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  1. Thanks this was really helpful I appreciate it uwu
  2. Go to the cave in the middle of the stairs and there will be some rock types as wild encounters that might help
  3. Looks great kind stands out from all the purple in Reborn
  4. In my playthrough of Pokémon Reborn I have decided to catch a pokemon of each type and from the help of many people I have found the ones that wont actually suck while playing through the game I will switch around my team based on the next gym leader I will face Give me your opinions if you think I should change anything Here is the list: Normal:Porygon-Z or Lopunny Fire:Blaziken Grass:Shiny Roserade Fighting:Lucario Water:Politoed maybe Kingdra Flying:Noivern,Archeops or Crobat Poison:Nidoking Electric:Luxray Ground:Krookodile or Flygon Psychic:Malamar Rock:Lycanroc or Rhyperior maybe tyrantrum Ice:Froslass or A-Ninetales Bug:Heracross,Volcarona,or Ribombee Dragon:Dragalge or Dragonite Ghost:Mismagius or Gengar maybe Aegislash Dark:Scrafty or Bisharp maybe Hydreigon Steel:Magnesone or Metagross Fairy:Gardevoir obviously
  5. Is it really worth getting a shinx and a M nidoran at the prize corner?
  6. thanks for the info bud after reading this I think I'll just stick with the list I made of the best pokemon for each type I got from info from the post I made and an older post I found
  7. I just got an onyx and I'm wondering if it would be good to add on the team I don't care about team building I just want to know if it is good for Pokémon reborn
  8. Salfy

    Shiny Budew

    I just got a shiny budew completely by luck I wasn't even shiny hunting it Shiny reborn roserade might look like joker from persona 5
  9. This is just a page you can reply to to add on good pokemon for each type that are generally good in pokemon reborn If you would like to reply the best pokemon of each type that would be great
  10. I recommend swampert if you can get somebody to trade you one
  11. Sorry if this info is trash I just think it might be useful Well first Charizard Normal Charizard Team 1-5 1.Some kind of psychic type 2.Some kind of steel or ground type 3.Some kind of water or electric type 4.Some kind of poison or flying type 5.Some kind of fairy or dark type Charizard X team 1-5 1.Some kind of steel type steel psychic type recommended 2.Some kind of electric or flying type or dual type of electric flying 3.Some kind of dark type psychic dark type recommended 4.Some kind of fairy type fairy psychic recommended 5.Some kind of water type water poison recommended Charizard Y team 1-5 1.Some kind of dragon type dragon psychic recommended 2.Some kind of ground type ground flying recommended 3.Some kind of electric type electric fairy recommended 4.Some kind of fighting type fighting flying recommended 5.Some kind of dark or psychic type both as dual type recommended
  12. Salfy

    Shiny Patrat

    Is the reborn version shiny of patrat a reference to any kind of videogame or movie character? Open to see picture of shiny patrat
  13. Clear body on mechanightmare keeps it from being affected by aftermath
  14. Do you know the battles with mechanightmare to get the litleo and the battle against the tsareena for the bounsweet.Well I found a solution to beat them early. You need at least 4 or 5 pokemon with the ability aftermath You can find stunky in the lower peridot ward alley with the ability and trubbish with aftermath in the peridot and lower peridot ward alleyways If you found this useful feel free to leave a heart and have a nice day/night
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