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  1. I'll be honest and tell you what my grandma once told me: you think too much, and it's going to make you miserable. And it's pissing me off, because I have the same tendency. I used to think like that. Life's about adapting. It won't bend to ideals, or dreams. Blind optimism will crush you, but petty pessimism will drown you. Walk the middleground. Find the courage to take and actually go through the best options given to you, because it's always about making do with what you're given in order to keep a good conscience. People can't give you what they don't have. But you can carve
  2. My favorites are hands off https://imgur.com/1JIgTX7 and https://imgur.com/WxvYbED and https://imgur.com/gnVTsDR. I couldn't quite place why, but your style makes me think of Land of the Lustrous, somehow. I think it's because of the way you draw bodies lean and the characters' general melancholy appearance: to me there's always this focus on the faces and expressions, but when we see them in full-body image it's usually to showcase the fashion- right? I also like https://imgur.com/MSrJvFh where the focus shifts to the background. It's fun to play with colors! Good palette. Don't b
  3. Thanks! It's always fun to see how different artists tackle different challenges. The process is as fundamental as the rest, I'd say.
  4. Pfft, I'm quite the late replier, no big deal. And yeah! Sometimes simple is best. If you ever feel like sharing others pieces, I'll be more than happy look at your gallery.
  5. Only one thing's bothering me, it's the pacing of the shots and general camera movement: it's like I'm watching the video at 0.75 speed. Fight scenes are supposed to be snappy, but I'm not sure if I'm looking at a showcase or an dynamic animation sequence. I guess what I'm saying boils down to "I'm whining because I wanted it to be more fast-paced". The SFX are really good, how'd you make them? Same goes with the lighting to some extent. The models' key poses are fun, showy and easy to read, and it shows in the animation. Try to give some extra attention to your in-betweens, becaus
  6. Friendly reminder that Hirokazu Ando's a great composer. Here's The Star Conquering Traveler.
  7. Easiest way is to download SWM modular modpack ( https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/24930-swm-modular-modpack-e1840/ ). Backup your saves when using mods, of course, but "SWM - PredictRelationshipValues" allows you to use Psychic out of battle to display your relationships points. Or you could also use RPG Maker if you got it.
  8. I plan on having fun tinkering with team setups, that's for sure. That's really a comprehensive overview, thanks for taking some of your time: all those are neat things to know. I'm curious though, why Stunfisk?
  9. So it's called a rainbow team? Noice. And thanks for the feedback, it's cool. (If I didn't want to know what other people think, I might as well not post.) [Happy newb noises] For Magnezone I knew the setup wouldn't work, and I'm thinking of adding Torkoal like you said, I really like the lil guy. I kinda want to keep Magnezone though, he can really help in a pinch... Also I'm really liking Sonic boom thanks for that. I could set up Wiggly to praise the sun really hard, but its not the most efficient. The reason why I added Wiggly was that, out of memory, I'm l
  10. This whole premise began because I wanted to build a quaint competitive team for a reborn playthrough. There's this saying in french, "Après la pluie, le beau temps" or "After the rain, [comes] nice weather", and I wanted to make a team around that. There's a lot to fix, I feel like EV repartission and some teammates could use some work for starters. Politoed The most dreadful creature in existance. His name is Glenn for people who're curious. Mantine One of the MVPs, way too biased on that one. Named him Waver because I'm watching too much FATE lately.
  11. Just another tidbit for people still reading, if you want a good free software that's very similar to photoshop, I personally use KRITA. ( https://krita.org/fr/ ) Just a warning, it's not the best for sprite art, like PiskelApp or heck even paint.net, but all of those are good. It really just comes down to working with a tool that you feel comfortable with both in terms of learning curve and features.
  12. I really love Dolsidian, the idea of an underground whale is so cool. The colors go really well together and the overall design is nice to look at. I got an idea if you'd like: colored patterns on the glass armor. Iron and other contaminants can give obsidian a yellow to red color. Or when clustered crystals form into the dark glass, it makes patterns that looks like snow, or bubbles.
  13. Leafeon must have been hell to shade, it's really pretty. Torterra is good; it could have used a duller brown for the legs along with more "weight" or "puffiness" to make the snow look a lil' less flat. Mightyena's adorable, they really look like a gnarly husky.
  14. Whether from an unnerving/tragic position of disempowerment (like Evi Crystal said) or in tenseful scenario of undercover espionnage, I feel like working under Meteor would have been a huge opportunity to see its inner workings and explore the repercussions of its hierachy and morality on the characters. Imagine being forced to work under Lin, watching you like an hawk knowing full well you're not a grunt after the PULSE Abra fight, and reaching a fickle mutual understanding with Sirius as not to die lol.Or, given his respect for MC's strength, how about being given an offer to jo
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