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Welcome to the Reborn Mafia Club - a club where you learn the art of deception, understand and build trust, and find meaning in doubting and analyzing. We also have a small community where you can express yourself and build bonds with others. Join the club to learn more!
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  2. Stardew Valley - Festival Mafia In the quaint and charming Stardew Valley, the peace is about to be disturbed as some residents plot and scheme for their own devious plans... Choose your character and be either the hero that protects the peace, the villain that wreaks havoc, or neither. MAFIA OVERVIEW SETUP INFO GAME NOTES This game will be played on a Discord server. Below is the link: https://discord.com/invite/jeHjzYfPag Sign-ups have closed and the game will begin soon! More details and mechanics await in the server!
  3. Hi! New to this, but here are my Interviewee votes: 1. Mindlack 2. Dreamy 3. Shing Do I wait to pose my questions, or do I do so now? O.o
  4. Day 2 The day starts with the church's bell ringing. Normally, this is nothing new but the nuns and acolytes of the local church is going around town asking for everyone to gather at the town square. There, they are announcing the coming of a new priest, Nano. "I had gathered you here today to introduce myself to you," Nano said. "I'm the newly appointed priest for this town. I had come here for a mission. That is, to liberate this town from the lurking dangers from the shadows," Lykos was listening among the crowd, listening to Nano talk. He isnt a firm believer of religion so nano's words just simply sounds empty to him. When suddenly, "That bored looking fella over there. What is your name?," Nano said pointing at Lykos. Day 2 is still incomplete feel free to comment
  5. Night 1 The series of events all started when Jace, a confident looking guy, was out playing cards in a certain bar. To your average folk he looks really at home gambling at the bar. What they didnt know is he is using his acute sense of smell and hearing and silently muttered to himself, "ah vampires are here. Looks like I have to prepare for every odd night," "What did you say?" asked one of the players who is playing cards with him. "Nothing, I already won," and Jace stood up dropping a royal flush... Meanwhile, in some unassuming house, a mass of flesh is undulating and slowly forms an androgynous looking human. Its name is Bok. Bok, who had been living peacefully with the primitive primates, got attracted here by some chanting. Bok usually responds to this calls as Bok secretly tries to protect the primates from the descent of unknowable horrors. However this time, Bok sensed that the evils lurking here are connected to the children of the moon and the descendants of the bloodsuckers. So this time, in order to protect the primates, Bok snapped its fingers and two certain people got swallowed by a twisting dimension and got swapped positions! Alistair the werewolf was praying to the moon when he suddenly felt dizzy and found himself standing nearby a mansion in the middle of the town while falirion, a rich gentleman, also felt dizzy and found himself standing in the middle of a farmland. While both of them knows the town like the back of their hands, it was certainly peculiar to found themselves in a totally unrelated place. Alistair thinks that this must be a sign given to him by the moon goddess so he thought of it as a blessing. Meanwhile, falirion immediately identified that this was a work of an ancient being. After all, he is also one. What he found curious is that he sense no malice from the power being used. Usually beings that can exert such powers very malevolent being so for now, he take note of it... In a small tavern near the outskirts of the town, Aldo, a shabby looking guy, was ranting on a guy named Astra who is surprisingly doesn't really stand out even though the former is really being loud. In a dark alley near the tavern, Lia, a young kid, was playing by himself when suddenly he got approached by a seductive lady named Hypurr. "Are you lost kid?" Hypurr asked. Lia being alerted of the stranger, suddenly ran away back to his house. Nano, the newly appointed priest in town, secretly went out of the church to use the blessed tool provided by the church which detects monsters in its vicinity. He saw lykos, the town watch, doing his patrols so he tried to follow him secretly and hide in a dark corner before activating the tool. From there, the tool didnt have any reaction which implied Lykos is a human. While walking on his usual patrol path, Lykos suddenly saw a hooded person vanishing out of thin air only to be replaced by a rich looking old man. He identified this person as falirion. He got confused for awhile but for a guy like him who dont believe in myths and magic, he just simply assume that he was tired and didnt noticed the gentleman earlier. He decided to observe falirion for awhile and noticed that there's a strong scent of herbs in the air. Looking around he found Nicki, the local healer doing something with the herbs nearby. As he isnt really well versed with this kind of things he just assume thats normal and not related to magic whatsoever. Caimie the vampire slayer was standing on top of a roof of a certain mansion. he was looking at a certain window inside the mansion in which Candy was sleeping. Caimie knows that vampires tend to pose themselves as nobles considering their pride and accumulated wealth through out their long life span so he decided to investigate Candy, who was a visiting noble. However, based from what he has observed and from the tools on his arsenal, he merely shaked his head and head off to the night as it seems Candy is merely a human. Meanwhile, In a dark room somewhere, Bean instructed his followers to secretly spread propaganda against candy... In a dark corner of the town proper, Kiet, a child, was sulking cuz his prank didnt seem to trigger... After awhile, his eyes gleamed red and suddenly shown his true nature: a vampire. He tried to attack a burly man walking down the street. To his surprise however the guy rapidly turn into bats. "Name's Drago. I didnt expect to see a kin here tonight," the burly man said with eyes gleaming red. N1 is now complete feel free to comment
  6. Chronicles of Dark Ages 3 Hello everyone! This is Dee tryna put some activity here in the club to let you forum lurkers know that mafia club is alive and well its just that we moved games to be discord centric now. Anyway, this thread is meant to just put a summary of the events that transpired on Dark Ages 3, a mafia game held in discord so that the records of it isn't lost to everyone... Well for as long as this forum exists that is. Anyway let start shall we? The Roles: As this is a game of mafia these were supposedly the roles for this game. Take note not every role was actually used in this game. The Players: Since this is based from actual events that happened in the game, I call em players but since I'm planning to write this summary as if its some sort of story, then think of em as casts and the descriptors use on them doesn't represent them but the roles they are playing. Background: After the continues victory of the werewolves, the humans remain defiant as to not get slaughtered mercilessly. The vampires suffering shame and defeat cannot forgive the insolence of the wolves and so they return with more sinister tricks up their sleeves... The op is now finished. The phases will be separate posts. Feel free to leave comments
  7. oh das alotta questions 1. M&M's 2. Spur of the moment, but also Hexagons are the bestagons 3. Taste for sure, alot of positive things in life come from eating good food! 4. Well, I think im a musician, not really a writer or an artist at all, but im always down to try new things, provided I have the motivation. 5. Glad you asked, I am indeed trilingual! I know English, British, and even Canadian :D 1. My procrastination/lack of motivation 2. Well, for like an actual enemy, I guess just the potential to learn alot if/when I overcome that hurdle 3. 4. Hydrangeas 5. Ampharos 1. INTJ (like a year ago, but I dont really feel like taking the test atm, but its probably not changed) 2. Loved monopoly as a kid 3. I had to look up the ten commandments LOL Probably a mix of 3 and 10 4. idk a nimbus cloud so I can get around easier? 5. Spear. putting distance and being able to get good jabs in at an opponent seems wise. Cant go wrong with a sword and shield aswell. IF we're talking modern weapons, probably a flamethrower, fire is cool. 6. Mammoths, like they went extinct at the dawn of human civilization, iirc they were still around in like early egypt empire times, but like itd be so cool if we saw like idk, Vikings or something riding on Mammoths, like how cartaginians/indians rode on elephants in war 7. Hidden leaf village, I want a good bowl of ramen :p 8. Prismarines probably, anything that shines bright and rainbowy
  8. 1) Which personality are you on the 16 personalities test? Here's a link if you haven't taken it before https://www.16personalities.com/ 2) What's your favorite board game? 3) Which of the 10 Commandments have you violated the most? 4) Which mythological creature would you like to have as a pet if expenses, room and safety weren't an issue? 5) Weapon of choice? 6) What's your favorite extinct species? 7) If you could visit any place from any fictional media to visit for a week which would you pick? 8) Favorite metal?
  9. 1) Do you have a sworn enemy? 2) What kind of qualities do you look for in a sworn enemy? 3) Can I be your sworn enemy? 4) Do you have a favorite plant? 5) Favorite pokemon?
  10. 1) What your fave candy? 2) Why did you choose hexagon as your shape? 3) Which of the five senses do you like most? 4) Do you art, and if so what kind? 5) Do you speak multiple languages or just one?
  11. 1. I am hexagon, I used to go by Sinikuro, people call me both so idk anymore 2. I know Seal through Nicki who Ive known for the better part of 6 months now 3. no lol 4.probably
  12. Ok then 1) Who are you? 2) How do you know Seal and the other mafia members? 3) Have you ever played mafia games on the forums? 4) Do the Fresnel equations change if the refractive index of one material (or both) is complex?
  13. Some nerd named seals like: go do dis so im here idk what to expect
  14. We at mafia club have a discord game, everyone! To spread some fun around and hopefully revive some activity around here, I’d like to introduce a discord battle royale: Marvel edition! The game will take place in the discord server below, and mechanics will be detailed here as well as in the server. This will begin 2 to 4 days from today (Depending on how many people join). Hopefully everyone has fun! Mechanics! Characters!! Discord Server!!! Winning!!!! As with any battle royale game, everyone fights until there are around three of you left (depending on how many join in the first place). Those survivors win! Be smart with your skills, work with the right people, and betray all your friends! And I would be lying if I said this game didn’t depend somewhat on how lucky you are as well~ Good luck!
  15. Alright, I'll give you a hand. Timezone is CET, same as Lykos'
  16. Wow we won! We never could have done it without Matt and only Matt
  17. Final votes Nicki - Alistair, Lykoshand, Eviora, Cherry, Nano Lykoshand - Chicken After the struggle, Nicki was finally apprehended. She was the strongest of the bunch, and turned out to be an expert with pistols. Without mercy, the survivors threw the last of the traitors into the void... but then something surprising happened. Alistair, the island's doctor, jumped in after her. Apparently, the two had fallen in love and were planning on getting off the island, just the two of them. Lykoshand, a romance author, started crying after the deaths of these two, apparently hoping they would survive together. However, one other person left. The token, that was resting in Nano's hands, shattered, and Chicken wandered back into the jungle where he came from, never to be seen again. With all traitors gone, the survivors that were still alive managed to catch the attention of a nearby fisherboat with a smoke signal. Even if there were many casualties.. we made it out alive. Nicki was lynched. She was the gun expert. Alistair died of love sickness. He was the Medicinal expert. Congratulations to Town, with Cherry, Eviora and Nano6 for winning the game! All roles are now visible on discord. Thanks for playing and sticking with me, even when some things didn't go as intended.

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