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  1. "It was a hard decision to make, but we've decided to make Pokémon that are not native to Galar unobtainable. We did this so we could focus on higher quality animations." *re-uses models and animations made 6 years ago* Pokémon is all about the massive size of available characters and once Gamefreak does something different in their life they feel like it's justifies to neglect other features. The series barely gets changed but the moment it does they cut some of the old stuff so it doesn't even add on. Gamefreak will be able to do this as long as they want because fans (including me) will buy the game anyway.
  2. For the people who didn’t already know the handsome Jack collection is like 95% off on Steam right now so if you didn’t own Borderlands 2 and the pre-sequal + a motherload of dlc’s now is your chance.

  3. Looks great! If I were to change one thing I would make Charizard's wings slightly larger but that's just me. I especially like what you did with Blastiose.
  4. So when Sun and Moon dropped it's first few trailers I made a topic that showcased the Pokémon that weren't native to Alola but were still findable. I'm doing something similar but this time I'll actually make a good attempt because I'm atleast a little but competent now. This topic will keep track of which Pokémon from previous generations were visible in trailers as well as be open to theorize which Pokémon could appear in the Galar region. Confirmed Pokémon Suggested Pokémon (The ones that weren't directly shown but are pretty likely due to other factors) Pokemon I think are going to appear Feel free to theorize on what Pokemon should appear in this region and feel free to correct me on any Pokemon I missed. Edit 1: just noticed Vulpix was in the crowd of the arena so now they went from Suggested mons to Confirmed.
  5. [eliminate] Candy In Bean we trust
  6. [Guilty] I guess it’s our only lead
  7. Damn that's quick. [Innocent Once the trial on Newt ends, I [Vote] Lía.
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