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On 9/5/2020 at 12:04 PM, bruhtonium said:

You can watch all of melia's choices here:




Thank you for providing this. 
I never regret my choices because I research them thoroughly (Here I went with 'Do nothing') but I still get super curious what the others entail. 


Here is the theory I've crafted:


Maria/Marionette was sacrificed much, in the same ritual, Vivian sacrificed herself, and thus as it did with Vivian, it produced a reincarnation line with Melia as the current incarnation.


In the post-apocalyptic timeline, Melanie is pretty clearly a or perhaps the version of Melia who was never placed in Jenner's care so was raised with coldness and greed presumably by Indriad rather than with love, compassion, and individuality similar to how Kenneth never became Keta.
We've never met Indriad in our present timeline...or well at least a present version of him but what became of him hasn't been established and if he's dead in our timeline he doesn't have to be in this one, clearly a lot changed.


I find it interesting how Melanie seemed to be aware of who Melia was and what physical contact with her meant. Furthermore that while she either lured or tried to lure Melia into the merge in 'Hand it Over' and 'Try to Escape', she feared and avoided it in 'Do Nothing' indicating that she knew whether or not she'd come out dominant. How was she more astute than Melia who knew nothing until receiving Madam X's vague warning?


Someone in the comments points out some smart irony in 'Hand it Over'. 
At one point Madam X told Valarie: "There's always a bigger fish waiting to take everything from you." to which Valarie responds by figuratively spitting in her face with the rebuttal question of who that would be. 
Then at the coronation Madam X's helmet is sitting next to the throne implying that Melanie over powered her. 


On the subject of the 'Hand it Over' scenario, I was confused as to how Amber was able to sense the wrongness of the outcome and retain at least an inkling of the PC's existence after we're erased. This seems to reveal that Amber is important and might possess a special ability like Melia and the PC but how?


FYI: For those in a position that doesn't allow them to watch the video, this old thread contains brief written summaries of each outcome:


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