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A wild fanart appeared!


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Temp.(?) HakuTaku post


Sketches (pg. 5)

I cannot figure out how to upload my sketches. I'll just upload them to tumblr then.

Meltdown (pg. 7)


part 2


part 3


part 4


I had two people on tumblr ask me to draw Fern having a emotional break down. Then someone on the Reborn ask the artists on there for Fern having a fit.

BUTTTT I’m not a very good writter so i could not protray Fern’s meltdown into words so i tried to do it visually. It did not came out how i wanted. Sigh.

More artsy goodness (pg. 7)


I messed up Taka's eyes.

Tipping point (pg. 7)

Hahahahah I need sleep.

Shade (pg. 8)

i may have been binge watching Saw series. His face is out of porpotion.
I think took a liking to Taka since he was based on that hot ghost gym leader from Johto.

Yer a wizard, Ari (pg. 8)


ZEL (pg. 8)

I can't decide on how to draw ZEL since that dude is a merge of two chicks and one male. SO i tried to draw ZEL in between genders.

Ame's #aesthetic (pg. 9)

I tried to draw Ame sprite earlier but i gave up becasue her dress design is mind boggling.
Sooooooooooo, now i have to go back into my files to review my fashion design class notes.

"BUT i finally defeated Randmous(?)!!" (pg. 10)

i don't even know. BUT i finally defeated Randmous(?)!!
and i bought an intuos pro pen and touch~ for college and my hobby~
i'll fix el later, he looks waaay to young.

(pg. 11)
Poison vs Psychic


For Sleppu (pg. 13)

for sleppu since you drew bae for me~ I'm getting used to the computer art touch screen thing. Lost that pen thingy.
i had no idea what i was doing.

Ultimax Suplex Hold (pg. 13)

Sorry i had to.
i read bodyslam and thought of that anime meme thing.

Nyu and Anna (pg. 14)

tumblr_nkqfkpCipc1up8lrko2_540.jpg That Nyu dude who live in a cabin full of pikachus. Bored snd this was stuck in my head for a while. Decided to just give him semi curly hair. French.

I was working on this one before i collapsed. Tried working on it again but the background broke. So i'll just leave it like that.

Florina and Kuro (pg. 15)

well my hand hurts but like that wont stop me!
Imma re line them in SAI later

Florina(i was drawing fern before i got sidetracked)

Fashionable Kuro sketch i found hidden in my trash folder.

Doodles (pg. 16)

I can't figure out how to put spoilers and its no fun.
Stress reliver doodles. I should stop.


I do like that theory about Noel and Anna being Radomus' kiddos. There's their hair, eyes, and skin tone color. Though there is something that concerns me on that theory as well. Radomus does not seem like someone to abandon his kids unless he was extremely devastated on his wife's dead that drove him to that point.



on a more happy note i ripped the blisters off~

Radomus (pg. 16)

idgaf anymore. tumblr_nl2p56rb7I1up8lrko1_540.jpg

Sketches (pg. 17)





Stress sketches. Tried to doodle cain again and wth. I dont know how Ciel looks.

Sketches II (pg. 17)

Welcome back Blank!





Sketches III (pg. 18)

Sketches dump. Never gonna color them

Bugsy shadow


Cal & Chandelure (pg. 18)

quick shitty phone doodles
I found the spray can in the tools<3 this time my babe lent me her pencil thing that touches screens.

Couldn't sleep so here's a rather messy Cal.
Ah why is this place dead. Where's are the others?

Edit #2
Hilda paint doodle. Practicing... and i lost her touch screen pen. Gave up.

Crossovers (pg. 20)

No motivation. Finger doodle while watching the grudge.
It took me a bit to paste the panels together.

I ran out of pens and i don't particularly like pencils.
Kuro as Reborn from khr
Vero as lavi from dgrayman
And decibel as sailor moon
moon. I think he's more daring.
Edit no 2
Edit no3
Edit no 4

Criminal (pg. 20)

Shelly no 2~

tumblr_nn6wdxiiQU1ur5sr9o1_400.jpg ignore that messed up fist.

“Icedcoffeeshipping!” (pg. 25)

A crackship that I forgot I doodled in the middle of the night yesterday. I call it icedcoffeeshipping! Yes I know the proportions are off. This was one of the ones I liked out of the bunch.

Samson (pg. 26)

A samson i'm satisfied with, though he came out younger than what I wanted.


“Taka” (pg. 26)


I need to re buy a tablet and I hate my mouse. Did you know that in sai there was a section called line art? hahahah well I just did

“lost files + scraps” (pg. 27)

Lost files + scraps


“coffee break” (pg. 28)


coffee break
I kinda drank coffee all day and got bored.

UMmm don't give me a warning point please
I'm sorry if I broke the rules

“Influenced by gentleman and gangnam style” (pg. 30)

tumblr_nvgcrfn7Yb1ur5sr9o1_1280.jpg Influenced by gentleman and gangnam style...I'm sorry. Julia is there because I didn't know who else comes into contact with Fern other than Ami, Julia and his twin~

I can't find my eraser.

More Sketches (pg. 38)


*I was half asleep sorry

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I'm going to suggest Radomus in his top hat. You can include other related characters like Luna and Gardevoir if you wish. What's the distinction between a suggestion and a request anyway? The first one leaves it up to you?

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Oh very nice! maybe we can use this thread to post future reborn related fanart as well. I really like your style, everything seems very fluid, i really liked your take on Cain. I do some drawing as well, so when my graphic tablet arrives, maybe i'l be able to post some stuff too.

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Temp.(?) pointblankerror post

"Grandmaster Radomus" speedpaint (pg. 5)



on a more happy note i ripped the blisters off~

Hello everyone! For awhile, I've been working on a large reborn drawing (and I mean LARGE) of all the gym leaders
So far I have 9 of 20 gym leaders done, and made a speedpaint of Radomus
(sorry for such horrible quality and how narrow the video is. I'm not sure how to fix that, since it's my first time making a speedpaint)
(if anyone has tips on how to fix that I'm all ears)

You better have BURN HEAL! (pg. 7)

remember that one time charlotte burned sigmund
i do

Dress Radomus(pg. 11)

im sorry i read that as just dress radomus with tiny hats and im just
im sorry

Sketches (pg. 12)

some sketches i did for my reborn leaders drawing (which i have 11/20 done so far)
also, sorry for large images!
x6Vzs3a.jpg?2(actual pose I'm using for terra)
57AYWRq.jpg?1(long hair or short hair titania?)
nEmdErU.jpg?1(for scar purposes)

Shelly (pg. 20)

shelly #1


or shelly #2?


Saphira WIP (pg. 21)

WIP of saphira i guess?


her hair was a nightmare to figure out
never again after i finish it

"the gym leaders of reborn" (pg. 22)

After putting blood, sweat, tears, almost losing the file, and 429 layers
i give you
the gym leaders of reborn


"Wish you were here ♥" (pg. 27)

made this awhile ago and forgot to post it. havent tried cell shading in a long time so
its not my best drawing but here
to compensate heres a tiny julia

EDIT: I really need to figure out a way to not have broken images

"Titania sketch" (pg. 28)

Titania sketch

"I like to think there were happier times in the Belrose family' (pg. 30)

I like to think there were happier times in the Belrose family


Adrienn (pg. 36)


believes xe can rebuild a whole region in a day

Edited by Freya
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From pure art appraisal standpoint, I think it's beautiful, and I really think your style gives the characters that much needed definition that only fanart/manga/anime interpretation could bring.

From a comparative standpoint, Alice (I think that's the portrayed protagonist's generic name) has a similarity to Amethyst (IRL, not in the game) and Luna, in which she has bangs that crest over the shoulders. It's sort of a silly staple that I looked for when searching for fan art of Alice on my own. Be it intentionally (as in, you wanted a windswept effect when creating your masterpiece) or not, It was hard for me to put two and two together who the female was. This is hardly criticism, she's excellent portrayed.

Things I -would- request if you took them.

- Vero (the "white" protagonist), or Kuro (the "dark" one) alongside...Fern in similar fashion to this photo.

- Top Hat Radomus.

- In-Game Ame.

- Ms. Craudberry confronting any player character.

- The player watching one of Shade's monitors in his gym.

- A college-try of Shade himself.

- Charlotte cigarette-singeing Dr. Connal.

- Ghost Kiki confronting the player at Byxboision (spelling may be horrid)

- Florinia crushing a league challengers dreams.

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Temp.(?) Sleppu post

Various characters (pg. 6)

oooh man there's so much good art here, i'm gonna start crying.
--also this is my first post on here so i'm super anxious that i might mess up but HERE I GO:

Decibel (who i've named Mor), Kuro(?that's his name right..), and Alice





and uhmmM, there it is *motions towards above drawings*

"yo did someone ask for Fern being a big five year old sore loser???" (pg. 6)

yo did someone ask for Fern being a big five year old sore loser??? because i am here to deliver *flexes*

spoiler alert: fern gets hecked up by typhlosion like 2 seconds after

Decibel (pg. 8)

I made a sidebar image for my reborn sideblog and it gave me... so much trouble... RIP

--and best wishes to you haku, hope to see you again sometime in the future...! :"0

"between the shag, glasses, and partly open chest, is anyone else reminded of a green austin powers" (pg. 8)

everyone's so talented and kind, heck yeah!! its so motivating

--also... hear me out okay... listen... Fern. but without his hair gelled to hell and back,
uptown funk plays in the bg

"SAVE ME" (pg. 9)

Obsidia Ward; Ondre (Quilava) vs Tangrowth (PULSE)
--I always feel so sad when I'm up against any pulse pokemon, RIP OTL

and man, everyone keeps getting sick huh :^(...throws blankets on all of you for extra protection. (summer needs to hurry up!!)

art dump (pg. 10)

me when anyone draws fern: *starts crying*
@zimvader42 YOU'RE GREAT... shh... i love it *softly pats computer screen*
*cracks knuckles* im gonna dump a bit of stuff here, apologies in advance... BE READY.






these last two are just doodles i do for my reborn blog each time i get a badge, ill update it as i get more! (btw, i named that trubbish Fern Jr)

Protag cards (pg. 11)







--after TEN MILLION YEARS... I've finally gotten around to drawing the reborn protag squad *flexes*
i kind of headcanon them to all just be part of this... idk, investigative group? Just to kinda check out what's going on with regions in dire situations (Reborn for ex.)

"T3RR4" (pg. 12)

tfw ur senpai requests smth from you... HOPE IT CAME OUT OK... _(:'3 」∠)_[/size]

RE:Haku (pg. 14)


tfw no bf :'^((( ... aaaaAAAA UR KILLING ME HAKU/ ////// this is too much for my tiny slep heart...ilu (also I think ari and combusken would be awesome partners)

*points* seriously i adore the outfit you gave cain. I would wrestle ten entire bears for it. ten ENTIRE bears

Taka (pg. 15)

taka alcantara confirmed for actual owl


*strikes a pose* its been a little while! have another decibel in a dusknoir outfit (because haku is great and has once again inspired me). decibel is all i draw apparently LOOKS UP..


Luna (pg. 25)

Luna is so pretty honestly... I wanna draw ten lunas always, at all times. (She was such a hard boss though RIP)

also @Will im afraid im going to have to arrest you because your artwork has stolen my heart ok BYE //SWOONS (seriously though that vero and that decibel are just. GORGEOUS. #INSP)

Edited by Freya
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Thanks for your praise and critique, Pokemaniac! I didn't know Alice was based on actual Ame till now lol. That kin considering she IS the creator. Fun fact: a while before discovering Reborn, I made a female character design with I played and saw the female MC I imagined she was the said character design. I've been meaning to draw ingame Ame and official Alice together~

I like your male MC and Fern, Charlotte burning Sigmund, and dream-crushing Flobot suggestions, so I'll keep tho people want tophat Randomus, that's a possibility too. The MC meeting Kiki' ghost scene sound great too, but I don't know how to portray it well. I need to work on my canvas designing skills OTL

Oh, well in that case, your imaginary protagonist looks VERY similar to the original one.

Ah, it shouldn't turn out too bad, given what you have already displayed.

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  • Administrators

If I look like Alice it's entirely a coincidence... All of the protagonists were just designed using items from our sprite shop and touching them up a bit. For Alice I picked the most popular hairstyle for girls at the time, but then ended up lengthening the back a lot when I redid it just because it looked less awkward. I guess that... had the side-effect of making it a lot like my own hair. Oops...

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  • Administrators

I was directed here by someone for Mismagius and I am not disappointed! Very nice.

To answer your question, yes, you can upload/post whatever you want so long as, obviously, it fits the rules and it's yours (or if it's not, there's credit for it), so go for it :P

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  • Administrators

Motivation or not, colour me impressed. That is really cool. Lucia looks awesome.

it also helps that you got my two favorite pokemon.

and yeah, I mean, don't let us tell you what to do. The colour thing is great but if you're more interested in sketches, by all means.

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jasmiinininja's art

Lucia (pg. 41)

Maybe someday I'll handle compliments like proper adult but not today. But oh my god people you're so sweet?? What did I do to deserve you???

(And you noticed Amy's top I'm so happy!)

Actually when I drew Alice I also sketched Lucia but wasn't too happy how she turned out.

tumblr_o6ll6aqymF1v6nrs4o1_400.jpgI tried to somewhat fix her but I don't think this one will ever look too superb so whatever (let me just post this drawing i'm not too happy about on internet it's not like somebody will see it or anything)

even more gorgeous pieces! (pg. 40)

Hello. It me. I was wondering if after all these weeks you'd like to meet.


Ah well let's get to the point.

I just wanna point out that under the first spoiler there is slightly sliced up meteor grunts, of course nothing gory but blood anyway. (please tell if it's not okay i'll remove it right away (i read the community rules but i found nothing that forbids this but i might have missed something)) So if you still wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat remembering that whole Titania ordeal skip the first one~

tumblr_o6i5jkahnG1v6nrs4o2_500.jpgDon't play knife tag children

tumblr_o6i5jkahnG1v6nrs4o6_500.jpgTbh I don't even know which one i pity more

tumblr_o6i5jkahnG1v6nrs4o5_540.jpgSerra serving legs for days

tumblr_o6i5jkahnG1v6nrs4o4_540.jpgWhat am I even doing anymore.

So this was meant to be like cool epic pokemon battle. At least twice this wide and battle in the middle epic and dramatic and everything I wanted to draw. But then I was like "fuck this is huge i might not have enough time to finish serras gym" And since I had already started and didn't want to waste the background here's the second best. Blake soaring with the grace of dying seagull. I am very sorry.

tumblr_o6i5jkahnG1v6nrs4o3_400.jpgSomebody should get Solaris a vacation because that man might die stress related heart attack before anybody catches enough time to stab him on the back.

tumblr_o6i6ua8Sky1v6nrs4o1_1280.jpgBtw if anybody wonders which of my drawings I have ever related to most it's this fucking thing.

tumblr_o6i5jkahnG1v6nrs4o1_400.jpgGreatest battle of reborn was Zero vs abra the sass machine

tumblr_o6i5jkahnG1v6nrs4o8_540.jpgOn scale from one to Zero how bad would you be with backtalking children.

In case you didn't get the referencetumblr_inline_nhl0xxsZZm1rnhesm.png(Sorry for dump zel sketches but i just like angry zero so much)

Maybe that was enough trash for today goodbye and please forgive me

"Actually Alice" (pg. 40)

Take me I'm yours.

I. Am. So. Late. To the party. Should probably visit here more often. But still regarding whole Alice's outfit thing (I kinda feel bit related to this too) I sketched this to you Masquerain~ Actually Alice

tumblr_o605ecxeTJ1v6nrs4o1_400.jpg(sorry it's kinda bad but it's midnight and i have fever *sad violin plays in the distance*)

I'm sorry Alice that I brutally ripped off your design and used it for my own ocs creation but you'll forgive me 'cause you're sweet lil blondie

Reborn's shinies (pg. 39)

Don't worry she won't be standing too long.

(i had to okay i thought that when i drew her) Thankyouthankyouthankyou ima leave now

Hey if I throw these here nobody can accuse me for spamming.

Reborn shinies are related to reborn yes


Just sketches-taken-too-far so kinda crappy, but these were super fun to make

More gorgeousness (pg. 39)

People are probably getting second-hand embarrassed for me posting this much shit. I swear I'll chill. But yup prepare for trouble and make it quadruple.

tumblr_o4o0e2dIOQ1v6nrs4o3_400.jpg You expected reborn but it was me, rejuvenation!

tumblr_o4o0e2dIOQ1v6nrs4o4_500.jpgJust innocent gardener nothing suspicious going on here keep walking

tumblr_o4o0e2dIOQ1v6nrs4o9_400.jpgLegolas what do your anime eyes see?

tumblr_o4o0e2dIOQ1v6nrs4o2_400.jpgPrison break season 5

tumblr_o4o0e2dIOQ1v6nrs4o8_400.jpg Layer features begged mercy yet I kept going

tumblr_o4o0e2dIOQ1v6nrs4o1_400.jpgEyless-Jack, tangela and light bulb

tumblr_o4o0e2dIOQ1v6nrs4o5_1280.jpg In Apophyll Academy you can ~hire a samurai~

tumblr_o4o0e2dIOQ1v6nrs4o7_500.jpg Aya's theme is Poison and Cain's is Toxic, yes?

tumblr_o4o18eLKO21v6nrs4o1_1280.jpg"I hate this. I hate this so much..." Goddamn Lumi stop making me feel things

*mumbles about tumblr and bigger pictures and leaves through the back door*

Victoria (pg. 38)

Woop comics gimme all

Sorry but I just have to comment you're all too nice... (have my upvotes cause I'm lame)

Yeaa Victoria kinda looks like a cheap Chinese knock-off :''D (Vittoria from pokeman baby born) (and taka is a bit tragic too)

tumblr_o3639asY1s1v6nrs4o1_500.jpgsry gurl i'll make this up someday

And I'm really happy that people like chandelure and orphanage ones, I had most fun while doing those so it means much~ And yup, last one is from rejuvenation (I fell for it too, weak before temptations)

Lets end with shameless self-advertising which is that if you happen to have any requests feel free to message me :''D

"Yas kweens slay with dem arts." (pg. 38)

Yas kweens slay with dem arts.

Again I drew some trash rather than read geography.


tumblr_o346r8yqa51v6nrs4o2_500.jpgYapping pups versus creep and his son. Battle of the decade.



Yes hello I am very innocent building surrounded by other totally harmless houses nothing suspicious going on here please ignore screams of suffering children.

tumblr_o346r8yqa51v6nrs4o4_400.jpg *Fern voice* "Do a flip!"

tumblr_o346r8yqa51v6nrs4o5_400.jpg Ok terminator chill out. Go swing from that chandelure or something but siriusly calm down.

(I'll throw this bonus one too here if it's ok)


So your lovely ship trip ended in some weird attack and boat was basically blown up your mom still inside with those awful human eating vines and dozen dead bodies and now you're in completely unfamiliar city alone with some weak ass 'mon and don't know what to do or where to go and just want a hug. But u know, adventure ahead yay!

Yes I started pokemon rejuvenation yes I am too passionate about my oc's and yes I got carried away by the layer features

And again, bigger versions on tumblr and blah blah.

"#squad" WIP (pg. 37)

Pretty portrait of Adrienn, I really like how you colored hair. Flow of that ponytail

I have day off, so decided to draw #squad.

tumblr_o285gebiV91v6nrs4o1_1280.jpgGonna finish these nerds someday, if I survive Fridays exam.

scenery porn (pg. 36)

Oooh so much awesome art in one place. This pleases me~ (Shh I did not just went through the whole thread)

Because I don't know how to start posting on this forum I'll just throw these here. Oldest to newest, bigger versions are on tumblr...

tumblr_o1v6yufhTg1v6nrs4o3_500.jpg Too edgy for indoors.

tumblr_o1v6yufhTg1v6nrs4o5_1280.jpg Iolia valley was so pretty.

tumblr_o1v6yufhTg1v6nrs4o7_400.jpg (Matti) Vanhanen castle. :D

tumblr_o1v74zqLDi1v6nrs4o1_1280.jpg Always so magnificent Shitbrown lake.

tumblr_o1v6yufhTg1v6nrs4o2_500.jpg Yes, this is ridiculously edgy but come on Shades gym was grim.

tumblr_o1v6yufhTg1v6nrs4o1_500.jpg Chatot here to rescue your weak ass.

tumblr_o1v6yufhTg1v6nrs4o4_1280.jpg But everything changed when fire gym leader attacked.

tumblr_o1v6yufhTg1v6nrs4o6_400.jpg All rise before dittorceus!

tumblr_o1v6yufhTg1v6nrs4o9_1280.jpg "I said no high strikers before we've found Aya."

Edited by Freya
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  • Administrators

On the money. Apparently a pre-requisite of owner-status here is liking Mismagius

For this reason, it is with great regret that we had to let Edge go.

*ahem* Anyway, yes, I myself like Gardevoir and Staraptor as well (and purple in general, so the first picture works for me too lol), but Mismagius is the top and why a little birdie linked me here.

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