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[POTENTIAL SPOILERS] Rejuvenation Fanworks Thread


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On 11/4/2020 at 8:47 PM, Ibrex2000 said:

Finally chapter 6 is done with, the MC has a strange encounter with the esper girl Nim, what takes place between the two click the link below

Chapter 6: Nim-ble greetings


lost in the dark.png

Chapter 7 is out, find out what happened to Melia in

Chapter 7: web of despair


Picture show cases Ray (MC), Venam and Ren looking for Melia, while the Rift Galvantula waits for them in the shadows, along with Crescent's red eye, and the hooded stranger.

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I'm not exactly the drawing type... but I wanted to procrastinate wanted to write a little stupid something about Rejuv. Obviously, this is spoilers for all of V12 (and a bit of WLL I guess). 



Can’t you see that the board is set?
That everyone is an asset?
That we are but a small subset –
Yet greater than at our outset?


Where many threads have been knotted,
Most Ts were crossed, most Is dotted,
It may not go down as plotted,
For Fate and Free Will were spotted.


It’s more than a simple chess game.
Not only are no pawns the same,
Not only do its stakes dwarf fame,
Its subtleties put games to shame.


So many connected factions
Fight it out in scattered fashions.
Aevium needs better foundations, 
Not struggles for domination! 


I have been facing treachery,
Theft, bribes, murder and blasphemy,
Vile ends veiled in foul mystery,
And my allies' stupidity.


They say he's evil incarnate.
He has reasons to be irate.
Not so much to obliterate
The world he sees with only hate.


He has made one Angel of Death
To put the world on its last breath --
He took the power back to sheath,
Gardevoir died, sad underneath.


They can travel through time at will,
But they use the power for ill.
Us all they nearly got to kill:
We cannot rest till they stand still.


In the pair, she is quite hideous.
Her means aren't less than nefarious,
Her goals not less than ominous,
This enemy is dangerous.


Is she more involved than we see?
And how come she can be so free?
Is it a break from her degree,
Or a convenient fake identity?


For so long Team Xen we have fought.
Every power they could, they bought.
Every horror they dared, they brought.

We still don't know what end they sought.


And their lead is still unbeaten,
Armed with knowledge long forgotten.
She kills for endgoals unspoken,
Her fearsome resolve unbroken.


Xen brought order to the City,
Death to outside territory.
Their boundless -- pointless -- cruelty
Has earned for them much enmity.


Beneath and outside the City
Lurked challenge to Xen's infamy.
But the soul-dead Flora's army
Was crushed – it wasn't as deadly.


Team Xen's self-chosen opponent
Acts shifty, if not repellent.
Its methods are so abhorrent –
Little wonder it lost Crescent.


Who knows if she's living or dead?
Look at her devious plans instead.
Nightmares and madness lurk ahead,
So Dahlia's one we still should dread.


If Lorna, as Nim, was our friend,

And her fate we didn't intend,

If her misdeeds we can now mend,

She's still one we must apprehend.


There is a power without name
With a select and frightful fame,
Whose price is madness, death and flame,
Which was paid for by Keta's shame.


Even though it appears dormant,
Many deem it most important
To rid the world from threats rampant,
And heal its wounds that are blatant.


He's Grand Dream City's best Doctor,
To Sigmund a great successor.
When jailed, found out in dishonor,
He made a threat of full horror.


Served by a deranged crony
Who, alas, wasn't slain fully,
Her Ladyship's insanity
Is not that inane a worry.


As there are layers and layers,
So there are unknown-of powers
Playing go while we play checkers.
Through them only chaos prospers.


Dream is the force that they master,
All are puppets in their power.
Few people know of their danger,
Much less what they could be after.


And there is a conspiracy
By an unspotted enemy
Whittling down the League’s quality
To lead their coup to victory.


They claim to oppose a “Celine”
Whose influence appears genuine.
She is though nowhere to be seen,
May – or not – be a heroine.


All of you, rise! and arm your hand!
Battle is coming to our land,
A clash that never was so grand!
And it is ours to withstand.


It is our duty to resist,
To make our enemies desist!
Our newfound powers will assist
That peace and goodwill may subsist!


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On 9/7/2020 at 4:14 PM, SomeNerdIDK said:

BlackSteeple Castle Arc Spoilers

I've been looking back on all the various arcs in the game, and remembering how many scenes emotionally messed me up. Decided to draw one of many.


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That scene maked me sad the first time I saw it

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On 7/6/2019 at 12:03 PM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

Spoilers for Episode 12.


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What realistically should have happened the very moment the MC saw Geara again.


All 6 (7 if we count A.N.A) protagonists when they see Geara glitching out 


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15 hours ago, CheeseMango said:

Hey Ibrex2000, it uh, took a while but I finished it! (Somehow). It did not ended on how I want it, but still I hope you enjoy.


This is awesome bro!🤩 They look so cool!!!! I appreciate it! You did great work

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