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Welcome to the Reborn Mafia Club - a club where you learn the art of deception, understand and build trust, and find meaning in doubting and analyzing. We also have a small community where you can express yourself and build bonds with others. Join the club to learn more!

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  2. Day 5 Dear Diary. This be me last entry. Unlike before, I ain't be writin' this in the comfort of me captain's cabin. I'm on a raft, driftin' away on the infinite ocean, with last faithful companions Hypurr, Seal and Nicki. That's right; the Betrayal is gone. Last night was our doom, as I had thought it'd be. Only 9 o' me crewmen were left when it started, 4 of whom had entered the cursed sea king Davy Jones' service. When the mornin' came, only 7 o' dem were left, 4 of whom were cursed. Facing this majority, there was nothin' we could do. They cornered us and kept chantin', chantin'... until it appeared. The mighty kraken itself rose from the depths and swallowed me ship whole. Nicki, Hypurr, Seal and meself barely had time to jump into the sea, mocked by the triumphant laughs of Eviora, Cherry, Amine, their leader Bean and, posthumously, Nano. It took only a few seconds, and it was all gone. We'd lost everything. They, on the other hand... had won. May Calypso have mercy on our forsaken souls. Aldo was killed. He was the Town-sided Starboard Gunner. Nano was killed. He was a Third Party vanilla crewmate, formerly a Town-sided Deckhand (same as Newt's role). He still wins thanks to his faction's victory. Bean emerges victorious. He was the Third Party Davy Jones, hidden as a regular sailor. Eviora emerges victorious. She was a Third Party vanilla crewmate, formerly the Mafia-sided Cook. Cherry emerges victorious. She was a Third Party vanilla crewmate, formerly a Town-sided Deckhand. Amine emerges victorious. He was a Third Party vanilla crewmate, formerly the Mafia-sided Parrot. Hypurr, Nicki and Seal, the last Town members, lose the game. Hypurr was the Quartermaster, the others were Deckhands. Congratulations to L'Belle, Bean, Cherry, Eviora, Nano and Amine for winning the game! Thank you everyone for participating. Cap'n Alibeard, signing off.
  3. Night 4 'twas a rowdy day, accusations flung left and right, strange theories, threats and debates... all of that, on me ship? It's more common than ye think! Before we get to the meat of the matter tho, we do have a few things to take into consideration. Firstly, ye sly Astra voters from last day haven't gotten punished yet, have ye? Well here it is! Aldo, Chicken and Amine each see their vote's value reduced by 1. Since all of them had the default value of 1, that means 0. That's right scallywags, today, I ain't listenin' to ye wacky opinions! Secondly, Falirion's decided to make use of his Day 1 Challenge prize: a one-time double vote! His vote's value today is raised to 2! With that outta the way, seems clear to me who ought to walk the plank and swim with the fishies! or... not? Fali and Aldo both have 3 votes to their names. Another tie, huh! Hold on for a sec, gotta consult the mermaids and tritons. ... done! Ye, that was fast. Cursed luck, matey. Falirion's been designated by the hands of fate to become one with the sea. You know, as a Cap'n who wants to keep his ship fer himself, can't say he's a bad target. Still, ah do wonder what's gonna happen now. Falirion was lynched. He was the Mafia-sided Doctor. Night 4 begins now and lasts about 24h. If ye have somethin' to do, choose wisely. Yer actions could decide how everything's gonna end.
  4. Soooo on further reflection, i my only possible winning move is this so [Unvote] Evi [Eliminate] Aldo
  5. Actually, id rather not get shot, im allergic to bullets [vote] Aldo
  6. would like a small break from the games but still participate signing up as a juror If you would have me do that
  7. Shut the fuck up you useless winged dinosaur there's a reason your kind died trying to get the other side
  8. It kinda makes sense that the vigilante went ahead and made the choice to kill the would-be-lynchee, basically busting the easy lynch option for everyone involved. I'm still going to put my vote on the mafia admitting to have poisoned me. A mutineer is still a mutineer. [Eliminate] Eviora
  9. So cherry really doesn't want to add anything to the game, except jumping on the firts best wagon.... i really don't know if that is just cult member, or just boring af lurker seriously, can we have less lurkers in these games? they make the game boring anyway, sure lynch mafia, test evi's claim about how benvolent her cult is, i am plenty sure you won't like the answer though, in fact think about this, evi was culted N2, she could have told you all about me and amine on D3, instead she just did a weakish push on amine (who may i remind you since evi already mentioned that, can only be lynched if all of town aggrees, so she was never getting that) and only today brought up what she knows, if her cult was that benvolent, would she have really waited this long to point out the mafia? really? anyway since no one even wants to hunt the cult leader i propose lynching the only known cult member, aldo can always shoot me next night apparently [Unvote] Cherry [Eliminate] Eviora
  10. *sees everyone not-stabbing Aldo anymore *sees Fali approaching with a knife of suspicion [UNSTAB] ALDO [DUNKSSSS HIMMM OVERRR DIII DECKKKKK] FALI
  11. I’m in to further my rivalry with Astra and kill Newt, in any order.
  12. I don’t know what’s going on, but at this point I’m too confused to care. Why don’t we start here? [unvote] Aldo. [eliminate] Fali.
  13. As someone who was falsely accused of being cultist for two games in a row, that was quite the experience. May the luckiest faction win.
  14. Being down to 2 doesn't mean you can't win. You're just trying to make town complacent. It's fine if you don't believe my claim about my party. I don't expect you to; Occam's Razor would suggest there's a cult instead. But tools like that, which attempt to offer shortcuts to logical thought, don't always work. In the end you'll see that.
  15. Okay Let's clarify 2 things, evi, while i referenced higurashi mafia myself, there is the key difference that unlike higurashi, mafia isn't even in a position to win, in even the most remote scenario and you know it, we are down to 2, both of us would have to make it to the final 4 without being killed or culted (and NO i don't believe your bogus claim about how that cult works, and you can mince words however you want, you changed alignement to 3rd party and lost your ability, thats a cult, and if you expect me to believe that this cult can win with town, then you must clearly think i am an idiot), while it is open knowledge who we are... doesn't seem likely does it? 2nd, i could HAPPILY vote for aldo here, he either is lying and as such part of the cult, or his claim is true and he is a vigi ( That is probably gonna shoot me next night) so either way it be something i wouldn't mind being rid of, but the thing is i am much more interested in that cult, because i find it much more likely that there are enough cult members to be close to a win, and on a personal note, i just don't like cults, like the archetype? i just really don't enjoy it

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