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[OFFICIAL Q&A] Ask the Rejuvenation dev team!


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On 7/12/2019 at 3:36 PM, Jan said:

Definitely not. I understand the ability is useless, but without that ability Slaking is just too powerful. 

Maybe, instead of outright removing Truant. you could replace it with something like Slow Start, or remove Truant, but lower Slaking's stats


14 hours ago, Jan said:

Technically, the player already does with the Solrock/Lunatone fusion.

Considering Nim has the Fusion during her battle, wouldn't that be her unique Pokemon?

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as per usual can't answer all of them, but here's a good chunk of your questions answered again!




8 hours ago, ChrisC said:

I was wondering, will the 8 gen pokemon will be put into the game during v13 or v14?

We're gonna try for V13. This will come with a good amount of graphical and technical work, so it'll take a while for the next version to come out, likely :^(


7 hours ago, Hydrogen said:

Could you post a link for v1-8? It might be interesting to play and see how much the game improved and changed.

Maybe some day, but for now those versions will remain in the fridge for the time being 😄


6 hours ago, Tj simmons said:

I Quick Question, The light and dark prophecy about the four light and four dark and with what we know now about it, is the Mc apart of the prophecy or that doesn’t apply to him/her?

Seeing that he/she is the Interceptor 



6 hours ago, Alisae said:

not sure if someone asked this, but I thought I'd give it a go


Is there a chance we'll see more of Nancy? Like, is she gone for good?

Don't think we can answer that one for you yet!


5 hours ago, enderowl said:

Just wanted to ask three more questions and that is it.

1: How long has the MC been on their journey ever since the S. S. Oceana was raided and sunk to the bottom of the sea?

2: Which version had a easy development cycle?

3: Which MC design is your favorite out of the six that you can choose from?

1) I'd say a couple of months!

2) V12, for sure! Probably the shortest dev cycle we've had in years. Everything aside from that one nasty team switching bug we had went incredibly smoothly and pretty much without a hitch (yes the whole files lost thing during the "hack" was completely fake and i am, as a couple of people have said, full of shit LOL) so I think it's safe to say that was the best cycle so far.

3) Personally I love Ariana and Alain (braids girl and white haired nb) the most!


5 hours ago, hoshi said:

Will there be another public development thread for 8th gen shinies? I wasn't around when the first one happened and I would really like to help!

Not sure tbh, it's possible but it's also entirely possible that the devs during implementation already might do a couple of custom shinies, so we'll see by the time the full dex comes out and we have all the sprites we need.


5 hours ago, EliteFlyingTaco said:

You said earlier in this thread Amanda wasn't always a robot, was she turned into one or was she replaced by a robot double?



4 hours ago, Fireguy said:

What makes you decide to remove or add  certain event pokemon from the game? Examples being Shadow Tympole and Shadow Toxicroak.

Some mons would just be too good around that point in the game, so it's for balancing reasons.


2 hours ago, Magus543 said:

Okay this one is for @Zumi, i really like Amethyst factory, what was the inspiration for the song?

Actually that's one of the songs that I didn't put much thought into LOL, I made that song when I was still using Mixcraft and a bunch of loops and shitty midi instruments, so I just slapped something together and was like "THIS SOUNDS LIKE A FACTORY THEME LETS USE IT FOR THAT" so it's. not that deep LMAo i'm booboo the fool


by now i'm putting more thought into songs + i'm using FL studio so dshjsd


17 minutes ago, SunSlash said:

What was the thought process that went into making rejuvenation?

Jan played Reborn for the first time and wanted to make his own game, I'm pretty sure. It first was a game he just made for his friends (me included!) without really having the intention to release it publicly, but a couple of us pushed him to release it on the forum here and it's kinda??? gone from there??? got WAY out of hand, had a couple of aneurysms in the process, shit caught fire and jan probably died four times during development, but now here we are at seaworld


jokes aside, i obviouslly cannot speak for jan himself as of what his actual thoughts are behind rejuv, but i'm pretty sure he just wants to tell a story of his own. he can probably give a more detailed explanation about the thoughts, all i can tell you is about the origins of the game.


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Well, i have a few questions here for the devs, if they'd so kindly answer!

1) What was the most frustrating thing to deal with during the development of a new version of Reborn?


2) What is all of your favorite foods?


3) What is the favorite foods of all the main cast?

4) What pieces of Music (could be from any source) would be the Main PC's/The Interceptor's Theme?


5) Out of sheer curiosity....was "Mr. Ren" Nastasia's Childhood Crush? yes, i totally ship them


6) Is the Tournament inspired by a Tournament arc from another videogam/anime/manga? (like the N1 Grand Prix from Megaman Battle Network 3)


Sorry for the little bombardment of questions, just wanted to ask a few questions that were nagging me at the back of my head.

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Ahh, when I saw this thread 2 days ago I was like "omg this is awesome, I have questions... but I can't remember any of them right now o-o", then I saw that it's only open for a week and was even more like "omgggg", so this morning I thought about some things I'd like to ask. (This could get a bit lengthy.)


First of all though, thank you for the opportunity and also thanks for making Rejuvenation, Jan, Zumi and dev team ❤️ I fell in love with the game and kinda "marathon-ed" it in a week when I played it for the first time last September (after my bro had recommended it to me 😄). I also did an intense run in ~Feb/March and boy that was hard, haha. Anyways, feel hugged, you guys, for making such an awesome game! Keep up the good work, but don't forget to take breaks ❤️ 


Here are my questions:


Development & technical questions


1) So, idk if this was ever mentioned, but who is part of the development crew and who does what? Also, which part is the most / least fun for you while developing the game? I'm kinda curious about that.


2) What was the weirdest or most unexpected bug you've experienced during development until now? And which feature was the hardest to implement until now?


3) Will the in-game menu from V11 come back sometime? I read it was removed because it was laggy for some people, but are you considering to add it again if you can manage to reduce the lag? (I thought it was really pretty, but can't do anything about it if it doesn't work properly, sadly 😞)


Characters & story


4) I know Zumi said the ages of our main characters are more or less up to our own imagination (or ~18 years), but I've been wondering about the age of some other characters. 


Specifically, Nastasia and Karen.

Guess I can elaborate on this a bit. It's kinda obvious that Nastasia and Anastasia from the past are the same person, so if she aged normally she should be around mid fifties. Am I right about this?

Karen on the other hand - I'm just not sure. From her in-game sprite I thought she'd be around Tesla's age, but her battle sprite (from the sidequest) looks younger and also guessing from her diary entries I'd say she's around the same age as Damien, Alexandra, Ryland and Adam? Talking about those four - am I guessing right that they're a bit older than the main cast?


5) Another question about ages: Who is older, Melia or Erin?


6) This one is kind of a weird question, and I might not get an answer. 


Were Alice and Allen the same person? Because when they were sent to us from the toy box I remember one of them saying "so we finally separated completely" or something along the lines. I also remember back in the Unknown dimension we never saw them together on the screen at the same time.


7) Will we ever find out Alice's real name?


8) How many of the Elite 8 have appeared in the game until now? (Just "appeared", doesn't mean "we" / our protag have met them yet).




9) This question goes to Jan. Since I've played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky for the first time ever this year I've been wondering - are you a fan of the PMD series? While playing the game there were so many times when I was like "ohh, I know this song from Rejuvenation :D" 


10) V12 question so I'm gonna put it in spoiler tags.


Was the Texen part planned or was it added in because of all the people memeing Texen in the Reborn discord? Either way I laughed so much 😂


11) Do you generally like reading the player reactions to story & sidequest content?


12) This one is addressed at all of the dev crew: What's everyone's favourite Pokemon?


I think this is all for now, I knew it would get long 😨 


Also, I just wanted to mention this, but since this whole interceptor thing started I've got a feeling by the time Reju ends the fourth wall will be shattered into pieces and I'm looking forward to it! 😂

Love you guys, I'm out ❤️

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Now here's something more behind the scenes, how did Kanon go from generic romantic rival to Venam and jerkass to us for some reason from what i can tell off older builds, to literally a magic construct slave? 


Also: Was V12 supposed to have a branching route because we were given the option to join Team Bladestar, yet V12 acts like we oppose Flora. Illusion of free will shattered. 

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-Is the red-haired girl with the Naganadel called Freya, by any chance? Why has she and Kieran relatively weak pokemon besides their UB? (Stantler, Klingklang... it's almost contradiction how less threatening they are compared to them)


-In earlier Versions, we fought Nastasia with her full team. Why was that battle removed? 


-Why could Allen easily destroy the Garufa Machines while we, the interceptor, couldn't so easily?

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Why is Xerneas the mascot of this game even though we haven't seen/ heard anything about it yet?

Also Zumi responded that the reason the SS. Oceana was attacked was to gather prisoners, but didn't Nastasia said that they were there to gather Nancy, and that the kidnapping is to "silence" the witnesses? I'm sure gathering prisoners was a reason for attacking it, but it wasn't the only reason, was it?

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Some questions I have was when creating Pokémon rejuvenation did you

1. Have a storyline/plot already set up for the game like a road map since the beginning and think up more new plot points as you’ve done more versions.

2. Have any unused content that was taken out story wise before the release of any of the versions.

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Okay, here's one. How the heck were you able to make it so that we could swap characters, get their teams in our party, and then when it came time to swap back, we got our team back how it was before the swap? Like, is it all just pure eventing, or is there a script that goes along with it?


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I have a question. How do I switch to the other version of my character in game? (White-haired Alain to Blue-haired Alain) The Time Splicer Stone in Valor Mountain is shattered for some reason and with the sewers revamped, I see no Time Splicer Stone there either.

EDIT: Does not need to be answered anymore, I got it! 

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On 7/14/2019 at 2:13 PM, SilverAngelus said:

I have a question. How do I switch to the other version of my character in game? (White-haired Alain to Blue-haired Alain) The Time Splicer Stone in Valor Mountain is shattered for some reason and with the sewers revamped, I see no Time Splicer Stone there either.

How Far are you in the V12? , you can just change your clothes at Rhodea's penthouse in your room with the box 

Edit: Hope I answered your question :>)

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Just now, Majin J-Awesome_One said:

Yea. When you do 1 of the help requests in Kakori Village, they appear and they basically want people to not ask for help and fix their own problems.

Oh...I didn't do their sidequests

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Hey guys, a little reminder to not use this thread for inquiries about the game a la bug reports and save file issues! This is moreso to ask about the development/story of the game or personal questions specifically for the devs.

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On 7/11/2019 at 11:11 PM, Zumi said:

So... Lately we've been receiving a lot of questions in regards to the game -- more specifically about the story. We would like to clear a couple of these doubts or questions up, so this thread will remain open for a week to ask about anything in regards to Rejuvenation! This could be about the storyline, but also about the background or behind-the-scenes stuff in regards to the creation or writing of the story. Or, you could just ask the dev team how they've been experiencing development so far! The thread is meant less for the technical aspect of the development -- but if you're curious, you can still ask questions about it.


Answers will mostly be provided by @Jan and me, but it's possible that other dev members like Azery (change ur name binch!!! i cAN'T @ U), @Winter or @Alex chime in from time to time as well if they're able to answer the questions better than others can! Hopefully we'll be able to clear up any doubts or questions you might still have. We'd like you to stay courteous however -- any crude questions (i.e. "can you kill off this character bc they suck") will be ignored and removed. Aaaand of course we won't be able to give clear answers about most unreleased content, though that should speak for itself. 


Before you post in this thread, we'd like to answer three of the most prominent questions that have been asked lately. We'd like you to read these thoroughly before posting! If these questions are repeated in the thread, they will be deleted as well.







You're finally going to get one in V13!


No. There have never been plans for romance routes, or a set romance at all. The MC is not going to end up dating someone whatsoever -- And the relationship points you gain from hanging out with characters are not used for romantic intentions, but rather will affect how future events might play out later in the game. Right now there's no direct notable consequences, but they will affect future events, so they are still important.


No. Melia has no romantic feelings towards the player. Instead, Melia is in love with Venam and vice versa -- They simply haven't outright confessed to each other yet. There's been multiple hints towards this and proper buildup as well, but Venam and Melia definitely are attracted to each other in the romantic sense -- not in just the platonic sense.





If you've got all that, go ham! We'll be happy to answer your questions! The thread will be open for a week, after that it'll close. A new thread might be made after V13, but that's still up in the air so we'll see around the time that's out. Still gonna take a while unfort 😔


Have fun!


I have one welllll three questions. 1) Will Mosely come back to the main story? 2) Will Ana from the children quest go into the main story? 3) I know at one point mosely had feelings towards the main character. Will there be anyone else that has feelings towards the main character?

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