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  1. which ones? I'm not seeing any that's prompting an interaction.
  2. For some reason I absolutely cannot find the exit anywhere, at most I can find the entrance to the gym but nothing is prompting me to be able to get past the sea of magma ( as I don't have Magma Drift; just got the Magma Stone ), and Escape Ropes don't appear to be working no matter what level of the dungeon I'm at. I'm at a lost.
  3. Same here, someone in the above comments said it was compatible with Rejuvenation but the "import team" option isn't showing up like it does with Reborn.
  4. Nevermind, managed to find him. Thought I looked through all the houses.
  5. So, first off, in regards to Rock Climb, Lycanroc already knows it without the TM, however I do not have the TM itself to have other Pokémon learn it ( although I don't necessarily need it, just thinking I need to talk to him in order to progress ), I read over that Hardy is supposed to give it to you, but I can't find him anywhere and still can't get into Agate -- as he's supposedly the gym leader from there -- no one has given me hints in-game of where he is. After I beat Amaria, Julia told me I was needed over in Calcenon City, something about Team Meteor starting something, went there but nothing is happening, there is no one to talk to in order to initiate the scene, the barrier is still there and everything, so I'm at a total lost of what I'm supposed to be doing. Lastly, there is a Rock Climb area outside of Calcenon that I can't reach due to a landslide occurring there and the girl who comments she's in charge of cleaning up the debris has made no change, was I supposed to go their earlier or was the progress before Amaria supposed to be done before it gets blocked off? If not, when does it clear up?
  6. I downloaded this mod and applied it to my mod folder accordingly, however, it doesn't seem to stop Pokémon from gaining EXP after they've reached the level cap, as my Dragalge reached 81 and subsequently disobeying nor does EXPscale seem to be in the mod pack you've provided unless I'm blind.
  7. I have a few duplicate shinies, either one Rockruff for one shiny in exchange or two for two ( as I'm looking to get all the forms shiny ). Please lmk if interested! In particular, in terms of FT: an extra Noctowl, Meinshoo, Quilfish, Fearow, Arbok, Piloswine, Rufflet, Buneary, Donphan, Rhydon, Boldore, Audino and Porygon -- all shiny.
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