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The Last, Only, and Very Final X% Hype Thread

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35 minutes ago, Protonymic said:


I can't take Fern seriously at all, he's so ridiculously over the top as an asshole that it loops back around and I can't hate him. Besides, people in-game hate him. What really pushes me off the edge with Kiki and Victoria is that nobody calls them out for the heinous stuff they pull. Cal might as well be the Hero of Reborn City for removing her.


I also have no idea what Sigmund's deal is. Is he legit insane and thinks he still has legal authority despite joining up with Team Meteor? Or are the laws of Reborn City just that godawful? Saphira stopped Charlotte and Noel from beating his ass at their house because apparently it would be illegal, so it's not just his idea. So considering Ame seems to be part of city law enforcement when she happily watches a grunt get tortured via Torkoal in the beginning, does she have any legal authority to tell Ze Doktor to get his kiddie fiddling hands off the kids?

Hahaha... Yeah, you're right about Fern. I can't take that guy seriously as well. He talks so big and yet he is among the weakest recurring opponents throughout the whole game. If not THE weakest^^

And yet his attitude just makes you want to shut him up for good.


About Ame happily watching a Team Meteor grunt getting tortured....whats wrong with that? I don't mind giving criminals a piece of their own medicine and have them experience the pain and suffering they caused for their victims. But torturing innocent children like Dr. Connal does is just about as sick as it gets. Heather is already in a bad enough mental condition after learning the truth about her father being with Team Meteor and then later learning about his suicide.


I'll be honest with you: At that point where the player storms the "Orphanage's" top floor to save Heather, if the game gave me the option to do so, i would have killed Dr. Connal right there without hesitation or a second thought.

I mean....i DO have a fully evolved Charizard (which is my favorite starter) by that point, so BBQ all the way i say!

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We’re almost thereeee


For post game 😄


Also revamping of graphics???



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Besides Fern and Titania, the character I hate the most is Sirius. Not only has he harmed multiple families to get the keys, He destroyed Eclipse's soul. For that I consider him to be worse than Lin and any other pokemon villain besides maybe Indriad/Vitus/Sirius/whatever that guy's name is from Rejuvenation.

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