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  1. theres a building with a side entrance in either jasper or beryl that explains Terra a little more
  2. Titania was looking for a way out of the relationship with Amaria and you gave her a legitimate excuse to leave and she still believes that you are looking like the best shot at beating Lin. Lin had already mind fucked Titania pretty good in the cave so shes pretty on edge at this point.
  3. Watching people suffer is clearly the more popular one but seeing somebody actually make 200 IQ plays with the field effect is entertaining for me, plus they are more likely to rage when their plan fails
  4. Shofus funniest moment for me was when he lost to the insurgence champion and forgot to edit it out then blatantly tried to pass it as beating reukra on the first try by having a fake reaction to the delta volcarona on the second attempt He also bragged about beating titania on the first try but i guess he forgot when he soft reset after the first turn cus sandslash scored a crit.
  5. and she has the ability to attack your life points directly
  6. Mimikyu with a focus sash can destroy her aegislash
  7. X items are being moved to the penthouse for E19 which is probably gonna be after Elite 4 tbh I find very little pride in battles that I win due to X-items I realized that I went overboard with them during the mansion gauntlet and tried really hard not to use them anymore. The only exception I find for this case is if you find them off the ground, then they are fair game.
  8. At least if he spends time combing the city for volunteers then he will probably encounter Simon and Terra's parents
  9. This one was worth getting the copyright claim
  10. at least ame did her job and ran the league Suz was supposed to help guard a crystal but decided to let someone else do it
  11. Ame: Take this Lin! 20 meter radius Dazzling Gleam!
  12. I don't remember how hard the devon corp puzzles were since my character was immune to ice physics and the conveyor belts and I still don't understand how I managed to do that.
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