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  2. I'm actually making a video on this, but the script is only half done. S- Torchic (Speed boost bulk up strat), Froakie (Protean), Turtwig (Super early access to earthquake plus curse makes it just like a Blaziken without speed) Worst starter is Squirtle simply because its the first starter you catch in the wild and at that point all the anti-water boss battles are behind you
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a wonderful day 🙂🎂

  4. Ame finally admits she hates water type starters

    Lin that's a Hydreigon


  6. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  7. While romance isn't planned I personally wouldn't mind programming in some sort of date event or maybe ones that let you form a strong bond with the character, myself. (Been writing some for Empyrean) However its alot more complicated in Reborns case due having about 4 times the amount of characters and the massive age range of said characters keep in mind that Cain is still 15.
  8. Jan is achieving storytelling levels that should not be physically possible
  9. the data was from the twitter of one of the devs. Insurgence is linked up to something that keeps track of stats like how many people defeated the elite 4 and how many tries it took them on average. Im not sure if its rpgmaker. It all gets converted into an Exel-like spreadsheet and I assumed they would use the data to balance the game if the future since they nerfed a few mons between updates.
  10. This is a pretty accurate review here's a few things ill personally add: There's far too many delta Pokémon (almost 200) during initial development they tried to make it sound like delta Pokémon were extremely rare and passed it off as if you found a legendary. Most of these deltas are actually garbage including 2 of the starters. (Eevee is actually the strongest starter while its the second most picked starter due to everyone swooning over D.Charmander) The other deltas are used due to the sheer OP'ness of the ones that were given to you in the first 2 updates. Analytics revealed that in the first week of the final update that of all the people that beat the elite four 100% of them had one or more of the 3 following pokemon: D.Scizor, D.Gardevior, and D.Bisharp. The first arc (Beginning - Mega rayquaza battle) was strong start and the second arc (ends at dragon ruins double battle) was also good but the final segment of the journey is where it all went wrong. It feels like the devs either just stopped caring or did nothing for the first 18 months and then rushed to finish the game in the last 6. The story is not mature or edgy in the slightest (it used to be) but almost half of the deaths in the game got retconned between updates to the point that there is practically no difference between the light and dark path I wouldn't get your hopes up on the next update it is 90% a graphic overhaul and quality of life changes
  11. Hang on...

    Ruby: There are no sides, we're all facing Salem together and together is the only way we're gonna get out of it.

    Ruby when speaking to the whole world: Ironwood can't be trusted


  12. Cinder only won that fight because it was a flashback

  13. Wait that guys Jarred? I literally spent the whole game calling him Vincent
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