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  1. I actually like this! It makes for a more 'real' scenario instead of forced romanticism (with characters you might not necessarily relate with). I get the idea behind this. The 'optimal' route might trigger players to make choices they would otherwise not make because then they'd not have a certain bonus dialogue at the end. However, I think (or rather, hope, ) that most players playing Reborn will make choices based on their true feelings. That's how I play at least, feels more immersive :)
  2. Skiddo can be found in Route 1 (5% during morning/day) and Malchous Forest (mystery egg event). If you'd like, I can trade one (I live in western Europe though, so it might be difficult to find a time we can both agree on).
  3. For reference: List of obtainable pokemon. Expect many legendaries from this list to be available when E19 is launched. No pokemon from Gen 8 are available as of yet (and I don't think there are any plans to add them soon).
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