tepig, Treecko, Charmander, Rowlet, Piplup, Mudkip. During this period, the pokemon I had with me evolved. So. Vs Novae. It wasn't that difficult, but she did KO almost three of my team. So, time for a switch-up of the teams. Pignite for Torchic, Prinplup for Squirtle, Marshtop for Oshawott, Grovile for Chikorita, Dartrix for Grookey, and Charmeleon for Fennekin. Now to prep for the gym! Again, the pokemon evolved for this, and it wasn't that difficult. Braixen could speed past the 'mons to deal with most of them, and Combusken tagged in to deal with the Alolan Grimer. With the Gym Leader defeated, it's time to switch out in preparation for Goldenwood. Litten, Popplio, Bulbasaur, Turtwig, Snivy, and Marshtomp will be my team for that. But that'll be next time. Again, I hope you enjoyed!
  6. Hey! In my third playthrough of Rejuvenation in V13, I've decided to impose a challenge on myself that I haven't seen before. That being a Starters Only run. Rules: 1: I cannot catch new Pokemon. Any given to me are to be released immediately. 2: To facilitate movement around the Region, I am giving myself the AP to get the 'Golden Items' for HM use needing to teach them to the pokemon. 3: After each 'Major Battle' that I have access to a PC, I swap out my team. I cannot use pokemon in two major battles in a row (EG: If my last major battle had Froakie, I can't use Froakie in the next one) 4: I will be giving myself the ability to use up to 6 revives per battle, but I cannot purchase revives. They must be found or given to me. With that all said and done, I begin with the Starters in my box (minus Tepig because he's in my party) as shown: Let's see how hard it'll be, and I hope you all enjoy.
  7. You can get Leftovers from Pickup when you hit level 71+, but it is a rare chance.
  8. Hey, so I'm planning on writing a scene from the v13 story using my Interceptor, but I don't want to replay through the entire game to get to that point again (And I don't have a backup of that point). Does anyone have screencaps, a video, or even a text log of the MC's Nightmare Realm, before and after they fight the Host? I don't know if the dialogue changes for different hosts, but the MC I'm using is Axel.
  9. Well, you could breed your Absol to get the right stuff, if it's female. You have access to the Field egg group from Ratatta in East Gearen, among other options. I don't know if you can soft-reset for the mystery egg stuff, though.
  10. I'm not sure if that one works, but I know that the Itemfinder and the WildEncounterRates mods work.
  11. I don't know about the first issue, but for the second one, it's a matter of preference. I like to prune different versions from my PC, due to not having a lot of space, and it doesn't affect your saves if you decide to delete the .2 files.
  12. You need to surf to the right at the top of Sasahila, and talk to the people accessed from there. (Or however you spell the town)
  13. According to guides, you need it to take at least 49 damage without fainting in wispy ruins.
  14. Enjoy the rest of the game, and if you have issues again, let us know!
  15. Moving around and levelling it in battles, according to bulbapedia. You can also use the 'wing' items, vitamin items (The meds that up the mon's EVs), and friendship berries to increase friendship.
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