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  1. @Falirion here is everyone i know hypurr amine sailboat nano4 arch mimi bazaro anti loser nick crash farlion nicki eviora newt seal alistair souperia dragoknight the 3 role i got last night are dive eric crimson dragon
  2. @Falirion if i win all that happens is i am given the abilities of a random person of who i viset thats it the game still goes on
  3. @Falirion i know arch's role. and if you can help me figure out the roles of the last few remaing people i need i will give you eveyone's role that you want
  4. @Walpurgis no cause i have not gotten my win con yet (who wants to bet i get smited tonight?)
  5. @Falirion no cause i still need to find out other people's roles so i can get my wincon. otherwise i lose if either town or mafia wins
  6. at some point i need to actually wright down who has what roles so i can see who i still ned to visit (cause lots of roles have been revealed in chat that i have not visited)
  7. ugg work is always a hassle on the weekends it seems eric is suspisuos and i need to take more notes on roles
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