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  1. Yo Redemption scrubs, here's another batch of Trainer Cards:


  2. S3 Redemption Sign-Up Thread.

    Acera Azery Bagel Bazaro Chim Cool Girl Dashie HUEnd ICSW Jman Nagisa Quinn Sceptilespy Sparky TMG
  3. Thank fuck that darmanitan is finally gone, it's not even the best marx anyways happy birthday sean, and try not to forget your team's names
  4. dude melia madame x's bird those were the demons anw now that this shtick is over, I am sorry for your loss, most of them didn't deserve to die you could always roofie melia and use her as philosopher's stone fuel like you did last time tbh. I'm sure mary sues are worth 5 nuzleafs
  5. @Monochrome_Complex You do know only the land form is allowed, right? And while it does get seed flare, which is amazing, it's not necessarily broken, like, say, Diamond Storm, that hits multiple targets and that potentially triggers its side effect for each one. Do note that Shaymin-land's special attack is far from top notch, and that its coverage can be pretty underwhelming at times, as Shaymin doesn't have decent enough boosting moves. Not to mention Grass is still resisted by 7 types, meaning Seed Flare will not be the best choice more often than not. Seed Flare is not even close to breaking Shaymin-land, as it still struggles with several threats against most teams. Frankly, if a leader doesn't have a decent answer to Shaymin-land in their team, then unless that's the ground leader, that is not a good team. Neverthless, your concern for the well-being of the league is mesmerizing, especially for someone who's not even going to attempt to participate. Speaking of, please refrain from making such remarks in this thread, and instead try to offer some constructive criticism to the teams presented here, or even present your own perhaps. This kind of comments are more suited for the announcement thread.
  6. Happy Birthday, Viri!

    Happy Birthday Viri, and may Hypnosis Crobat be banished
  7. E17 Prediction Game - Unavailable Pokemon

    -Garchomp -Dragonite -Hydreigon -Aegislash -Salamence -Pyukumuku (#NEVERFORGET)
  8. I'm back bb

  9. I've got it. Madame X is actually three interrogation points in a disguise. And that's at 0% because she dies in this episode. Problem solved.
  10. Happy Birthday Marcello

    Happy birthday marc. May the seakings die today.
  11. ~The Reborn Quotebook~

    this is why showdown is clearly better