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  1. I'm common infected. The gun that I fired of was given to me a couple of nights ago but I recieved one last night which I discarded. That's all of the intel I've got. [Eliminate] Aldo
  2. This day is almost over so I’ll just place this as a countervote for post requirements [Eliminate] Lia
  3. Just here to fill post requirements. Sorry for contributing nothing I'll hope I'll be able to say more tomorrow.
  4. This went downhill fast. Boat seems trustworthy so far. I think this is my safest bet [Eliminate] Bok
  5. Well damn I can't say I usually contribute in games anyway. The only thing I can say right now is that Nano, Drago and Fali weren't lying about their roles. [Eliminate] Eviora the one I suspect the most I guess.
  6. [Eliminate] Drago This'll be my final vote for the day as I think they're acting odd and I'm not sure how to feel about the rest.
  7. In this paticular instance it won't end the game D1. I'm the Druid and I have a passive role that reveals the role (but not the alignment) of a random player at the end of the night. The first night I got to hear that Drago is the Fighter and on the second I got the info that Nano is the Wizard. Nano seems trustworthy so [Reveal] Wizard
  8. The person that I trust the least so far is Arch. Maybe it's just his playstyle and I have to ajust to it but this seems to be my safest bet so far. [Eliminate] Arch
  9. [Eliminate] Anti-Loser I'm sorry and I'm not even sure about my decision but if I tell you what I base it on the coyote might get another gun
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