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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  3. Gen 1: Kabutops Crest: speed increase and sturdy ability Hypno Crest: sp atk and atk increase with bad dreams or dream eater like ability (maybe add hypnosis 100% accuracy?) Seaking Crest: speed increase and sap sipper ability Snorlax Crest: can hit ghost types with normal moves and have leftover like healing Tauros Crest: When using must recharge move like Giga impact or hyper beam, if opponent mon is knocked out, no need to recharge and tough claw (horn) ability. Flareon Crest burned and speed increase and/or make guts like ability but increases sp atk instead of atk while scaling sp atk with atk. Lapras Crest: snow warning and increase speed in hail. (maybe include electric stab bonus?) Rapidash Crest: Drought and increase speed, accuracy, and evasion in sun. Parasect Crest: Normal moves can hit ghost types and increases catch rate of other pokemon. spore always hits ignoring type Golduck Crest: psychic stab and simple ability Gen 2: Noctowl Crest: increase def and sp def and have psychic stab Dunsparce Crest: increase all base stats and when increasing and/or decreasing stats, instead of increasing/decreasing by 1 stage make it 2. Xatu Crest: increase sp atk and upon switching in use future sight. (maybe add ability to hit dark types?) Girafarig Crest: increase stab multiplier and speed. (maybe gain dark type for the tail?) Sudowoodo Crest: increase hp and sp def and have grass stab (maybe with iron fist?) Lanturn Crest: Priority pivot move and has both volt and water absorb. after using electric move gain charge eff (maybe throw in a sp atk, sp def, and speed increase?) Qwilfish Crest: Upon switching in set up toxic spikes, upon taking physical dmg opponent take some dmg (like rocky helmet, and moves can flinch and/or increase flinch chance Corsola Crest: increase all base stats and update art of corsola with knife. the knife increases threat level Shuckle Crest: increase hp and upon switch in set up sticky web with oblivious ability Sunflora Crest: Drought and increase speed. Petal moves do increased damage. Immunity to fire. Octillery Crest: Increase accuracy and special moves hit twice like parental bond. Ampharos: cotton guard upon switch (maybe gain volt absorb or lightning rod?) Gen 3: Swellow Crest: burns and moves hit twice like parental bond Slaking Crest: Can counter some dmg back and take less dmg during truant turn Armaldo Crest: have water stab. increase speed or give analytic like ability Delcatty Crest: can hit ghost type and normal moves can be used as fairy if super effective and will become stab. increase speed and atk. Flygon Crest: make stats like a pseudo legendary and increase evasion and accuracy in sand. sound moves increase dmg. Walrein Crest: takes less dmg from super effect moves Swalot Crest: Draining moves deal more damage and heals more and stockpile 1 upon switch in. Tropius Crest: Increase sp atk, speed, and accuracy with drought Torkoal Crest: increase fire power and sturdy ability Kecleon Crest: upon taking dmg change type to make it not effect (like taking fire dmg turns into water) Cacturne Crest: Needle moves do more dmg and increase speed in sun and rain. lose hp in hail Gen 4: Luxray: strong jaw and reckless and gain dark type or dark move stab with increase speed. Vespiquen Crest: Order moves have priority and effects are increased and takes less dmg Chatot Crest: priority sound moves and throat spray like ability. Lumineon Crest: Drizzle and leftovers like ability Drifblim Crest: burns and increase speed with life orb like ability. Kriketune Crest: Upon switching confuse or make opponent fall asleep. tough claw like ability and speed increase Magmortor Crest: Speed = Special attack. immune to water Gen 5: Throh Crest: first move is priority and increased dmg. Braviary Crest: gains gale wings. normal dmg to rock and steel. Zebstrika Crest: Switch attack and special attack. after using electric moves gain charge eff. Sigilyph Crest: Gain simple and resist rock and dark Gen 6: Avalugg Crest: Immune to fire and solid rock ability. increase sp def in hail Furfrou Crest: immune to certain type based on haircut and do more damage to certain type with haircut. Chestnaught Crest: upon switch leech seed and rough skin Delphox Crest: redirects status moves or nullifies them. (kinda like counter spell?) Greninja Crest: Water shuriken hits 5 times and dark moves have flinch chance Gen 7: Mudsdale Crest: def and leftovers Golisopod Crest: sets up spikes when emergency exit and increase dmg to priority moves Mimikyu Crest: when disguise is gone set up sub and speed increase Silvally Crest: base stats like legendary and adaptability. Gen 8: Corviknight Crest: Dark stab and leftover like ability Falinks Crest: Moves hit up to 3 times
  4. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  5. pokemon you can try using talonflame arcanine gigalith medicham lycanroc hariyama pyroar golem alolan muk any fire starter if you chose them
  6. sceptile, roserade, whimsicott, serperior, breloom, and ludicolo? so poison type seems optimal at this point. alolan muk with poison jab can kill all of his team except roserade. So poison, flying, and bug moves are your best bet. and if you can get rid of the rain, then fire would work too. you can use incineroar if you got him as litten at the bridge between east and west gearen.
  7. you can try getting a dodrio in the wild and train it. return and drill peck for stab is alright. and if you have talonflame you can spam flying type moves. leavanny can x scissor for stab too.
  8. pretty sure we are going to save her since she will most likely be plot relevant to us. I predict another fight with her as well against her shiny regice which will probably be a rift pokemon. If we don't save her, i think the son might take over her role as a protector or maybe another descendant from her line.
  9. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  10. Jan and Zumi you guys dont need to apologize. you guys are doing your best, and I respect that. i love the work you guys do. keep up the good work guys
  11. for the shrine of preservation, can we go in with the mysterious emblem? I tried but nothing seems to work. I know anju's pendant makes it work, but the npc old lady in blue in front the evergreen forest said it could open it.
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