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  1. THIS HAS SOME SPOILERS SORRY. i don't normally comment on things like these, but i have 220+ hours (i can show you my save files) invested into this game i think i can speak on this. SO I REALLY LIKE POKEMON REJUVENATION it's certainly not the best, and the handling of some things can be clumsy sometimes, but FUCK is it hella enjoyable. ngl i don't really focus on the story too much; i know it's one of the main draws of it, but i really love the characters more than anything. i do agree with some people here that melia is a messily handled character but i really do adore her despi
  2. there is! you need to go to the casino in chrisola hotel and buy it. it's in gearen city!
  3. hi!!! i don't know if it's feb 2 for you because timezones are weird but happy birthday! i hope you have a great day :) 🍰

    1. LykosHand



      It's not 2nd february yet but i really appreciate your kind words, thanks a lot 😄


      And yeah timezones are indeed weird rip

  4. my drawings are always on huge canvases so they can't fit </3 so i'll just link the tumblr post instead https://copper-tea.tumblr.com/post/638149020059140096/please-show-up-in-the-tags-bb-ily-3
  5. unfortunately i dont believe you can access them without starting a new save :[ those later quests are locked permanently unless a later update changes it
  6. i think it was for balancing?? to make fights harder/easier yanno
  7. hello once again i am here so i can get laughed off the forums. no spoilers. im just embarrassed
  8. why the hell did i ever decide to make art my passion it doesnt even pay well. also i made it a tumblr link cause its like 700kb HELP e5 spoilers btw! https://copper-tea.tumblr.com/post/628826465818066944/e5-spoilers
  9. i think... tumblr ate my post again and it doesnt show it in the tags so i'm just gonna post it here early (〃ω〃) warning for e5 spoilers for the last two drawings!! i think. im just gonna keep editing this post everytime i post something on my art blog thats deso related bc i dont wanna clog this page up SO
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