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20 hours ago, Mei-o_Scarlett said:

Ok correct me if I'm wrong but I remember someone here said this game will be up to v16 which is fair enough

But also heard that Madame x identity and stuff won't be resolved until then?

So we gonna get another reborn situation where we don't deal with the endgame boss until actual end of the post game or something

Correct me if I'm wrong but it'll be pretty anti climatic tbh if reju goes the same route


I am pretty sure Jan debunked that in one of his Asks at Tumblr.

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On 12/1/2021 at 3:10 AM, Nocturne93 said:

It's probably related to the project with the drill. There's a large building on the east side of town where you can learn more about it. 


As confirmed on Jan's Tumblr account, the mining cave in Akuwa Town was planned to be postgame. As, and I quote, "Cerulean Cave type deal." So yeah we won't be getting it for a long while but we can speculate as to what it could be.

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Hy, just started a new run and being on Chapter 4 now.

Before I go to Route 3, wanted I do all missing Sidequests.

I found Erin in the libary in East Gearen City.

I just want to know if I can encounter her again in the next time, or will I just see her later in the story again?

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I don't know where I can say this but I will say it here; Rejuvenation is an amazing game..holy cow; I love this story! why did it take so long for me to think of playing it...love it very much, thanks for making this great game guys! I look forward to its completion one day; For now, gonna enjoy the rest of the game. =)

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