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Welcome to the Reborn Mafia Club - a club where you learn the art of deception, understand and build trust, and find meaning in doubting and analyzing. We also have a small community where you can express yourself and build bonds with others. Join the club to learn more!
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  2. oh das alotta questions 1. M&M's 2. Spur of the moment, but also Hexagons are the bestagons 3. Taste for sure, alot of positive things in life come from eating good food! 4. Well, I think im a musician, not really a writer or an artist at all, but im always down to try new things, provided I have the motivation. 5. Glad you asked, I am indeed trilingual! I know English, British, and even Canadian :D 1. My procrastination/lack of motivation 2. Well, for like an actual enemy, I guess just the potential to learn alot if/when I overcome t
  3. 1) Which personality are you on the 16 personalities test? Here's a link if you haven't taken it before https://www.16personalities.com/ 2) What's your favorite board game? 3) Which of the 10 Commandments have you violated the most? 4) Which mythological creature would you like to have as a pet if expenses, room and safety weren't an issue? 5) Weapon of choice? 6) What's your favorite extinct species? 7) If you could visit any place from any fictional media to visit for a week which would you pick? 8) Favorite metal?
  4. 1) Do you have a sworn enemy? 2) What kind of qualities do you look for in a sworn enemy? 3) Can I be your sworn enemy? 4) Do you have a favorite plant? 5) Favorite pokemon?
  5. 1) What your fave candy? 2) Why did you choose hexagon as your shape? 3) Which of the five senses do you like most? 4) Do you art, and if so what kind? 5) Do you speak multiple languages or just one?
  6. 1. I am hexagon, I used to go by Sinikuro, people call me both so idk anymore 2. I know Seal through Nicki who Ive known for the better part of 6 months now 3. no lol 4.probably
  7. Ok then 1) Who are you? 2) How do you know Seal and the other mafia members? 3) Have you ever played mafia games on the forums? 4) Do the Fresnel equations change if the refractive index of one material (or both) is complex?
  8. Some nerd named seals like: go do dis so im here idk what to expect
  9. We at mafia club have a discord game, everyone! To spread some fun around and hopefully revive some activity around here, I’d like to introduce a discord battle royale: Marvel edition! The game will take place in the discord server below, and mechanics will be detailed here as well as in the server. This will begin 2 to 4 days from today (Depending on how many people join). Hopefully everyone has fun! Mechanics! Characters!! Discord Server!!! Winning!!!! As with any battle royale game, everyone fights until there are around three of you left (depending on
  10. Unless somebody has some questions left I think I'm done.
  11. If Seal’s done then I will take on the gauntlet
  12. Levi is a really neat name, ah im sorry i was only asking for your first name, i shouldve specified :sadbread: NANII, youre much younger than i thought, i honestly thought youre in your 20s yes good, acquiring different skills and studying extra courses is always handy, good luck in your endeavors!!
  13. 1. Whats your real name? (you can skip if you want to) My first name is Levi but I won't share my last name, sorry. 2. How old are you? I am 17 years old. 3. did you graduate/finish your studies? I graduated from high school last wednesday. This year I'm taking an online course for 2 subjects I may need in the future. I'm also looking for another job this year to get enough money for my driving lisence and I'm going to look for another place to study because I didn't really have the chance to do that this year due to the lockdown.
  14. no one asked these so i will 1- Whats your real name? (you can skip if you want to) 2- How old are you? 3- did you graduate/finish your studies?
  15. 1. What is your favorite and least favorite class My favorite class is Heavy because haha minigun go brrrrrr. My least favorite class is Sniper but I don't dislike him. 2. What is your best and worst class My best class is also Heavy and my worst is either Spy or Sniper. 3. What is your favorie and least favorite weapon or build My favorite is probably the Brass Beast with the Second Banana and the Fists of Steel. It works pretty well if your team doesn't have a Medic. My least favorite build is pretty hard but if I had to choose I'd say Blutsauger with t
  16. A fellow tf2 connoisseur 1. What is your favorite and least favorite class 2. What is your best and worst class 3. What is your favorite and least favorite weapon or build 4. What is your favorite and least favorite game mode and why 5. What is your favorite and least favorite memory of playing tf2
  17. Man this thread is so sad It's like reading a history book except there's no blood and a lot more nostalgia
  18. 1. Any Mafia games that left the most memorable impression? That evolution one I mentioned earlier was really creative and well thought out. I'm going to look for it and read it back tomorrow. 2. Who do you think are the best players in Mafia and would you kill them if given the chance? The ones that have been here the longest always seem the most intimidating to me, but I don't like killing the best players early because I get the feeling that happens a lot to them.
  19. 1. How often were/are you lucky with rolls in dnd? Almost never, my rolls are awful. 2. Do a top 3 of the games you liked the most I assume you mean mafia games, here they are in no particular order. I liked Dive's last FE game because I had a big part in it and I had a lot of fun. Drakyle hosted a halloween themed one a few years ago, that was also very fun. I don't remember who did this one but a few years ago there was an evolution based one where you awnsered a question each night and based on the awnser you evolved into a different species and gain a new ability.
  20. 1. What's favorite colour? Orange I'll change the text to orange when I get back on my pc. 2. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? Your own country doesn't count. Probably Java, it has beautifull nature and architecture. I could also easily communicate because I believe they speak Dutch as well. 3. What's your favorite mafia role(s)? Jailor probably, because you can have pleasant conversations at night. 4. Do you like anime? If so do you have a favorite one? What about genres? I don't really watch anime. However
  21. Haha tidseeker Anyway Any Mafia games that left the most memorable impression? Who do you think are the best players in Mafia and would you kill them if given the chance?
  22. 1. What's your favorite class? Good ol' wizard probably, although I don't like how WOTC worships wizard like a deity compared to other classes. 2. What's your favorite race? I don't really know. Any race can be a blast if I dig my character. If I had to choose I'd probably say dwarves. 3. Do you prefer DMing or playing? I like playing more but I like DMing as well but only if I can be a player from time to time. 4. Can you share with us your favorite character that you've created? My favorite character is a kenku eldritch knight sailor na
  23. Oh nice to know you play dnd too Seal! I have some questions but i don't think they will be so interesting as were the previous ones 1. How often were/are you lucky with rolls in dnd? 2. Do a top 3 of the games you liked the most 3. Do you prefer to be: town, mafia or third party? 4. What's your favorite pokemon? If you can't choose you can do a top 3! 5. Are you introvert or extrovert? You can skip this question if you want owo

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