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  1. i think it was for balancing?? to make fights harder/easier yanno
  2. spoilered cause pic is big
  3. think this'll help you! if you saved more than once then just delete the backups you have at that spot!
  4. i think the issue should be resolved if you reload a backup save? to do that go to C:/Users/[Username]/Saved Games/Pokemon Rejuvenation, delete the file that says game.rxdata, and rename the next save file game.rxdata
  5. hello once again i am here so i can get laughed off the forums. no spoilers. im just embarrassed
  6. im pretty sure you can grab the dark pulse tm right before the tenth gym leader? and not accessible before then, if my memory is right. the razor claw for weavile is much later in the game i believe, and idk where alolan meowth can be found outside of chrysalis manor ;; but spiritomb is prolly your best bet rn!
  7. you can access previous saves by C:\Users\[Your User\Saved Games\Pokemon Rejuvenation edit: I FORGOT TO ADD HOW TO LOAD A BACKUP IM SORRY find the file called game.rxdata and delete/move it and call the backup game.rxdata
  8. why the hell did i ever decide to make art my passion it doesnt even pay well. also i made it a tumblr link cause its like 700kb HELP e5 spoilers btw! https://copper-tea.tumblr.com/post/628826465818066944/e5-spoilers
  9. unfortunately that was in v10 i believe? they got moved to telia resort!
  10. yeah i figured thats what they meant, just had to make sure though ^^;;
  11. idk what you mean by "perfect ending" but deso's not finished yet?? e5 spoilers just in case vvv
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